Arno and elise meet

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arno and elise meet

Before we meet the adult Elise, we hear about her in conversations between Arno and de Salle senior, and we learn a bit more about her, or at. This leads Elise's Templar father to take Arno under his wing and protect him from the truth about his father hence how Arno and Elise meet and. In this new trailer, we get to see Arno race across Paris to stop Elise being beheaded. Unity will be released on October 28th for Xbox One, PS4.

I'm just saying it's possible. If the two are working together at any point, that means Shay's likely turning Templar and became one by the end of the game, not after the game ends. While Reginald died inthat's not to say there still isn't a reason for Haytham to have a connection to France afterward.

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Haytham's more likely to be the connection. If anything, Haytham probably killed Arno's father for Reginald. Haytham has Assassin training so could be mistaken for an Assassin.

He's also a Templar. Rogue's been marketed as the conclusion to the Kenway saga so makes sense to have multiple connections to them and not necessarily Shay to Arno.

  • Élise de la Serre

It could be Shay to Haytham to Arno. I think in rogue we will see Arnos father and Shay be good friends and even though Shay joins the templars he doesn't have it in him to kill Arnos father. I think he arrived while I was collecting the laundry at Madame Duvall's.

arno and elise meet

You have been most helpful. Why did you kill Mister Mirabeau? You poisoned his wine.

Assassin's Creed Unity - Arno's Childhood

I want to know why. If this is a game of some sort, MisterI do not find it amusing! I would never harm him! And anyways, I don't even have a key to the wine cellar. Only Messire and the butler do.

Arno Dorian

I was out of line. Arno had the option to accuse the butler. Your master is dead. But I suspect you already knew that. I've served the Mirabeau family for two generations! The Count personally requested I come and work for him in Paris!

And you have the gall - the gall! For what reason, might I ask? Dissatisfaction at being paid twice the going wage? Envy for the greatest statesman of our time?

arno and elise meet

Perhaps I burned for revenge on the man who paid for my daughter's medicine when she took ill with distemper? Perhaps I misjudged you. Templar poison, Templar pin Bravo, you've figured it out. My cunning plan was to murder the only Assassin who doesn't want to see me dead, then stand about waiting to be discovered.

Not the only Assassin. But you know this wasn't my doing.

Meeting with Mirabeau

Then let's find the real killer before they get wind of this. Finally, Arno found Mirabeau's appointment book in his bedroom. Looks like he was expecting a visitor.

Arno found Quemar at the Assassin Hideout. What can I do for you? I knew this truce would come to a bad end. I'll have to summon the rest of the Council to deal with this. Realizing that his negligence inadvertently caused Francois' death, Arno left the mansion. They gave me a purpose. Something to believe in. To see that betrayed I need to make it right myself. I need to know why. Two years later, Arno joined Bellec in tracking down Arpinonan extortionist working for the Templars.

Arno then managed to gain Bellec and the Council's blessing to assassinate Sivert, after much persuasion. Arno then returned to the Council and reported his findings. Before Arno could intervene, the Marquis de Sade casually introduced himself and advised Arno not to lash out so hastily, suggesting instead that he follow la Touche back to his master.

Arno accepted this advice and tailed la Touche back to his residence. Once inside, he assaulted la Touche and shackled him to the wall. Arno demanded Le Roi des Thunes' location from la Touche, threatening to kill him if he didn't comply. Nevertheless, Arno succeeded in assassinating Le Roi des Thunes, learning of his grudge against de la Serre from his memories. Investigating Germain's residence, they found it empty, as the man had anticipated that his deception would not hold up.

arno and elise meet