Balto and jenna meet

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balto and jenna meet

This story focuses on how Balto first met Rosy and Jenna. Balto awoke and slithered out from under his blanket with a loud yawn, in order to. Balto meets Jenna. Balto is a wolf-dog who lives in the is a beautyfull dog,but another dogs don't like a nice day,in May,Balto ran to the. Jenna: "h-hello still there?" Balto: "Whoa! Oh.. sorry, I thought you were that man." Jenna: "Are you alright? I saw a man hit you ".

A small human, a young female, snow boots and a dark green coat, distinctive brick red hair and a pair of large emerald green eyes. Little ones were simply harmless, annoyingly inquisitive; never think twice before doing something. But with a small child around a larger human can't be far away. He backed in a corner ears pressed against his head and tail tucked tightly between his legs. The girl was no threat, she tilted her head in curiosity and perhaps slight amusement at the rugged canine.

She reached her hand out to him, he didn't want to but he snapped at her fingertips, meant to be a simple warning, though one took a little too far.

balto and jenna meet

She jumped backwards in fear; he knew he'd be soon be regretting that move if a larger human was to find out. He couldn't apologize so he just simply cowered in the corner, ears drooped and eyes full of regret.

balto and jenna meet

The little girl kept a reasonable distance but a brief glance revealed a pair of ribs. He wasn't starving to death but she instinctively knew he was very hungry. She bent down with her hands on her knees, facing him, but she wasn't going to make the stupid mistake to try and pet him again.

The little girl was summoned by a large man on the opposite side of the street, most likely her father. Her words were very promising and it almost seemed as if she trusted him. He turned his attention back to the garbage, when a voice soon stabbed his ears. It was a female voice, high pitched and perhaps a little prissy.

He quickly turned around to find the owners of the voices. Three dogs, all female. However, they are soon interrupted by Steele who attempts to steal Jenna away to have dinner. Balto attempts to intervene, but notices Jenna has a plan and uses Steele's feelings against him, causing him to be burnt.

Balto and Jenna attempt to escape, but hear Rosy's father and the butcher approaching and Steele frames Balto, making Rosy's father and the butcher believe he stole the sausages Steele had. Balto runs away and while Jenna attempts to go after him, she is held back by Rosy's father. The next day, everyone has gathered to watch the sled race to determine which dogs will be selected to join the team that's will retrieve the medicine to cure the children.

Dixie is surprised that Jenna doesn't support Steele and learns from Sylvie that Jenna actually has feelings for Balto after hearing about the previous night. When the race begins and upon learning Balto has decided to particate, Jenna greatly supports him and cheers for Balto during the race and is greatly happy when he wins.

Steele refuses to add Balto to the team and begins to harass him until Jenna appears and scolds him for being a "glory-hound". However, Balto is sadly rejected from the team as Steele make sure it appear that Balto is untrustworthy to join. Jenna apologizes and tries to comfort Balto, who sadly runs off with Jenna calling out to him. When the sled team leave to retrieve the medicine, Jenna remains by Rosy's side and is even allowed to enter the hospital to see her, hoping to cheer her up.

However, Rosy and the children grow more sick, causing Jenna to become distressed and slowly the town begins to lose hope when Steele and the sled team are revealed to be lost in the snow storm. Later, outside the hospital, Jenna smells Balto's scent and after seeing tracks nearby, Jenna realizes that Balto has left to find Steele and Team and decides to follow and help. Jenna reunites with Balto and the others and saves Balto when he is almost crushed by a grizzly bear.

Balto leads the bear away from the others to a frozen lake, but due to the weight of the bear, causes the ice beneath them to crush and both Balto and the bear fall into the frozen water lake.

Jenna is frequently trying to find Balto as Muk and Luk jumped into the water to find and rescue him. Muk and Luk rescue Balto and bring him back to the surface much to the delight and relief of Jenna and Boris. Balto and Jenna properly reunite as Jenna warms Balto and reveals information regarding their trail, revealing they need to take the mountain trail as a short cut has been blocked off.

While knowing it will be dangerous and difficult, Jenna assures they can make the journey and Balto assures, complimenting that Jenna can do anything, expressing his gratitude for saving him.

