How do marty mcfly and doc brown meet

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how do marty mcfly and doc brown meet

For example, how did Marty and Doc Brown meet? Marty McFly goes to the Twin Pines Mall, the back of Doc Brown's truck opens up, and the. Marty snuck into Doc's lab, and was fascinated by all the cool stuff that was there. when Doc Doesn't Doc Brown know Marty since birth?. Marty McFly and Doc Brown's Relationship Finally Explained there's one that's vexed fans most: How did Doc and Marty become such good friends? son looked just like that guy named Calvin Klein he met in high school.

The Back to the Future crew met with Goldberg again, who made a deal that Fox's main priority would be Family Ties, and if a scheduling conflict arose, "we win". Fox loved the script and was impressed by Zemeckis and Gale's sensitivity in releasing Stoltz, because they nevertheless "spoke very highly of him".

‘Back to the Future’: How Exactly Did Marty McFly and Doc Brown Meet? |

I even dreamed of becoming a rock star. Lloyd originally turned down the role, but changed his mind after reading the script and at the persistence of his wife. He improvised some of his scenes, [22] taking inspiration from Albert Einstein and conductor Leopold Stokowski. Zemeckis said Glover improvised much of George's nerdy mannerisms, such as his shaky hands. The director joked he was "endlessly throwing a net over Crispin because he was completely off about fifty percent of the time in his interpretation of the character".

Wilson was cast as Biff Tannen because the producers felt that the original choice, J. Cohenwasn't physically imposing enough to bully Stoltz. Had Fox been cast from the beginning, Cohen probably would have won the part because he was sufficiently taller than Fox. Hardin was dismissed before she had a chance to shoot a single scene and was replaced with Claudia Wells. He averaged five hours of sleep each night.

how do marty mcfly and doc brown meet

During Fridays, he shot from 10 pm to 6 or 7 am, and then moved on to film exterior scenes throughout the weekend, as only then was he available during daytime hours. Fox found it exhausting, but "it was my dream to be in the film and television business, although I didn't know I'd be in them simultaneously. It was just this weird ride and I got on. He recalled that because they shot night after night, he was always "half asleep" and the "fattest, most out-of-shape and sick I ever was".

Gale explained it would have been impossible to shoot on location "because no city is going to let a film crew remodel their town to look like it's in the s. Then we would just totally trash it down and make it all bleak and ugly for the s scenes.

Blacker Housewhile exteriors took place at Gamble House. But after a highly positive test screening "I'd never seen a preview like that," said Frank Marshall"the audience went up to the ceiling"Sheinberg chose to move the release date to July 3.

[360] "Back to the Future Experience" with Doc Brown, Marty McFly at MegaCon 2017

To make sure the film met this new date, two editors, Arthur Schmidt and Harry Keramidas, were assigned to the picture, while many sound editors worked hour shifts on the film.

Eight minutes were cut, including Marty watching his mom cheat during an exam, George getting stuck in a telephone booth before rescuing Lorraine, as well as much of Marty pretending to be Darth Vader. Zemeckis almost cut out the " Johnny B.

how do marty mcfly and doc brown meet

Goode " sequence as he felt it did not advance the story, but the preview audience loved it, so it was kept. Back to the Future: Zemeckis advised Silvestri to make his compositions grand and epic, despite the film's small scale, to impress Spielberg.

Silvestri began recording the score two weeks before the first preview. He also suggested Huey Lewis and the News create the theme song. Their first attempt was rejected by Universal, before they recorded " The Power of Love ". Fox lip-synched "Johnny B. On November 24,an authorized, limited-edition two-CD set of the entire score was released by Intrada Records.

Zemeckis was concerned the film would flop because Fox had to film a Family Ties special in London and was unable to promote the film. The other school believes that Marty's memories would not change, the reason being that, while time traveling, Marty was outside his timeline and thus not affected by any changes he made, other than physical ones.

