Httyd 2 valka and hiccup first meet

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httyd 2 valka and hiccup first meet

Valka is just the latest example of the Superfluous, Flimsy Character disguised as a Ironically, it's HTTYD 2's reframing and rejection of die-hard sexist After Hiccup's failed first and second attempts to try to find the villain Drago, and body interaction that wasn't a deliberate setup for a meet-cute?. He is the son of Valka and the late Hooligan chief, Stoick the Vast, thus years old in Race to the Edge and 20 years old in How to Train Your Dragon 2. At first, however, Hiccup is obsessed with proving himself to the rest of his tribe He meets Hiccup by the Edge's volcano and asks him to return the Dragon Eye. Notably, it's not the first time Astrid warns Hiccup as she told him to get down and out of In the Arena the next day, she meets with him before he goes inside, gently . In "Heather Report, Part 2", Hiccup wanted to shadow Astrid on her mission to the franchise who kiss beside Stoick and Valka and Snotlout and Minden.

Reuniting with Hiccup 20 years after her abduction, Valka and Cloudjumper encounter another rider on the back of a Night Furymistaking him for one of Drago's men or trappers. Using some of the other dragons that are flying with her, she captures the boy and brings him to a cave at the Sanctuary with the intent to interrogate him. Valka is intrigued by the boy's knowledge of dragons as he gently calms down her own dragons as they approach him.

One of her dragons brings in the Night Fury and she is amazed by how close the pair of them are. Valka approaches them both, pacifying the Night Fury in submission before she notices the small scar on the young man's chin. Valka realizes that it is Hiccup, the son she thought she would never see again, questioning how it is possible before revealing her identity to him.

Valka shows Hiccup all the things she's learned about the dragons, including the existence of the Bewilderbeast and her work protecting the dragons. She also reveals the truth of when she disappeared and helps both Hiccup and Toothless learn new skills to aid in their flying. Regretful for how she had not been there for him during his childhood, she asks her son for a chance to start over, a chance that Hiccup happily accepts.

However, despite her renewed relationship with Hiccup, she refuses to help him in his quest to find Drago. Later, Valka is reunited with Stoick and Gobber after the pair of them follow Hiccup in an attempt to bring him home. Expecting Stoick to be mad at her, Valka tries to justify her reasons for not returning home, that the people of Berk could not change and believing Hiccup would be better off without her.

But Stoick is only moved to see her again, which causes her to cry. While Valka is still initially uneasy to be around Stoick again, her uncertainty fades when he begins to sing a song from years before. Stoick asks Valka to come home, which she accepts. However, the family reunion is cut short when Drago and his army attack the Sanctuary. Valka, her family and the den's dragons join her to defend themselves against Drago and save the dragons under his capture.

She has a brief skirmish with Drago who reveals that he has a Bewilderbeast of his own. After Valka's Bewilderbeast is killed in the ensuing fight between the two dragons, Drago orders his Bewilderbeast to finish her but she is saved from death after Stoick intervenes. From afar, Valka watches as Drago forces Toothless to turn against Hiccup thanks to the Bewilderbeast and becomes heartbroken when Stoick sacrifices himself to save Hiccup from the dragon's fire.

Your dragon is mine now! Eret, Son of Eret[ edit ] [to Hiccup and Astrid] Dragon trapping is hard enough work without do-gooder dragon riders sneaking in to rescue them. Now let me return the favor.

httyd 2 valka and hiccup first meet

There isn't a dragon alive that I can't wrangle! Others[ edit ] Snotlout: Did I tell you that you look amazing today? Dialogue[ edit ] [During the Dragon Race, after Snotlout intentionally gives the Twins a sheep in an effort to impress Ruffnut] Astrid: Whatever she wants, she gets!

Didn't she try to bury you alive? Only for a few hours! Where have you been? Real question is, where have you been? Oh, you're gonna-- you're gonna love this. I wake up, the sun is shining, Terrible Terrors are singing on the rooftop. I saunter down to breakfast thinking all is right with the world and I get, [imitates Stoick] "Son, we need to talk.

I got a whole day of goofing off to get started! Okay, first of all, I-I don't sound like that. Who-- what is this character? A-and second, what is that thing you're doing with my shoulders?

Yeah, that's a truly flattering impersonation. And I couldn't be prouder. I'm pretty impressed with myself, too! And since no chief could ask for a better successor, I've decided--" Astrid: You're going to wear out the spring coil.

The calibration is very sensitive. This is what I'm dealing with. What'd you tell him? By the time he turned around I was gone. The map will have to wait, for sure, and I'll need to fly Toothless since you'll be too busy, but I-It's not me, Astrid. All those speeches and planning and running the village, that's his thing. I think you're missing the point. I'd be pretty excited.

I'm not like you. I know that I'm not my father, and I've never met my mother, so Astrid sits down beside him and starts braiding his hair] Astrid: What you're searching for isn't out there, Hiccup. After all these years?

How is this possible? You were only a babe.

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Wait just a minute! You can't just say something like that and run off! I mean, what the--?! Do you-- do you grasp how insane it sounds? Where have you been all this time? What-what have you been doing? But they-they said you were dead!

