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beavis and butthead meet hank hill

Mike Judge -- the mega-genius behind "Beavis and Butt-Head" and "King of the Hill" -- blinded us with awesomeness last night by busting out. Beavis and Butt-Head Do America is a American adult animated road comedy film based Before Dallas can meet with Beavis and Butt-Head to recover the bioweapon, she is .. Beavis and Butt-Head (–97; ); King of the Hill (–); The Beavis · Butt-Head · Hank Hill · Boomhauer · Bill Lumbergh. Hank would never move. Instead, he would get Beavis and Butthead to move. He conveniently lives across the street from his three best friends.

Cotton was also revealed to have slept with many women before and after that as Cotton once statedmeaning Hank likely has several other illegitimate brothers and sisters, although none of these other relatives have been confirmed throughout the series. Hank is an Eagle Scout. Although he is traditionally conservative in his attitude, in how he dislikes change and novel situations, he can adapt to them quite well, quickly mastering unfamiliar social milieus.

He can be pushed too far on occasion, usually by neighbors Bill Dauterive and Dale Gribble. Most openings of King of the Hill start with Hank, Dale, Bill and Boomhauer all agreeing to something before the action kicks in, drinking from Alamo branded beer cans. A running joke throughout the series is an angry Hank yelling "I'm gonna kick your ass!

Hank's honesty and naivety often get him in unpredictable and troublesome situations. Ultimately, Hank cares for the people around him, particularly his family and friends and is always out to do what is right.

One characteristic that Hank shows is when he lies to someone, he turns his head or looks around the room.

Working life[ edit ] Hank is a known workaholic who sells " propane and propane accessoriesI tell you what" as an assistant manager at the fictional Strickland Propanea local propane dealership. Much to the discomfort of his boss, Buck Stricklandhe refuses to miss a day for anything; including sickness and injury, as shown in the episode called "Hank's Back", where he refused to go on Worker's Compensation after injuring his back on the job, despite repeated attempts at suggesting too much work will make him sloppy.

He even went into work when his hero Tom Landry died though he thought it was Dusty Hill making it up. When he gets a phone call in the middle of the night, he often immediately starts with the Strickland slogan, "Strickland Propane, taste the meat, not the heat", showing his dedication to his work. Hank also has a habit of announcing himself as "Hank Hill, Assistant Manager, Strickland Propane", even in situations where it has nothing to do with his work such as when called on to give a speech as Patch Boomhauer's best man at his wedding rehearsal dinner.

Hank was also briefly promoted to manager by Buck Strickland while helping Buck rebuild a house for Habitat for Humanity as part of Buck's community service after a drunk driving conviction, before being demoted again after he blurted out "I love you" to Buck.

Unlike Buck and his business enemy, Milton Farnsworth "M. His greatest attribute is his reliability. Another trait of Hank appears to be customer loyalty and customer satisfaction. While appearing to suffer a sales slump during the month-long "Grill Stravaganza" sale, he remained confident his sales would come in at the end of the month, trusting his tried and true method of giving customers pamphlets and simply telling them to return if and only if they're "ready. Strickland has referred to Hank as his golden goose.

This virtue was tested when he threatened to quit rather than continue working at a carwash which Buck and Kahn bought stake in and continue to take verbal abuse.

beavis and butthead meet hank hill

He also threatened to quit unless Buck fired a new employee who was making crude jokes and sexual innuendo eventually in frustration, Hank actually dragged the new employee into the washroom and washed his mouth out with soap. Hank's work ethic extends past his occupation. He is a noted DIY enthusiast.

The meticulous detail to which he maintains his home was reflected when he opted to submit it for Parade of Homes. Hank looks up to Buck, who calls Hank "Ol' Top" and keeps a somewhat idyllic picture of him, even though he recognizes his boss's many shortcomings excessive gambling, alcoholism, womanizing, and a general lack of principles.

Hank must frequently clean up his boss's unsavory "situations": In one episode he went as far as covering up Strickland's illegal price fixing agreement with the other local propane providers to keep him from being arrested. Hank also seems to think that being a propane salesman is the best job there is and wants his son, Bobby Hillto follow his footsteps and start a propane business of his own.

Hank loves his job very much, but throughout the series always makes a big deal out of it when his closest friends and even family find his occupation boring and somewhat useless and even find his obsession with propane odd. In the episode " A Fire Fighting We Will Go ," Bobby questions Hank about his new job as a volunteer fireman, in which Bobby says he is surprised because Hank always seems to exaggerate and make a big deal about being a propane salesman.

