Disney meet and greet breakfast near

10 Places to Dine With Characters Around Orlando

disney meet and greet breakfast near

Answer 1 of I have a colleague going to Disney in April, so about a month before I go. The Frozen characters have a meet and greet in Norway at Epcot. One of the things that many people want to include on Disney World trips is and transportation information on how to get to early breakfast reservations to help you . Pros: Interesting French food options, the only place to meet The Beast .. to do something nearby like stroll the beach, order a drink, explore the resort, etc. Learn how to make arrangements for Character Dining at Walt Disney World How do I make arrangements for Disney Character Dining? A. Parks & Tickets.

They stop by one at a time and continue to circulate the room for the entirety of your meal, although they only spend a minute or two at each table. The Advantages and Disadvantages of Character Dining There are several definite advantages to taking the time for a character meal. If you or your children are intent on meeting the characters and you were planning on a sit down meal or Table Service in Disney-speakyou can maximize your time by killing these two proverbial birds with one stone we at TouringPlans do not condone bird stoning.

Some of the specific character meals listed below are also in fantastic settings and a few have rarely seen characters as well.

disney meet and greet breakfast near

There are a couple of distinct disadvantages to the character meals though too. For one, they are not cheap.

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All of the character meals are fixed-price: While there are more expensive meals at Disney World, character dining is not the way to go if you are on a strict budget. Another disadvantage is the time commitment involved in character meals. If you have a lot to see, taking an hour or 90 minutes out of your day for a meal may not be ideal. One thing you should be aware of is that the overall food quality is not of the quality that you would expect for the price.

disney meet and greet breakfast near

During the delicious buffet, you can look forward to visits from Gru, Margo, Edith, Agnes and the Minions. You will also receive one free digital download photo when characters stop by your table. Discount Tickets to Universal Orlando Resort 8.

disney meet and greet breakfast near

During the Christmas season, the star of Dr. The Grinch stops at every table to pose for photos, but look out — in keeping with his selfish nature, the Green One has been known to steal bacon!

Character Dining

SeaWorld offers meals with aquatic creatures and timeless characters. First, Dine With Shamu is a family feast where you can see and learn about the park's beautiful whales.

disney meet and greet breakfast near

And at Sharks Underwater Grillyou'll get an incredible view of sharks while enjoying an upscale dining experience. Last but not least, Christmastime brings the opportunity to dine with Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer!

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Lunch With an Astronaut: Not all characters are fictional, as this out-of-this-world dining opportunity proves! Offered daily, this experience invites you to enjoy a chef-prepared buffet while an actual astronaut speaks about his or her time in space.

disney meet and greet breakfast near

You'll also be able to meet the astronaut, ask questions and pose for a photo. Stay Connected to Orlando!

Best Disney World Breakfasts!

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