Diamonds are forever cast bambi and thumper meet

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diamonds are forever cast bambi and thumper meet

Casino Patron (uncredited). Bill Hutchinson Moon Crater Controller (uncredited ). Janos Kurucz Aide to Metz (uncredited). Lola Larson Bambi (uncredited). Bond Girls Home | Bond Villains Home | Bio | Pics & Clips Appear in: Diamonds Are Forever Actresses: Cast & Characters · Sean Connery How they met Bond: Anonymous, Why does Bambi and Thumper beat up James Bond?. The casting of year-old Monica Bellucci as the oldest ever Bond Their characters: Bambi and Thumper in Diamonds Are Forever ().

Armed frogmen would jump from the helicopters into the sea and attach limpet mines to the rig's legs this explains why frogmen appear on the movie's poster.

diamonds are forever cast bambi and thumper meet

Blofeld would have escaped in his BathoSub and Bond would have pursued him, hanging from a weather balloon. Permission was not granted by the owners of the salt mine. It also made the sequence too long.

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Further problems followed when the explosives set up for the finale were set off too early; fortunately, a handful of cameras were ready and able to capture the footage. To entice the actor to play Bond once more, United Artists offered to back two films of his choice. Since John Gavin was no longer in the running for the role, his contract was paid in full by United Artists.

This project was abandoned because Roman Polanski 's version of Macbeth was already in production. Kidd, after a Thelonious Monk Band show.

diamonds are forever cast bambi and thumper meet

Musician Paul Williams was originally cast as Mr. When he couldn't agree with the producers on compensation, Bruce Glover replaced him.

Glover said he was surprised at being chosen, because at first producers said he was too normal and that they wanted a deformed, Peter Lorre -like actor. Jimmy Dean was cast as Willard Whyte after Saltzman saw a presentation of him.

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Dean was very worried about playing a Howard Hughes pastichebecause he was an employee of Hughes at the Desert Inn. John had originally been offered the part of Plenty O'Toole, but landed the female lead after Sidney Korshakwho assisted the producers in filming in Las Vegas locations, recommended his client St.

John, [16] who became the first American Bond girl. Some time later, Broccoli told Thorson she was never cast in a Bond film because she didn't have long hair [18]. The additional scene was a rather last minute rewrite designed to include the character as the producers felt it important to incorporate the regular character and actress Lois Maxwell after her issue was resolved.

diamonds are forever cast bambi and thumper meet

Maxwell and Connery filmed their lines separately and were not present together for the short scene [20] [21] Filming[ edit ] Sean Connery during the filming in Amsterdam, 31 July Filming began on 5 Aprilwith the South African scenes actually shot in the desert near Las Vegas, and finished on 13 August The climactic oil rig sequence was shot off the shore of Oceanside, California. We shot every night, I caught all the shows and played golf all day. On the weekend I collapsed — boy, did I collapse.

Like a skull with legs.

Trina Parks: Thumper

The interiors were a set constructed at Pinewood Studios, where Ken Adam imitated the real building's lozenge -shaped stained glass window in its nave. During location filming, Adam visited several funeral homes in the Las Vegas area, the inspiration behind the gaudy design of the Slumber mortuary the use of tasteless Art Nouveau furniture and Tiffany lamps came from these experiences.

Built by custom car fabricator Dean Jeffries on a rear-engined Corvair chassis, it was capable of road speeds.

diamonds are forever cast bambi and thumper meet

The fibreglass tires had to be replaced during the chase sequence because the heat and irregular desert soil ruined them. The alleyway car roll sequence is actually filmed in two locations. It eventually inspired a continuity mistake, as the car enters the alley on the right side tires and exits the street driving on the left side. Bill Hickman Bullitt fame did this stunt; the hired stunt driver they had couldn't perform this and wrecked two or three cars.

The stunt team had only one automobile left so they called Hickman — who drove for hours to the location, jumped into the Mustang, and did the stunt in one take. Film crew members held a rope across the pool for her, with which she could lift her face out of the water to breathe between takes. Wint, and they were a definite low point for me in this film. This movie kind of bombs when it comes to racial representation, and it does it in the weirdest way. Most of the people of color in Diamonds Are Forever are background characters with no dialogue; however there are two instances of women of color — specifically Black women — in the film that left me feeling super uncomfortable because of how these women are definitely playing to weird and possibly racialized tropes.

A mad scientist gestures at a tall black woman standing still in the middle of a cage and rattles off so much junk about the process before the woman turns into a gorilla.

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She turns into a gorilla. Trina Parks, playing Thumper, the only Black woman in Diamonds to get any lines of dialogue not that her dialogue is particularly amazing, but okay…. This time, the animal connection is implicit rather than explicit: I also have major issues with how the female characters are portrayed in the film overall.

None of the women in the film are treated very well.

Bond Meets Bambi And Thumper (Remastered)

The shift in her character from someone capable of the coldness necessary to hide a body and smuggle diamonds to someone that barely knows which way the business end of a gun is comes as a shock. Even in death, the camera lingers on her curves as the most important parts of her.

No, the camera has to drift over her barely-dressed body as it floats underwater in a way that sexualizes her even in death. This is a quintessential Connery film and, I mean, he really owned the role. I like it a bit less after a week of watching it than I did when I started, but aside from that brief dip where I was sitting on the edge of my seat and waiting for Lazenby and Niven as breaks in the Connery-rut, I liked his James Bond.

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diamonds are forever cast bambi and thumper meet