Although Hank is often confused and irritated by Bobby's eccentricities, he clearly loves his son, even though he's uncomfortable in saying it to his face. He even feigns an interest in Bobby's passions such as prop comedy and theatre. Hank is relieved when his Laotian-American neighbor Kahn Souphanousinphone tells him that he caught Bobby and Connie taking their clothes off since, up until that time, Hank was uncertain of Bobby's interest in girls.

From his eccentricities, Hank often says of Bobby, "That boy ain't right. Personal life[ edit ] In the first episode of the series, his wife Peggy Hill prompts Hank to tell his son that he loves him — after he finally manages to do so, Bobby says that he thought of himself as a "big disappointment," which Hank immediately rejects, earnestly declaring that Bobby is the one thing in town that has never disappointed him.

Mike Judge Talks Like Beavis, Butthead, and Hank Hill

His essentially non-existent buttocks provide insufficient cushioning when he sits, causing him great discomfort and eventually forcing him to wear an "ortho-gluteal" prosthesis.

A running joke throughout the series is that Hank and Peggy would have more kids if it weren't for Hank's narrow urethraa topic Hank is sensitive about and often becomes annoyed about if brought up to people outside the immediate family.

Hank was on the high school football team as were Bill, Boomhauer, and team towel manager, Dale. He was a running back and led the league in rushing his record remains unbroken. He had a promising career until he snapped his ankle in the state championship although this cost Arlen the game, he is still celebrated for "taking them to State".

This incident exacerbated Hank's already-restrained emotionalism, as he saw it as punishment from God for doing a celebratory dance after scoring a touchdown earlier during the game.

After graduating from high school, he went on to work as a salesman at Jeans Westa clothing retailer, until Buck found that he was a good salesman and hired him at Strickland Propane, where he taught Hank everything about propane and propane accessories.

According to his neighbor Dale, he also had a brief stint as a tractor salesman. Although his career in propane is later shown to have started with a chance meeting with Buck Strickland, in episode "Order of the Straight Arrow", a flashback to shows younger Hank, Dale, Bill and Boomhauer on a scouting trip, talking about what they're going to do when they grow up.

Hank says, "I'm going to sell propane and propane accessories This same episode reveals that boys entering the Order are 12 years old, which would give Hank a birth date of sometime in In the second-season episode, "Hank's Dirty Laundry," Hank himself states his birth year asthough he is probably referring to the alias Rusty Shackleford — which Dale had suggested earlier in the episode.

Hank drives a red Ford Super Dutywhich replaced his original truck, a red extended-cab Ford Ranger or model depends on the episodes after it was destroyed by a train, despite trying to make it last as long as mechanically possible.

Mike Judge Talks Like Beavis, Butthead, and Hank Hill |

Both trucks have manual transmissions while the Ranger carries a bed mounted toolbox for times when Hank takes his truck out on Strickland-related business. He gives great love and affection to his lawn and his bloodhoundLadybird.

In one episode, Peggy is bitter for throwing a special birthday party for Ladybird but not for herself, where it is implied in some episodes she believes Hank spends more time with Ladybird and being house proud than he does with her, as suggested in another episode where he mourns over his sub-par lawn compared to his neighbors, remarking.

Hank is a fan of Country and Bluegrass music. Occasionally, he will listen to Southern Rock music and in one episode, remarks that he likes "this Zamfir fellow," even believing that his music was better than The Beatles. In another, he had also shown approval towards Doo-wop. He also appears to have a soft spot for Foreigneras on Luanne's 21st birthday he put " I Want to Know What Love Is " on the jukebox six times in a row.

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He took a slight interest in Boy Band music namely due to their lack of explicit lyrics compared to obscenity filled rap and failing to understand the demographic the music was meant for. Personality[ edit ] Much of the humor of the show results from the collision of Hank's deeply conservative manner, nature, and philosophy with the world and people around him.

He believes passionately in hard work, honesty, tradition, and convention he refuses to leave work early, even so much as 10 minutes early on a Friday ; and is a proud Texan and American, to the point of occasionally struggling to suppress mild xenophobiathough always trying his best to see others, regardless of culture, for their personal character. He is, however, a highly respected authority among his friends and family, who often seek his help and advice, knowing that he will always advocate doing the right thing in the right way.

Hank is against charcoal, butane which he refers to as a "bastard gas" and the use of propane alternatives such as electric water-heaters, heaters, stoves and ovens. Hank believes that propane is the best source of fuel and is known to try to "convert" people to propane use. When niece Luanne Platter uses charcoal on burgers at a barbecue Peggy and Bobby find them delicious and eat them allPeggy and Bobby are horrified to learn that they enjoy charcoal grilling.

