Bitten season 2 clay and elena meet

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bitten season 2 clay and elena meet

2, 2, "Prodigal", Brad Turner, Daegan Fryklind, January 18, (), N /A. Elena tries to keep Clayton at arms length, but he lets her know He requests a meeting with the pack in order to discuss a. Elena Michaels is the female lead and protagonist of Bitten. She is the only known female werewolf in the world, the fiancée of Clayton from Stonehaven in Bear Valley, NY to Toronto where she had met Philip McAdams. . Season Two. The Season 2 finale begins with Elena, Clay, Nick, Paige, Jeremy and Cain arriving in Boston for the final showdown with Aleister. Jeremy breaks the news.

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Just then, Clay-wolf arrives, though Aleister easily evades his attacks as he now has his powers back upon Ruth being dead. As Aleister deals with Clay, Savannah works her magic against Clara, choking her to death. As Savannah takes her talisman from the dead woman, Aleister works his magic against her, but the powerful little witch is able to cast a counter-spell, locking the mentor and the student into a stalemate.

Elena comes to the rescue, turning the tide as Aleister is forced to turn his attention to her, determined to destroy her once and for all.

bitten season 2 clay and elena meet

An exhausted and shaken Savannah manages to work a spell that renders Aleister briefly paralyzed, allowing Elena to swoop in and deliver the killing stroke.

As the sun rises, Aleister finally meets the fate meant for him as an infant as Elena drowns him in a ritual pool. The Undoing successfully foiled, Jeremy, Clay, Elena, Nick, Paige and Savannah greet the glorious dawn and reflect on their fallen friends and allies.

Elena Michaels

Jeremy tells Paige and Savannah that they're bound together by this experience and he'll never turn them away should they ever need The Pack's help again. Paige, now the coven leader, tells Nick they need time to heal and build and thanks him for showing her what love could be so, a sorta-breakup, then? Savannah is feeling responsible for all these deaths, though Elena tells her not to blame herself. Elena finds Braxton's body and turns to wolf form to hide it.

With no evidence, the townsolk leave.

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Elena explains to the Pack that she suspects Karl Marsten killed Braxton to frame them. Daniel Santos, the ex-Pack member who appeared last episode with the offer of Marsten dirt in exchange for Pack re-entry arrives to see Jeremy. His "information" is kinda sorta what they already know - that Karl Marsten is behind turning psychopaths into mutts.

He mentions it's about claiming territory that Marsten wants. Jeremy says he'll "think about" letting him back into the Pack.

bitten season 2 clay and elena meet

Before leaving Stately Stonehaven Manor, Daniel reminds Elena that Clay killed his brother because he's an impulsive crazy person. She's going back to Toronto.

bitten season 2 clay and elena meet

Which is convenient because Philip's sister needs a new bridesmaid for her wedding so, hey, great timing. Speaking of Philip, remember that business dude James Williams, from Episode 3 that wanted Philip to work on his new Vodka company, Viljandi?

He was like an uncle for Elena. Peter Myers He was a member of the Jeremy's pack.

bitten season 2 clay and elena meet

He was like a brother for Elena, they truly cared for each other. Savannah Levine She is a young witch. Savannah really likes Elena and values her opinions.

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Elena feels protective towards Savannah and promises to make sure no one hurts her again. Rachel Sutton She was a girlfriend of Logan Jonsen and mother of their baby boy. Rachel and Elena first meet in Toronto, they are like distant friends. Elena cares for Rachel because she is a sweetheart of a pack member.

bitten season 2 clay and elena meet

Sasha Antonov He is the biological father of Elena, he truly loves her until his death. Alexei Antonov He is the paternal half-brother of Elena. Katia Antonov She was the paternal half-sister of Elena.