Rave master elie and haru relationship

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rave master elie and haru relationship

Haru and Elie - Rave Master Jeez. i still remember reading this part. I was mumbling "no Rave master and Fairy Tail - Natsu x Lucy and Haru x Ellie. Open. Elie's Tragedy is the 20th episode of the Rave Master anime. Haru, Musica, Plue, and Griffon Kato continue to search for Elie, Hebi informs them that wanted to know of her past, and she also wants to know what relationship they share. Read Haru And Eille from the story FairyTail Facts by RirichiyoShira *In Rave Master, Haru and Elie are pretty much alone longer than Natsu and Lucy. was Julia, Dragon guy's girlfriend, who have no effect on Haru and Elie's relationship.

Elie gets to the thunder mansion and sees Go with his group, who refer to her as "boy" and mistake her for the rave master. Elie tries to leave because Sieghart was not there, but is blocked. When she says that she is looking for someone more handsome than Go, Go attacks her in anger and subsequently is attacked by Haru, and Go's girlfriend, Rosa, takes his place in the battle.

She then begins to Elie blocks Rosa's attack. Rosa's dancing wolf weapon turns around and aims at herself when Elie blocks it, and when Rosa cries out for someone to help her, Elie stops the weapon, saying she knows how hard it can be to be an actress without good looks.

When Elie shivers because of Go's thunder, Plue tries to cheer her up, successfully. When the thunder strikes near her, she chucks Plue at Go, shattering his dark bring and defeating him. Go shows Elie a picture of Sieghart and tells her to stay away from him because he is an elemental master. Lasagna calls Elie and Haru "as beautiful as the sky" for bringing clear skies to Ska Village. They ignore the warning, knock out some soldiers, disguise themselves, and successfully infiltrate the hall. However, due to sleeping pollen, they all fall asleep.

They then travel for a bit before falling asleep again. Elie and Haru wake up to a person holding a knife against Schneider's neck, who has a hook pointed towards Haru. The person reveals that Schneider is an assassin sent by Shuda to kill Haru, and defeats Schneider. Elie delighted to see that Haru has woken up. After walking for a while, they find the door to the rave. Elie is able to read the sign on the door which was written in old symphonian writing "Beyond this door lies the resting place of the rave, none shall enter.

Those who dare to enter, prepare to fall victim to the ghost of symphonia"which none of them should be able to read. In reality, she came from fifty years ago, where the writing was common.

Inside the room they meet Deerhound again, who says that he is the guardian of the rave and knows Plue well. After Haru receives the rave, Deerhound asks who Elie is, who responds that she doesn't know, and Deerhound notices that she looks exactly like Resha.

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Musica stops him, who in turn fires some glue and sticks Elie to the ground. Suda also triggers and explosion on Elie, knocking her unconcious. She notices that the fortress is about to self destruct, and helps to call the Silver Rhythm Gang the phone gets immediately taken by Musica due to her overreacting. When Haru falls to the ground unconcious after defeating Shuda, Elie gives Haru first aid and smiles when Haru wakes up.

She then notices a room full of planes, and the group escapes. Elie, having won many casino games, shows Haru her casino member card and takes him to dinner, and becomes very upset when she loses it. When she plays beach ball with Plue, she praises Plue for stabbing and deflating it with its horn. At the symphonia museum, they browse around. Sieg puts his hand on Elie's head and tells her that if it were to for Etherion she would have lived a different life, and tells her that she doesn't need to cry anymore because he will grant her peace.

Elie backs away while Sieg begins to rise his hand. Seconds later, a thunder bolt comes down; and strikes Elie. Elie falls to the floor. However, Sieg Hart is surprise to see that Elie is still alive, even though he used much more power then the last time, and wonders if it's Etherion's power. Elie then asks Sieg one more thing "What is Etherion?.

However, Elie still denies the truth and states that she is Elie. Sieg contradicts her, and tells her that she is just one of the test subjects of the Etherion project sample that was being tested, and luckily survived. Elie disbelieves Sieg telling him to stop, that her name is Elie; she has always been a normal girl and that her parents must be very worried about her.

Sieg rises one of his hands and points towards Elie, he then releases a bright beam of light hitting Elie's arm. The light made the tattoo that was once on Elie's arm, reappear.

