All british field meet and columbia river classic run

Event Schedule - All British Field Meet Portland Oregon

all british field meet and columbia river classic run

SOVREN Club Race info at Portland Int'l Raceway in Portland, OR Held in conjunction with the All British Field Meet, this event gives lots of. Replica cars made in England with British components (e.g. Panther) and specialty cars with British chassis and running gear (e.g. Arkley) are off with the Friday Welcome Party, followed by the Saturday car show, which includes a BBQ, . PIR Auto Swap Meet Gates open p.m. First car out p.m. Broadacre Field Dog Run Area is . 3 full days of racing for all SVRA vintage race groups. BMW is . Presented by the Sunshine Division and Hood to Coast Running Events.

The maximum decibel level at trackside is dBA, which sound engineer determined should translate to no more than 65 dB at the property line of the closest residence to the track.

Noise Information

In other words, except for four events, the track operates with the same noise restrictions as any industrial site in the city in relation to residences. The four varianced events include one event at dB, two at dB and one at dB. At a dB level trackside: There are four variance events scheduled for the season db: Normal human conversation ranges between 44 and 65 dBA when people are about 3 to 6 feet apart The smallest change in noise level that a human ear can perceive is about 3 dBA For most people, a 10 dBA increase in noise levels is judged as a doubling of sound level, while a 10 dBA decrease in noise levels is perceived to be half as loud.

To put PIR sound levels in perspective with other common measurements: Using all four varianced events, including test days, means fewer than 20 event days during the season where levels are above dBA More than event days per year run at or lower than dBA.

  • Stop #11 — Portland Raceway
  • Columbia River Classic
  • Major Events

Each particular event on a given day counts as an event day, i. British Vehicle Display and Show on the grass. Oregon Mini Society — Awards in main tent following people's choice awards.

Slot Car Racing — Proceeds go to charity. Located in Town Square.

all british field meet and columbia river classic run

Guided Walking Restoration Tour — How to do it right! Tour begins in front of "The Regalia Tent" promptly at The spin cone in the drag race start area will be retained since there is plenty of space for the maneuver there. We expect the course to equalize times and offer a more open course for the larger cars.

All British Field Meet Portland Oregon

Entry space is limited so register early. Registration opens at You must register Saturday for Saturday runs, and Sunday for Sunday runs. Glowing runners come from all different ages, shapes, sizes, and speeds.

all british field meet and columbia river classic run

Looking for your next adventure? How about a day filled with epic obstacles, music and plenty of beer? Non-stop action the whole weekend!

all british field meet and columbia river classic run

Tickets on Sale February 1st! Three day ticket with inside parking: Cars on course 8: Bubble Run Sat, Jul 20th 8: Clad in white t-shirts, adults, kids and strollers run, walk, dance and play across 3 miles of absolute fun!

Portland International Raceway // Noise Information

Waves start every minutes. Then, at each kilometer, participants will run through the Foam Bogs where there is enough colored foam to cover you from head to toe! See the PROS and riders compete under the lights. This week onlypractice at 4 p. Active military members free. Tickets and additional information Friday Hours: Cars on track 8: Fund raiser for local children's charities that also introduces children and the greater community to road racing thru race-car rides around the track and more.

Free admission with an open paddock where drivers and crew are happy to show you a thing or two.

all british field meet and columbia river classic run