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JoJo Siwa announced North America tour for the first time. The 15 years old Dance Moms star excited fans with her free shows at the Gold Coast. Find tickets for The Irreplaceables Tour, The Girls From Dance Moms; Kendall, Chloe, Kalani showing at the The Agora Theatre - Cleveland, US Friday Dec 22, . But ensuring it's not all work and no play, former Dance Moms stars Chloe and Christi's tour of both Australia and New Zealand will see.

And there was a lovely staff member there to take your photo for you. The pre-show experience was truly a highlight of the show for us!


The pre-show experience lasts about 45 minutes by the time you get in there and take photos, see the characters and admire the set. There is then a minute break between the pre-show and the main show. The main show is about an hour and a half, which includes a minute intermission. During the break between the pre-show and the start, you can use the restroom and purchase food and merchandise.

You also have access to your seats immediately if you just want to rest or squeeze in a nap. However, you can take photos as they perform and interact. Keep in mind that you should pack light. Each venue is different but many including Madison Square Garden require you to check larger strollers.

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Let me know if you have any questions about the Sesame Street Live! Pre-Show experience for VIP clientele in the comments!

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Actually, Dance Moms first began using my music, without my awareness. I was only made aware initially by videos that "leaked" from the show onto YouTube, shortly before the season-four premiere in January.

Fans were uploading footage from their competitions, showing my songs "Birthday" and "Confession" within the context of the show. Ultimately, [Dance Moms] used eight of my songs this past season.

I was eventually able to meet Abby Lee Miller and all the ALDC dancers, which was kind of a thrill because I truly am in awe of these young girls' talent and their incredible work ethic. When I met Abby, she told me she'd been using my music for years, well before they had a reality show, in her school and for various competitions, including my song "Frost," which she first choreographed to a decade ago! So far, all of the music that has aired on the show has been music that I'd already released, selected for various dances by Abby and her team.

‘Dance Moms’ star Abby Lee Miller leaves prison, moves to halfway house

But without revealing too much, let's just say that composing something special for the show is something I would definitely embrace! How has being featured on television helped your career assuming it has?

I think the main way that these song placements on Dance Moms have helped me, honestly, has been in terms of my creative self-confidence. You'd think that this far along in my indie career, I'd feel ok most of the time, as an artist There have been moments in which I came very close to giving up all together even in spite of my passion for making and performing my own music.

The support that Abby Lee Miller and her show have expressed, simply by choosing my work to accompany their dances, has given me a very tangible boost in my self-confidence. I was a ballet dancer, well before I had a professional career in music. I've always had a pretty big hole in my spirit, since giving up my "other love. What about your music lends itself to dance? I used to think it was the pianistic arrangements, and the flow I feel when I play, but Dance Moms and some other dance schools around the country started using more aggressive, rocked-out tracks of mine, so now I'm not really sure!

They say, "Once a dancer, always a dancer," and if I have a glass of wine, I'm still known to pull out some moves. It's never remotely come up. I never made a conscious choice to do anything but be myself, as a person and as an artist.

It's all I know!