There's an extension of the self-preservation theory that says the space-time continuum would naturally try to prevent paradoxes like these. It should be noted that Marty in the beginning of the film has a problem with sending the demo to a record company because of low self-confidence, as opposed to the ending of the film where a short scene shows him preparing the letter—just before he meets his siblings Dave and Linda at the breakfast table.

Why did Doc tape the letter back together? It seems odd that Doc would be so against having knowledge of the future, but then later piece together a letter he knows details future events. So why the change of heart? Doc did stuff the ripped letter back into his pocket so he obviously knew that it might contain important information. There are three ideas and the final answer may even be a hybrid of these: Notice how he many times he replays the part of the tape where his future self says, "They found me.

I don't know how they found me. Run for it Marty! Marty said, "He never stood up to Biff in his life! He must have realized at that point that since Marty had already altered the future, maybe changing the future isn't so bad as long as it's for the better. BTTF2 suggests that the answer is: At the end of BTTF1, when Marty re-enters in few minutes before Doc would be killed, we can see the "younger" self of Marty departing from Thus, his memories and experiences are very different from the Twin Pines Marty's ones.

So where did he end if in there's already one Marty operating, Twin Pines Marty?

‘Back to the Future’: How Exactly Did Marty McFly and Doc Brown Meet?

Finally, we must assume that at some point, maybe just moments before the very end of BTTF1 when Doc came from the future to "save Marty and Jennifer's kids", Twin Pines Marty disappeared and was replaced by Lone Pine Marty with a whole new set of memories. The Ripple Effect just caught up with him, so to speak. Why don't George and Lorraine recognize Marty as the guy who got them together in ?

For one thing, thirty years have passed since the time Marty spent in the past. Marty was only actually there for a week and he probably only spent several hours of time with George and Lorraine. True, he played a major role in their lives since he was the one who helped them get together, but they didn't actually spend a lot of time with him.

If they did notice the resemblance it's likely they chalked it up to coincidence, rather than assuming that their son, who they had known for his entire life, was the same man they had met earlier. Some suggest that George should have been suspicious that Marty might be the son of "Calvin Klein".

how do marty mcfly and doc brown meet

However, Marty is only about 17 years old in and it has been thirty years since George or Lorraine knew Calvin. In addition, George had neither reason nor instinct to ever believe that Marty wasn't his biological son, and in all the years that Marty's parents watched him grow, Marty might never have exhibited a behavior especially reminiscent of "Calvin Klein", which for otherwise leads us back to idea of assumptions of coincidence being made by the parents in their ignorance of time travel capability.

Why didn't George and Lorraine name their first son Marty? Lorraine said that she liked the name Marty, but that doesn't automatically mean that she intended to name any of her children that. Dave McFly could have been named after someone else, like George's dad who we never see or hear the name of or some other relative not mentioned in the films, or even a friend.

Maybe they just liked the name David more. It's also possible that they completely forgot about considering the name Marty until Marty was born. Was the "To Be Continued" title card on the original theatrical release? Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale initially did not intend to do a sequel, and the ending where Doc whisks Marty and Jennifer off to the future was meant as a joke. They have stated in interviews that if they'd really had plans for a sequel, they would have left Jennifer out of the final scene, since the character would only slow things down which is why Jennifer is so quickly "discarded" in the beginning of Part II.

However, when the original proved very successful and the studio announced that they were going to make a sequel anyway, Zemeckis and Gale preferred to be involved on their own terms. That was the first inkling most people had that there would be a sequel. This unexpected addition resulted in a great deal of speculation which, of course, turned out to be true.

If Marty never existed, how could he go back in time to erase himself? This is called the grandfather paradox, and there are several literary solutions to it. When Marty erases himself from existence, he creates a world where he was never born. His entire existence comes into being on the 5th of Novemberwhen he arrived in the past. When the erasure is complete, this is not really Marty, but just an echo of him, whose sole function is to erase him from existence.

So the timelines go: Marty is born, ; Marty goes back in time, Timeline B final timeline: Marty arrives out of nowhere in and erases himself from existence.