Everyone thinks you were eaten by-- [finally exits the cave, sees Valka's dragon sanctuary, and is overcome by its beauty] Hiccup: It's a bit much to get my head around, to be frank. It's not every day you find out your mother is some kind of At least I'm not boring. He might very well be the last of his kind. No wonder you get along so well! How did you manage to? This Raincutter had her wing sliced by razor netting. And this poor Hobblegrunt was blinded by a tree snare and then left to die alone and scared.

Did Drago or his trappers do this, too? Well, crazy thing is I'm actually the one who He got me back! You couldn't save all of me, could you?

httyd 2 valka and hiccup first meet

You just had to make it even. Oh, Cloudjumper never meant to harm me.

httyd 2 valka and hiccup first meet

One of the very few that still exist. Every nest has its queen, but this is the KING of all dragons. With his icy breath, this graceful giant built our nest, a safe haven for dragons everywhere. He's responsible for all that destruction?

We all live under his care and his command. I don't like it. They should have been back with Hiccup by now.

How To Train Your Dragon 2 - Hiccup meets the dragon thief (Valka)

I don't like it either. Dagur felt his anger swell up again before he could control it. The berserker looked between the two leaders, wondering how they would take the news he was about to deliver. Both Dagur and Heather gave him stunned looks before turning into horror. Berk and the Berserker tribe had a unique history together. Starting many years ago Oswald led the Berserkers into war against Berk. The Berk vikings were struggling enough with the dragons, but Stoick and Valka led their forces well into the fight and claimed victory.

The aftermath was even where Stoick asked Valka to marry him. They agreed to a treaty in which Oswald would visit Berk every year to renew the treaty.

Soon after the news of Valka's death reached them. Dagur was forced to attend the meetings every year. When he first met Hiccup, he never knew what to think.

On one hand he despised the fact that such a small weak individual could hold the same title as him. Yet he enjoyed having a 'friend' his age who could understand him.

httyd 2 valka and hiccup first meet

That was why he set out to make Hiccup become stronger so he would be worthy of being Dagur's friend. Yet every year the boy disappointed his expectations. It wasn't until they were fifteen when he heard about Hiccup Killing the Red Death that he thought maybe Hiccup could be strong after all. Then the betrayal happened. Hiccup lied to him and threw away his offered friendship. Yet three years later Dagur had come around to seeing things differently. He cared about Hiccup and Heather.

Heather was his sister by blood and Hiccup was his sworn brother. He would do anything for either of them, including die as he had already demonstrated once. Dagur liked the other viking kids too. Astrid was nice and he respected Snotlout's strength, while it was fun to mess with him. Fishlegs was much better than he ever gave the boy credit for and while the twins were insane, there was nothing wrong with a little insanity. He had even come around to respecting Stoick as a leader.

For Heather it was a little different. She had actually lived with Hiccup and the others many times. She had come to share Dagur's feelings of sibilingship with Hiccup, also seeing him as her brother. Astrid was her best and closest friend. Her and the blonde viking were nearly inseparable when they were together. She viewed Astrid as the sister she never got to have. Then there was Fishlegs.

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She cared very much about him and for a while it seemed like they might work out in a relationship. But not everything ever does and sadly they found the two of them just would not be able to be together. They were still close friends however. Snotlout and the twins were also good friends to her, and she respected Stoick and Gobber for their leadership abilities. To both the siblings it was a horrifying idea to imagine anything could have happened to any of them.

Dagur had a hard time staying in full control on his best days, but he couldn't manage it at all sometimes, especially if it involved Heather or Hiccup. The island is intact but the village was destroyed. Stoick the Vast did not make it and Chief Hiccup The captain nodded as he watched the two leave. They ran to the dragon stables where Shattermaster, Sleuther, and Windshear were waiting.

Dagur looked between his two dragons. He loved both of them very much, but he couldn't bring Shattermaster along with him this time.

He was so slow, and right now speed was of the essence. Can you be a good boy and watch over the island for me? Realizing something had to be seriously wrong, the gronkle nodded.

Dagur pet his head in thanks before climbing on Sleuther's back. Heather immeditaly climbed on Windshear. The dragons took to the sky, Daugr and Heather watching the horizon in front of them.

Dagur knew how much Stoick meant to Hiccup. If he was dead, Hiccup was probably not fine. Sure he had Toothless, but there were somethings that only a human could help with. Dagur wanted to be there to help him. Heather wanted to offer her support as well, but she was also concerned about Astrid.

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This man was supposed to be her father in law. Both of them silently cursed the distance between the two islands. The recent trip to Nepenthe was over and now peace was established with Mikkel. Now he wanted to focus a little more on restoring the village to the way it was. He knew he would have to inform their allies of his new status, but he didn't want to at the moment. Doing that meant his father really was gone and he was now in his place. Aside of Berk's own alliances, Hiccup had his own alliances that he figured he should inform.

Hiccup waved it aside. Astrid sighed as if she was used to this but still annoyed by it. She looked like she wanted to say something, but was interrupted by a new arrival.