Akshara hassan and sarika relationship

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akshara hassan and sarika relationship

Kamal Haasan Has Been In Relationship With 5 Women, But Still Alone had two beautiful kids named Shruti Haasan and Akshara Haasan. A twitter from Chennai tattles that Kamal Hassan's first-born, Shruti (in Just a few years ago, after the rather dramatic Sarika had walked out. Akshara Haasan is an Indian film actress who has appeared in Hindi and Tamil language films. The daughter of actors Kamal Haasan and Sarika Thakur, and the younger "I get devastated at the idea of marriage: Shruti Haasan". Times of .

He reportedly had an affair with yesteryear actor Srividya, with whom he shared screen space in several movies during the s. Inhe visited Srividya in the hospital before she passed away, which inspired Malayalam director Renjith to make the film, Thirakkatha.

The film explored the relationship between Kamal and Srividya along with how opportunities dry up for female actors as they age. Advertising InKamal married dancer Vani Ganapathy.

Akshara Haasan

After 10 years, he divorced Vani to be with actor Sarika. Kamal had claimed that the divorce settlement with Vani left him bankrupt and had to start from the scratch with his new partner. He married Sarika in and applied for divorce in Inthe couple got divorced, thus ending 17 years of marriage.

akshara hassan and sarika relationship

They have two children — Shruti Haasan and Akshara Haasan. Kamal and Gautami got into live-in relationship as they both claimed that they never believed in marriage.

akshara hassan and sarika relationship

Thirteen years later, the couple abruptly parted ways. She was unfortunately a source of income for her mother who was separated from her father with no inheritance of money or property. The four year old kid was exposed to cameras, lights and make up because she was the bread earner of the house. Little did she know anything about her bank accounts and property, or even her acting fee until she turned 21?

akshara hassan and sarika relationship

Every time she would do something that pissed off her mother, she would end up being beaten in bruises. The worst thing that happened to her was lack of education. She never went to school. A tuition teacher was appointed at home to school her who would make her repeat same lessons over and over again, leaving little scope for any growth and understanding. Next you know is she decided to run away in her car, only to realize that she had more than five apartments bought by her mother in Mumbai, none of which were in her name.

His father was a very encouraging man and he got a reasonably great education as the youngest child in the family. Love had already happened to both? Sarika was then linked to Kapil Dev and she was apparently spending time in Chandigarh with this family and everyone loved her.

She was only left alone later to realize that Kapil had a girlfriend whom he wanted to marry, and she was just a rebound for the time when Kapil had fought with Romi. She was also said to be in a relationship with Sachin Pilgaonkar who was a child actor when she was working as a child artist.

A tale of changing relationships

But, fate had bigger plans. The unmarried mother Kamal Haasan was a big star down south even before his Bollywood debut.

akshara hassan and sarika relationship

Kamal was already married to Vani, who was a professional trained dancer. Rumour mills were already abuzz with the arrival of Sarika in his life, such that their divorce was almost final. The woman who had always been subjected to abuse and distress, finally had a beautiful career, and after all, love was knocking her door.

But Sarika wanted another child.

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Both Shruti and Akshara were born, following which Sarika married Kamal Haasan with two beautiful daughters in The woman, who left her flourishing career at 28, was now getting divorced at The parting wasn't smooth in either case. I was too much in love for an amicable settlement. I am sure it wasn't easy for my wives either. Marriage is not a film you can forget if it flops.

akshara hassan and sarika relationship

Sarika and I were married for 17 years. And I knew the marriage wouldn't last 12 years before we parted ways. Although we kept pulling on.

I thought it would affect the children.