Cute justin bieber meet and greet poses to do with your fav

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cute justin bieber meet and greet poses to do with your fav

The year-old star features in cute throwback snaps with his father Jeremy. his Jeremy was not a 'deadbeat dad' like reports suggested, can be with his father looking affectionately down on him in an Athena-style pose. One of our favourite pics from the collection shows Bieber, now 21, and his dad. Billboard cover boy Justin Bieber has taken a strong stance in both the music and He still rocks his trademark kicks with his cute and nerdy look. complete with a hunter hat as he arrives to meet fans at a Paris event on Feb. . B-Boy shows us how to do Goofy Chic as he poses with Santa while taping a. Justin Bieber has tasked Beliebers with a mission to shut down celebrity gossip website "As hard as I've tried, I don't know how not to be adorable. Justin Bieber will no longer pose for pictures with fans to 'protect his sanity' he would no longer take pictures with fans or take part in meet and greets.

The fact that he has changed his life says it all. We click on those links. We fuel that fire. At the time, however, Bieber stated that they were just friends, but this picture packs a punch.

It holds a powerful message about how the two really felt about each other. Sometimes, a best friend can turn into something more and that may have been what happened between these two.

I didn't know what he would be but I knew I wanted to be involved. And when I finally got the chance to hear him sing, I knew that this was a kid that was going to go very far. And I felt like I could offer him a lot. This kid is really like once in a lifetime glimpse at a prodigy or something incredible. He has said himself that his life feels like a dream, so he probably wants to help others live their dreams too.

I used to listen to the radio and hear other people, and now I listen to it and hear myself. People see his style as an icon and many people have followed his trends. There was a time that he even auctioned off his hair for charity and he got a crazy amount for it.

Justin Bieber looks like butter wouldn't melt in adorable childhood pics with his father Jeremy

Someone really wanted to get their hands on his hair. It takes nothing for him to cut his hair and auction it off and the money goes to charity. There was a period of time that Bieber was not loved very much and many people would have been happy to ship him back to Canada where he came from.

His debauchery had taken a toll on his fans. Bieber intends to stay on the straight and narrow path. If I could go back, I wouldn't really change much. I think it's all my journey.

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That stuff made me who I am. His messy hair in this picture is on point. Bieber takes his career seriously and one thing that comes with having a successful singing career is that you will have a lot of girls around you.

There was a time though that Bieber wanted to go to college.

cute justin bieber meet and greet poses to do with your fav

I think it made me stronger as a person, it built my character. A drunk girl once approached me at a drone show in Italy because she'd heard I was Canadian, and asked me to please kill Justin Bieber. Biebz isn't just a celebrity: This guy and his slick bubblegum arena pop brand is one of our biggest exports, and sure that's problematic and a conversation we should have as a culture. Yet the way I see it, the problem people have isn't with this kid. Bieb is a cog in the machine and he keeps it pretty positive.

He makes people happymakes some kids and even some adults get excited, and he even makes sense of the planet for a few confused little earthlings who are struggling to get by as much as any of us haters or curious gawkers on the sidelines. He kind of amuses me sometimes. Maybe we all need someone to wax distressed over. After meeting these fans, I still don't want to Believe, but I think I get it. Maybe I do Belieb. Two young women in matching purple Bieb shirts and tiaras.

  • These Are Probably The Best Meet And Greet Pics OF ALL TIME
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Is this your first time?: What's your favourite thing about seeing Bieber live?: Last time Drake came out. Do you think Drake is going to be here tonight?: He's in Toronto so we hope so. Do you follow him on Twitter?: How long have you loved Justin Bieber?: Since he was little and it was inappropriate for us to like him.

How much Bieber stuff do you own?: She has a ton What do you like more, Justin Bieber the musician, or Justin Bieber the guy?: What other music do you like besides Bieber?: What do you think about Justin Bieber's monkey?: Can I have it?

Justin Bieber super fans radiate joy at Toronto concert

Two guys who opened us up to Justin's acoustic side. It's our first time having Bieber Fever. Bieber has acoustic songs?: He has an acoustic album!

It's his John Mayer side. It's unfortunate that he left it in Germany. As an animal lover I'm disappointed in him. A mysterious lone girl. Have you seen Bieber before?: What's your favorite thing about seeing Justin live?: His performance is amazing. The guy, but both.

cute justin bieber meet and greet poses to do with your fav

He has a pet monkey? What surprises do you think are in store for the night?: I don't have a ticket. What are you here for?: Just hoping to see him. These two girls came from England. This is my 5th time. Would you say you're super fans?: One of the reasons. A special guest maybe. It's hard to choose. Do you follow him on Twitter or Instagram?: Pair of happy blondes in jean jackets.

Why did you buy the tickets today?: Justin is really good looking.