Neena gupta and viv richards relationship marketing

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Bolstered by talent and staying power, actress Neena Gupta enjoys a "I've been forced to market myself like that but I don't enjoy it." naming cricketer Vivian Richards as the father, was published in a magazine. Later in Bombay, many male celebrities courted her, leading to a string of relationships. I have a third daughter, Masaba, from my marriage [to the Indian actor Neena Gupta]. I'm very proud of her too; she designs clothes for the. Talking about her brief relationship with cricketer Viv Richards, which Masaba is a product of, the actress says, “Basically, a very long distance.

The media got enough fodder for gossip after Dhoni invited Deepika for a T20 match against Australia and Deepika took up the offer as well.

Azhar was happily married with two kids when he met the former Miss India and fell head over heels for her. It was only a matter of time before Azhar divorced his first wife and tied the knot with Bijlani. The dashing Pakistani cricketer and the yesteryear Bollywood siren created ripples in the media when they started dating each other.

However, their affair was very short-lived and Imran later married British socialite Jemima Khan. Much before the Kerala speedster got spot-fixed, he was alleged to have been dating Shriya Saran. The former India skipper had a rumoured torrid relationship with South siren Nagma years ago. Days ahead of the crucial Test series against Australia, Ganguly is said to have gone to the famous Shiva temple at Srikalahasti in nearby Chittoor District to perform 'Sarpadosha' puja with Nagma, which put him in a tight spot.

There were gossips about the cricketer-turned-commentator dating Amrita Singh for a while before their relationship came to an abrupt end. Amrita later went on to marry Saif Ali Khan but later the couple divorced. Warne has had numerous flings over the years, and his affair with the English model-actress is an on-off thing. They split, only to comeback together again and were engaged. The actress married the Pakistani cricketer inwhen her career was at its peak, and quit movies.

India's World Cup-winning captain had a much-publicised affair with the actress. It is said that the Dev's family was happy with his choice, but it was apparently said that Dev was also dating someone else. Anju was just 17 years old when she met Gary Sobers in According to rumours, she broke off her engagement to Rajesh Khanna so she could accept Gary's proposal. The English cricketer and Arora made no secret of their relationship when they were together.

Afzal even tattooed Amrita's name on his arm. They later split and Amrita went on to marry a businessman Shakeel Ladak. The Pakistani cricketer and Indian actress are said to have dated for a while.

neena gupta and viv richards relationship marketing

But, Sayali later claimed that it was a marketing gimmick for their film together which never took off. What adds to her appeal is her image of being an 'interesting' woman, with her bohemian life-style.

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Further, in showbiz, where starlets treat acting as a glamorous interlude before settling down into domesticity, Neena is a career woman, determined to last. Not surprisingly, her role models are Aparna Sen and Hema Malini, both high achievers and independent, versatile women.

But being the most prolific TV actress is certainly a long way off from the gutsy young girl who came to Bombay with nothing but Rs 10, and an M. Phil degree in her bag. A decade-long slog later, Neena's career graph - especially on the small screen - is soaring. Once she could be seen on prime time Doordarshan three times a week. Today, it is much the same on Zee TV. With her special quality of sauciness Neena also created a sensation recently by giving flesh to Ila Arun's seductive voice in the "Choli ke peechhe" song.

neena gupta and viv richards relationship marketing

The number continues to be such a hot draw that Neena has taken her act to Dubai, Bahrain, Lucknow and Calcutta, where she even had hidebound Marxists swaying to her act at a rally. Subhash Ghai, who selected her for the Choli number after a three-month hunt, says that her face isn't soft.

Says director Aruna Raje, who cast her in Rihaee: She didn't use her wiles, flutter her eyelashes. For paradoxically, while she has refused to identify with lowbrow Hindi film culture, she has had to flutter her eyelashes - but, of course, with that special mischievous appeal.

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I thought since I was good, they would come. But it's hard to get that first big break in commercial cinema. Off-screen too, the pose is in place.

neena gupta and viv richards relationship marketing

She is cordial, not gregarious, friendly, not warm. She projects an allure that is both dangerous and intimidating. Neena Gupta And in keeping with her image, Neena works at not being perturbed by people's opinion of her. Her grit was apparent when she decided to have a child out of wedlock and became the most celebrated single mother in the country. She remained cool even as the world played a vulgar nine-month guessing game about the father's identity.

The dignity cracked somewhat when her daughter's birth certificate, naming cricketer Vivian Richards as the father, was published in a magazine. But the composure was quickly restored. I'm not a women libber type. I need men - my father, my brother, boyfriends. I had my own reasons, my own circumstances and I did it.

She shoots four days a week and is still around to cuddle Masaba when she wakes up.

Bolstered by talent and staying power, actress Neena Gupta enjoys a season of splendour

I was a little apprehensive but she's got admission into a really good school. Mothers who are not single also face the problems that I do. But I suppose I'm better off because at least I don't have to look after a husband. In keeping with her woman-of-the-world persona - meticulously maintained with a black Contessa and a constant supply of State Express cigarettes - she doesn't really care.

She confesses she would like someone to buy her chocolates, bring her flowers - the little things that most women cherish. One explanation for her unconventional life-style doing the rounds in Bollywood is that Neena had a problematic childhood.

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This is not true. Her upbringing was slightly unorthodox but not difficult. She grew up in an upper class Delhi home. Her mother, a Gandhian, did not keep any servants. Neena was cooking dinner when she was She would come to our college and walk straight into boys dorms.