Sieg tells Elie to take a good look at it. Elie threatens Sieg Elie begins to shake, realizing the truth. Sieg tells her that it's written upside down because of a certain machine they used. Elie, however, begins to back away telling him that what she wants to hear it's about her family, her birthday, or her real name. Sieg tells her that she doesn't need to know, since he will kill her. Elie reaches for her Tonfa Blastersand tells Sieg to tell her of her past.

rave master elie and haru relationship

Sieg begins to walk towards her, Elie tells him to stay away, but he doesn't listen. Sieg gets close to Elie's Tofan and stands there until Elie drops her weapon, and beings to back away.

But as Shuda falls off the invisible floor, Haru tries to save him but Shuda, touched by Haru's view on the world, cuts his own arm off. Victorious, and unconscious, Musica and Elie save Haru by flying him out of the blast radius of Shuda's airship.

Musica Leads Haru to a city to heal. Naturally, Haru was psyched and was happy to see many people there thanks to him. As Elie leaves due to a headache, Haru has a fortune teller tell him that the person he loves most will die before him soon, Haru freaks and looks for Elie after Hebi tells him he saw her with a weird guy. As Haru finds her, he finds that Sieg Hart is slowly killing her which enrages Haru. As he holds Elie and nearly declares his feelings for her, he whispers something in her ear to give her reason to live.

With this, Haru charges Sieg in anger trying to kill him. However, Sieg is revealed to be far out of Haru's league, until Haru gains the Runesave which can cut through Sieg's elemental magic. Having enough, and realizing Haru being near Elie is saving her, Sieg performs his ultimate spell on Haru and makes Haru see vision of his mother and sister in horrible manners.

rave master elie and haru relationship

However as Haru's mind was about to break, Elie's Ethorian kicks in to save him. To save Elie and the world, Haru uses Runesave on Elie to seal her unstable magic much to the relief of Musica.

Seeing nothing more to do, Sieg leaves and so the Oracion Seis members.

If Anyone reads the rave master manga heres the ending.

In the end, Haru keeps his promise to Elie and has a firework display for her as he "dance battles" with Musica for Elie's delight. The next morning, Haru leads the Rave Warriors on a train to the desert for more Raves. Tower of Din arc As they find a desert village being attacked by demons, Haru learns from Remythe village leader, that a man named "Gale" leader the demons. After accepting to help in exchange for the Rave of Combat later, Haru heads out alone in an angered stated believing his father is behind everything.

As he arrived at the tower, Haru defeats alomost all the demons while remembering his dad not being present in his life and finds his father Gale. Together the Glory men head into the tower to stop him. As Haru is healed by a potion, Haru falls into a trap of the Palace Guard. As Haru tries to fight them, Let intervenes and challenges Haru to a duel. Haru accepts but the others get in the way despite Let's protest until the other Rave Warriors show up to help.

After being divided, Haru battles Let in an illusion of Garage Island. As they fight, Haru notices that Let can be saved from his dark job and as Haru unleashes Blue Crimson, he defeats Let and gives a word or twp about the true meaning of fighting. Suddenly, Racas appears and tries to defeat the injured Haru, seeing the fight as unfair, Let tells Haru the secret of defeating Racas and Haru defeats him and orders the other to leave as he helps his father. As Haru arrives to help his father fight King, King reveals that his Dark Bring is identical to the Ten Commandments and is almost stronger than it.

After hearing King and Gale's past and hearing the truth of his mother's death, Haru becomes sympathatic towards King which greatly shocks him. However as the fight continues, Haru falls on top the recently arrived Elie and accidentally grabbed her breast and receives the Rave of Combat for her.

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Then as he is nearly victor and stops King with the Mel Force, King turns into a mad beast and it takes Gale and Haru to barely defeat him. In the end, King uses another overdrive to destroy Demon Card completely and Haru becomes shock to see not only King kill himself, but become sorry for what he did. As both he and Gale forgive King for killing Sakura Glorythe tower collapse.

rave master elie and haru relationship

On their way out, Haru fights his dad for commenting on his luck for having a "beautiful, busty girlfriend" and how they were both gong to kill a former boyfriend of his sister. However they stop as Elie is almost crushed by a blouder and saved by Let who helps them escape.

