How did lord and lady grantham meet

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how did lord and lady grantham meet

The Earl of Grantham: Robert, addressed as “Lord Grantham. When Lady Mary meets her distant cousin Matthew, she asks him and his mother to call she keeps her “Lady Catherine” style after marriage, as did her sister, Lady Anne Darcy. Martha has been instrumental in bringing Lord Grantham and Cora Levinson . What did Shirley Maclaine recently say about Maggie Smith. The series creator says Ohio-born Lady Grantham, played by take all that stuff for granted, and questioned it, as Cora did,” Fellowes said.

At the beginning of Series 1, we meet the pair amidst a rather serious family drama.

how did lord and lady grantham meet

As Cora reads about the sinking of The Titanic in The Lady magazine, Robert reveals the bad news that his cousins Patrick and James were on the passenger list and are now most likely to be dead. Believing her daughter, Mary, loves Patrick, Cora is extremely worried on her behalf; meanwhile, Robert is concerned that James and Patrick were the heirs to Downton Abbey so it is now unclear who the actual heir is.

how did lord and lady grantham meet

As women are not allowed to inherit the estate, Robert decides not to break the entailment and so the money and Downton Abbey will fall to Matthew Crawley — a distant relative. An awkward introduction ensues, with Cora attempting to welcome both Matthew and his mother Isobel to the household; but Robert is concerned and impresses upon the pair the importance of Matthew accepting the inheritance and the responsibility of running Downton Abbey.

Maintaining the Crawley family connection to Downton Abbey is of the utmost importance to Robert, as it was to his father. Thus, Robert is delighted when it seems that Mary and Matthew are considering marriage. Ever the doting mother, Cora always wants the best for her three daughters and continues to think of suitors for Mary, including Evelyn Napier. Consequently, it is during Series Two that Cora and Lord Grantham become characters in their own right.

Robert shows his deep held allegiance to the country in his dismay and guilt at not being allowed to serve on the front line in the First World War, while Cora takes charge of Downton Abbey as it is turned into convalescence home. Although separate in their roles and duties, the pair remains a strong team throughout, often maintaining a united voice on matters of the family even if one of the pair concede defeat to the other.

During the series, Matthew is seriously injured in battle and returns to Downton Abbey to recover. It is during this period — when Mary is helping him to recuperate — that Cora and Robert notice her love for him starts to blossom. Cora has always wanted them to marry and so the announcement of their engagement at the end of the series delights her no end. Meanwhile, Robert and Matthew have formed a firm friendship over Estate matters, and although Matthew is more forward-thinking than traditionalist Robert, he concedes defeat on a few occasions, maintaining equilibrium between the pair.

Jane Moorsum, a housemaid who came to work at Downton after Ethel Parks was forced to resign, develops feelings for Robert — which he returned — and the pair kiss.

I published this Downton prequel focusing on a young Cora and Robert on 4 August and, what do you know, Julian Fellowes announces a month later he is writing the very same story!

how did lord and lady grantham meet

The man is a plagiarist! Without further ado - here is the real deal. Read on for the true Downton Abbey prequel, while Julian is playing catchup! Martha has been instrumental in bringing Lord Grantham and Cora Levinson together.

What follows here is the story of how this unlikely pair got together, married and finally fell in love. Martha also had another more selfish motive in marrying off Cora. Martha saw an opportunity to marry her attractive and vivacious daughter Cora into the British aristocracy and so increase her own social standing in the US.

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The London visit provided a huge success with a whirlwind of parties, balls and other entertainment that soon took Cora and Martha's minds off their recent loss. Martha was delighted to see Cora positively glow in the company of so many new and interesting people. Over the course of the long weekend, Cora fell madly in love with Downton. She adored its history, the splendour of its accommodation and the magnificent grounds with so many lush green lawns, elaborate flower gardens, fine statues and intricate fountains.

She was also introduced to Robert the heir to Downton and the title of the Earl of Grantham. She had mixed impressions of Robert — in fact she liked him rather less than she liked his home, the Abbey.

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Yes, he was polite, charming and kind but Cora quickly detected what she saw as weaknesses in his character, in particular a lack of confidence and general stuffiness. She also noted a sense of duty and responsibility that so dominated his thinking that it seemed more important to him than his own happiness. However, Cora enjoyed his company as he showed her around the estate and delighted in gently teasing him about his English manners and embarrassing him over his adherence to tradition. It occurs to me that your family are always dressing up either for dinner or fox hunting.

Why not save time and keep your hunting clothes on and eat the fox for dinner? This annoyed her as she couldn't see a logical reason why. She was genuinely taken aback when she received a letter from him saying how much he had enjoyed her company at Downton and hoping that they might meet again in the future.

Downton Abbey's Lord and Lady Grantham to face dramatic life changes in final series

Martha was very excited by the letter and persuaded Cora to allow her to invite Robert to the family vacation retreat in Newport, Rhode Island. Not that I know why. We didn't exactly hit it off. It was also clear to everyone that Cora, in spite of her outspokenness, had won the heart of her English visitor. During his last week in Newport, Robert asked Cora to accompany him on a stroll through the gardens but she noted with interest his desire to get her well away from the house and prying eyes.

She laughed, assuming he was joking but the smile quickly faded from her lips when she saw how earnest he was and saw the glint of gold and diamond in the open box in his hand. I wouldn't know where to begin trying to run a place like Downton Abbey. You are exactly what Downton needs.