How did robert schumann and clara wieck meet

Robert and Clara Schumann: A Timeline

how did robert schumann and clara wieck meet

A timeline of events in the lives of Robert and Clara Schumann. His love for year-old Clara Wieck blossoming, breaks off the engagement; meets secretly in. In , Robert Schumann began study with Wieck, at which time he first met Clara. Clara did not write much in the early years of her marriage, though she did. The love story of Clara and Robert Schumann is a unique one in musical history. Clara Wieck was born on September 13th, , in Leipzig, Germany father started for her, reveals that she did not speak until the age of four. sounds and meet new people and because of this Clara grew up within the.

Everything you need to know about Clara Schumann 13 September To remember the female pianist and composer, and the profound impact she had on women in the music industry, here is everything you need to know. A talented pianist and composer Clara Schumann, born Clara Wieck, is considered to be one of the most talented and distinguished composer—pianists of the Romantic era.

Getty Images Starting young, she was a child prodigy.

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Her father made her practice for two hours a day alongside her daily piano, violin, singing, theory, harmony, composition and counterpoint lessons. Music in the family Picture: It was thanks to him that Clara studied music from such a young age. Trendsetter — Playing from memory Picture: Getty Images At the tender age of 13, Clara was one of the first pianists to perform from memory. This has now become standard practice for most professional pianists. Marriage to Robert Schumann Picture: Getty Images She met composer Robert Schumann when she was only eight years old.

Tours, often to Britain, often with Joachim[ edit ] Drawing of Clara, Clara first went to England in Aprilwhile Robert was still living but unable to travel.

Robert Schumann

She was invited to play in a London Philharmonic Society [23] concert by conductor William Sterndale Bennetta good friend of Robert's.

Wylde, who Clara said had "led a dreadful rehearsal" and "could not grasp the rhythm of the last movement. James's Hall, London, which opened inhosted a series of "Popular Concerts" of chamber music, of which programs from through are preserved. Most often on the same concert programmes would be second violinist Joseph Ries and violist J. George Bernard Shawthe leading playwright and also a music critic, wrote that the Popular Concerts helped greatly to spread and enlighten musical taste in England.

how did robert schumann and clara wieck meet

Saunders who managed all the arrangements. Clara was accompanied by her oldest daughter Marie, who wrote from Manchester to her friend Rosalie Leser that in Edinburgh Clara "was received with tempestuous applause and had to give an encore, so had Joachim.

Everything you need to know about Clara Schumann

Piatti, too, is always tremendously liked. Performance repertoire[ edit ] During her lifetime, Clara Schumann was an internationally renowned concert pianist.

Her only other piano concerto, a Konzersatz in F minorwas left unfinished.

how did robert schumann and clara wieck meet

Her busiest years as a performer were between andafter Robert Schumann's death. She ceased to play any of his works; she suppressed her husband's dedication to Liszt of his Fantasie in C major when she published Schumann's complete works, and she refused to attend a Beethoven centenary festival in Vienna in when she heard that Liszt and Richard Wagner would be participating. She wrote to Brahms, describing it as "a horrible piece". She was more impressed with Richard Strauss 's early Symphony in F minor in She gave some advice about the Adagio and he took it.

She wrote to him and expressed her appreciation, but mentioned her dissatisfaction with the ending of the third and fourth movements. She rested for eighteen months before returning to the concert stage in March Clara Schumann played her last public concert in Frankfurt on 12 March The last work she played was Brahms's Variations on a Theme by Haydnin the piano-duet version. Her partner was James Kwast.

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The Love Story of Clara Schumann

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. September Learn how and when to remove this template message Robert Schumann gave Clara Schumann a diary book on the day of their marriage. Robert Schumann wrote the first diary entry to indicate that this diary should act as an autobiography of the Schumann family's personal lives, especially for the Schumann couple, and their desires and accomplishments in the arts.

It also functioned as a record of Robert and Clara's artistic endeavors and growth; she fully accepted the diary in her many written entries. This diary resembled Clara Schumann's love for Robert with absolute loyalty, as a desire to combine two lives into one artistically, although this life-long goal may have contained risks.