Hank's love for propane is sometimes shown in an ironic juxtaposition with his love of all things Texas, for example being introduced to mesquitea traditional Texan barbecue wood, by his immigrant neighbor Kahn. One of Hank's most treasured hobbies is the care he takes over his lawn. He's unofficially nominated the best lawn in the neighborhood. He rides a fictional "Mason" series Riding mowera mower he also covets to the point when the Mason Corporation undertook the focus group discontinuing his model in favor of a new one, he managed to point out all the flaws in the engineering and convince the group the mower was inferior.

Just as Hank is about to beat him up, Dale redeems himself by saving Bobby from the fire ants, who attacked him for confining them.

beavis and butthead meet hank hill

His friends and neighbors gifted him with a few square feet of new Raleigh, albeit only enough to cover a small fraction of his front yard. When he converted his back yard into a putting green, he installed kikuyu grass. In only one episode did Hank purposely allow his lawn to die; when water restrictions and a drought forced Hank to run for public office on a platform opposing the city water policy which wasted more water than it saved.

He later discovered Kahn was bribing the water department employee to keep his lawn green and Bobby blackmailed him to keep Hank's lawn from dying. Refusing to be corrupt, he ceased watering.

Hank has also states that he has held back "tender feelings" towards his family in order to focus on the lawn. Hank resides in a single-story Rancherthat he claims has historic value. He is a noted do it yourself DIY enthusiast and prides himself on homeownership. He is skilled in home repair, lawn and garden and automotive repair. He meticulously obeys virtually every building code in the city ordinance. He gets a great deal of joy engaging in home repair and his level of skill and attention to detail was repeatedly shown to exceed that of workmen he employed.

Hank is also a follower of sports. He is a huge fan of footballbeing a former player himself. He is a long-time fan of the Dallas Cowboysbut later allows himself to also be a fan of the Houston Texans because they play in a different conference and wouldn't play the Cowboys unless it was in an all Texas Super Bowl.

Beavis and Butt-Head

Hank also is a supporter of the Texas Longhorns. He also follows baseball as a fan of the Texas Rangersalthough in "Meet The Manger Babies", he stated that he would rather miss a baseball game than the Super Bowl to help Luanne with her puppet show.

However his idyllic passion is golf which coincides with his love of lawns. He once converted his back yard into a putting green. He is however critical of some sports. Muddy, thinking that the boys are the killers he has contacted, remarks that they are even younger than he thought they would be and also says that they must "do" murder his wife.

Thinking that by "do" Muddy is making a euphemism for sex, Butt-Head convinces Beavis that both of them can "score" as well as get paid enough to buy a new TV. Muddy hands them a photo of Dallas with instructions on where to find her. He then drives them to the airport to catch a plane to Las Vegas. After arriving in the casino where they are staying, the boys get arrested by security after being mistaken for trespassers and then they are taken to their rooms.

Their room was purchased by Muddy to be adjacent to Dallas's room, and they accidentally burst in. Dallas soon realizes they have no idea what they have been hired for. While Beavis and Butt-Head begin fighting over who will "do" Dallas first, the police arrive to arrest her. Thinking quickly, she plants a stolen biological weapon known as the "X-5 Unit" in Beavis' pants in order to get rid of it.

She then gets them tickets on a bus to Washington, D. The stolen bioweapon attracts the attention of the ATFheaded by Agent Flemming, who orders a body cavity search on everyone he encounters and in spite of his tough talk, relies on fellow Agent Bork's assistance virtually all the time. Flemming becomes convinced that the duo are criminal masterminds after they accidentally release the water behind the Hoover Damcutting the power to Las Vegas.

After becoming stranded in a gift shop at Petrified Forest National Parkthey are told Washington is "about 2, miles that way" and begin to wander through the desert.

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The boys soon collapse of dehydration. Delirious from the heat, Beavis unwittingly consumes a peyote cactus, and has a vivid psychedelic experience overnight.

The next day, Beavis and Butt-Head are found by Muddy, who plans to kill them after realizing they were not the hit men he hired. However, after hearing that Dallas is going to meet up with the duo in Washington, Muddy decides to take them the rest of the way in his trunk to hunt down Dallas.

In the middle of I in VirginiaButt-Head opens the trunk with a car jack, and they escape by jumping onto the road, inadvertently causing a car pileup.