Can i meet anna and elsa at magic kingdom

Meet-and-Greet with Anna and Elsa at Princess Fairytale Hall | Magic Kingdom

can i meet anna and elsa at magic kingdom

However, wait times for Frozen Ever After have been consistently high, averaging around two hours. (You can see all Disney World wait times. Our tip for meeting Anna and Elsa at Disney World is to definitely snag Fastpass+ reservations as soon as you can. If you are staying at a Walt. Are Anna and Elsa at the Akershus princess breakfast? Queen Elsa Sure does! But will you Dad's Simple Fun Magic Guide to Walt Disney World Planning.

The only other people were those who also had breakfast reservations around 9: We got over to Norway at just before 9: And then the heavens parted, and the Norwegian angel checking people in told us that Elsa and Anna were going to start meeting guests in a few minutes—if we wanted to get in line, we could be a few minutes late for our seating. Are you kidding me?? Apparently, Elsa and Anna get started well before So we were the third family in line.

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We waited all of ten minutes total to meet Elsa and Anna. The line behind us ten minutes later. All breakfast reservation folks. It was delicious and plentiful, they had gluten-free offerings, and we did get two nicely framed photos of our family with Belle. However, we figured since we were planning one splurge meal anyway, and it saved us hours of waiting in line to meet Elsa and Anna, it was worth it.

Time is money, right? No guarantee, of course, but as good a chance as any—plus great food, an awesome princess experience, and the opportunity to have Epcot to yourself for a while. Annie Reneau Annie writes about life, motherhood, world issues, beautiful places, and anything else that tickles her brain.

can i meet anna and elsa at magic kingdom

At Epcot, lines stretched far beyond the Norway pavilion boundaries, with guests waiting upwards of 4 hours to meet Anna and Elsa. More on that below. A 3-hour wait formed nearly instantaneously when the park opened, adding another hour to that time by 1pm. Guests can wait in line for one side or the other, not both. Today it was clear who the popular princesses were, with Cinderella and Rapunzel only having a 15 minute wait while the posted wait time early in the morning for Anna and Elsa was 3 hours.

But regardless of how guests got in, everyone was delighted to meet Anna and Elsa inside. At the time, I was impressed that it was so easy to make the reservation for these popular characters. I even tweeted about itpraising its simplicity. Just in case something went wrong, I took a screenshot of the booking on my phone via the mobile version of the site.

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As it turns out, my concern was valid and there was indeed a problem. But when they scanned their MagicBands and I scanned my annual pass, none worked. After double and triple checking through a few different ways, the conclusion was the same.

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So I showed the Cast Member my screenshot, as did my friend who had also thought to do the same. But the response we received was surprising, as the Cast Member said they could not honor the screenshot.

When asked why, she replied that we could have changed the photo to show any time or attraction we wanted and that only an active reservation in the My Disney Experience site or app would allow us entry. We certainly had done nothing of the sort, but obviously could not explain how or why our day-old booking had simply vanished.

Unfortunately, after a very similar conversation with them and several phone calls and scans later, they were also unable to help. After disappearing backstage for a few minutes, I was once again denied, as she told me that IT had absolutely no record of me ever booking a reservation to see Anna and Elsa.

can i meet anna and elsa at magic kingdom

As a last ditch effort to salvage my Easter morning, I showed her the tweet I posted 30 days ago in the hopes that she would see I had indeed made the reservation. So I decided to head back to Princess Fairytale Hall one more time with the hopes of finding anyone who could assist me. The same Cast Members were still stationed at the meet-and-greet and they confirmed there was still nothing they could do.

can i meet anna and elsa at magic kingdom