In the end, Gale falls down a hole and Haru tries to save him but they both become trapped, doomed to be crushed by the tower.

However, after explaining to Haru the meaning of being a man and a father, Gale covers Haru's body to protect him despite Haru's pleas. After the tower collapes, Haru is horrified to find his father died protecting him. After burying his father in a place similar to his mother, Haru seeks confort through Elie over his death. As he looks within his heart Haru finds that he has several paths to choose from but thanks to Let, he realizes it is actually one path.

After recovering for six months, Haru leads the Rave Warriors to Symphonia and he invites Let to join him which he accepts. Symphonia arc As Haru and Elie sight see, they find a large floating casino.

Haru goes with Elie to learn to gamble but Doryu 's gang appears and puts him and Elie to sleep so they can steal Plue. Haru is then awoken by the Jiggle Butt Gang and he defends casino owner Ruby from Doyu's group after they turn on him for being a good guy. Haru then promises to protect Ruby and Ruby lets Haru pass through the toll for free.

After Doryu destroys the bridge, Haru leads the others through the Death Storm into Symphonia successfully. While there, Let allows Elie to lead the group with headaches despite Haru's pleas.

Haru tries to fight Lucia but he quickly rushes past him and forces a kiss on Elie. Haru becomes enraged due to this and tries to defeat Lucia, but Lucia leaves after declaring himself the Dark Bring Master. With this, the Oracion Seis appear in order to kill Elie. Haru quickly goes to defend her but Berial gets in his way with his earth based powers. As Haru shows concern for Let, who is undergoing a dragon trial, Berial becomes angry that Haru isn't paying attention to him.

rave master elie and haru relationship

Haru tries to go to her but Berial forces him down to watch her die. However, Haru is further beaten by him so he passes out. He then awakes in time to save Elie from Julius and not only save her, but nearly defeat the Oracion Seis until Haja stabs him in the back with his hand.

As Haru is incapacitated, Sieg Hart arrives and save them all only to make Haru angry because he didn't save Elie. He then learns about Lucia from Sieg but Haru doesn't care about Lucia being King's son, and thus he should be Haru's mortal enemy, but rather, Haru hates him for making Elie cry, with this, he declares that he will defeat Lucia.

After this, he leads everyone to an island full of Nakajima like people where a prophet lives and he gives them all a fortune. After that, he goes into a dark cave where a dark version of him tries to sexually abuse Elie but he defeats it along with a mouthed monster.

Stellar Memories arc As Haru traveled to find the last Rave, Jegan arrives with an army of dragons and after Elie collapses of fever, Haru leads Musica and Let against him since they are stronger than the average dragon. Without much progress, Haru leaves to inform Elie seeing her naked Let defeats Jegan by using what he says, is his ultimate technique. As they land on land, Haru and Musica defeat many dragons until Let wins.

Going forward, Haru defeats former Empire warriors until Deep Snow arrives. Using Million Suns, Haru strategically withdraws, Haru runs into Shuda again and leaves the warriors to him. After finding the place where his father was raised by Ever MaryHaru uses the memory stone to see his past. Haru seems more happy and later that night, Haru leads Elie to the stone so she can see her past. He reassures her that no matter what her past, he'll still accept her. However, Lucia arrives and destroys the stone for kicks and after hearing from Lucia that even when he and Elie are sixty they'll still be only holding hands, Haru challenges him with Shuda as a form of referee.

Haru begins buy using the Sacrifar which helps Haru nearly kill Lucia.

Elie hugs Haru.png

However, Elie throws Plue at Haru which causes the sword to lose its grip on Haru's mind and Lucia begins to batter Haru mercilouly. After Shuda is stabbed helping Haru, Haru freaks on Lucia and destroys his Decalogue with his bare hands and starts to question what Lucia is fighting for. After an intense battle, Endless wakes up and one the four demon lords bargains with Haru for Lucia's life. With this, the Rave Warriors leave and Haru is horrified to find out that Shuda has apparently "defiled" his sister to the point where Shuda calls himself Haru's brother-in-law.