However, Jenna is revealed to have been injured during the fight against the bear and is unable to continue the rest of the journey to find Steele and the sled team. Jenna is worried for Balto going by himself and gives him her bandanna to keep him warm. Balto and Jenna say goodbye as Balto promises Jenna he will return with the medicine.

Back in Nome, Jenna informs the rest of the dogs that Balto is tracking down Steele and the sled team, but everyone makes fun of the idea and don't believe Balto can find them, upsetting and angering Jenna.

Suddenly, someone arrives and while Jenna believes it's Balto, it's revealed to actually be Steele.

balto and jenna meet

When questioned about the fate of Balto and the others, Steele lies claiming they are dead and attempts to blame Balto and shows Jenna'a bandana as "proof".

However, Jenna manages to see through Steele's lies and assures everyone that Balto is still alive and will come back, but everyone remains sceptical, beliving she is simply grieving Balto's "death".

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When the rest of the town gives up hope on the sled team returning with the medicine, they shut off the main light to guide them back. On the outskirts of Nome, Jenna uses the trick Balto taught her with the broken bottles and light to create "The Northern Lights" as a guide for them. Although still worried and afraid, Jenna stills retains hope for Balto's return. Later, Jenna is at Rosy's bedside and appears all hope is now lost. However, Jenna hears Balto and barks for joy, altering everyone that Balto and the team have finally returned with the medicine to save the children.

Balto and Jenna happily reunite and officially become mates as Balto is hailed as hero by both the dogs and humans of Nome. Wolf Quest A year has passed since Balto saved the town of Nome and he and Jenna are happily together as mates. Jenna is revealed to be pregnant and has given birth to a littler of puppies and while most of Balto and Jenna's children resemble Jenna, their daughter Aleu strongly resembles her father, Balto. Since Jenna and Balto are happily raising their family together and often go to play on the beach.

Eight weeks later, Jenna takes the pups to visit Balto while she and Rosy go on a picnic. Balto suggests they all go on a picnic together the next day, but Jenna reminds Balto the next day their children will be getting ready to be adopted and sent to new homes.

Balto is sad to see their children go and while Jenna feels the same, she assures and advises Balto that it's time for their children to begin to live their lives and if they wait longer it than it will be more difficult for them to find homes and leaves to meet Rosy for their picnic.

The next day, Jenna and Balto watch as one by one each their children are adopted. By the end of the day, all their children have been adopted, except for Aleu. Jenna believes they can still find an owner for Aleu, but Balto knows Aleu won't be adopted due to the fact she looks even more like a wolf than Balto himself.

Felicity took a look outside the window. Is Alaska like this all ze time? It was a bit too cold for our tastes, but Maestro and I managed to keep ourselves warm at night.

She was raised by her father for seven years before I came back to see them. Cherry put her book up, then went with Atticus and Mo to get their things.

Cherry came to Felicity and strapped a backpack on her. They all then made their way to the couple their little girl and her dog. The girl looked a little shy, she stayed close to her parents and her dog.

balto and jenna meet

The girl hid behind her parents and dog. Maybe you'd like to share your surprise with them? Rosy blinked, then slowly came back out to see the kids as the adults go acquainted. Would you like to come see it with me and Jenna? Were they expecting someone else with this girl? Rosy stepped aside, showing her dog. I wanna make her into a sled dog like those bigger dogs in the races! Johansson has a surprise for you," William said to his daughter.

Rosy sighed, but did as told, really wanting to know what this surprise is. Jenna waited outside like she was told to as they all came inside. After a quick introduction of new friends, Mr. Johansson went to his table to get what he had been working on for the little red-haired girl, hopefully she would share with the new people. Akito and Estelle were amazed at what they saw. Johansson put the present in front of the children. Rosy did that and grew instantly excited, it was a handmade sled just for her.

I love these runners, I love this brush bow, I love this sled! Jenna came over then to see the humans. Come on, guys, let's go!

Felicity beamed, then went outside with her new friends. Rosy's parents paid Mr. Johansson and all of the adults watched their children at play. Felicity, Akito, Estelle, and Rosy were running as the red-haired girl was with her sled and Jenna was pulling her among the people as a firework came into the air suddenly. Jenna kept running, then slowed down a little as a couple of other female dogs named Dixie and Sylvie were coming to her side.