Jls dj set meet and greet 2013 nissan

jls dj set meet and greet 2013 nissan

Issue 25 • May 1st yogaua.info A blue plaque was unveiled and the ceremony also served as the official launch of a set of stamps . Tickets are available at a standard price of £35 with a VIP package of £ Unders 18s disco and live music night featuring Full Moon Fallout, The Same and DJ Cuthy. Israeli Yellow vented-White Spectacled Bulbul (a common sight where I live) which is a fictional, mystical paradise set in the mountains – it fits! . dating and marriage; Mikveh Tour Guide; proud mother of 6 AMAZING kids;. Results 1 - 30 of VIP SALES PROFESSIONAL. Employee Rating is a new feature allowing consumers to rate their experience with individual dealership.

The synagogues in Alon Shevut. Gush Etzion is a favorite destination in Israel for snow seekers. In one little country you have it all, from desert to snow. Mini Israel is one of a kind! I just love the name Shangri-La which is a fictional, mystical paradise set in the mountains — it fits!

Israel is one of the only places in the world where religious women and men can swim freely, in any kind of costume! One of the amazing things about living in Israel, is that the seasons and the agriculture revolve around the Festivals of the year.

Sukkot is one of the busiest and most exciting times to visit the Kotel. The sight of everyone shaking their Lulav and Etrog is awe-inspiring! If one is open to it, one can see and feel God in many ways and in many places in Israel. When I looked out of my back window, God sent me this. I call it a love letter.

This photo, as with all of my photos, is totally untouched — no Photoshop here. I guess God really loves me, and all of you too!

Calaméo - Spark Magazine : Issue 11 : Summer

Again, no Photoshop here. Israel is one of the best bird-watching spots in the world, both because of its vast amount of resident species and the millions of migrating birds passing through. Cherry blossoms in my backyard. Gush Etzion is known for its cherries there is a cherry festival every year in Rosh Tzurimand they are always perfectly ripe just in time for cherry cheesecake on Shavuot!

Snow is also really good for cherries, which is why we have both in Gush Etzion. The monument in this picture rests over the hole going into the cave, and if you bend down to smell the hole which everyone, including myself, was doing you can actually smell a beautiful smell! The graves of Isaac and Rebecca are only open to Jews a handful of times on certain Holidays during the year. This Passover was my first time there in 32 years! Just a regular day on the road.

Cows on their way to the dairy farm in Migdal Oz, with me driving right behind them. Goats walk along the road from Oz VeGaon. The Negev Mountains Nature Reserve. The terrain in Israel changes drastically in just a short ride, and each mountain range has its own character. This was taken on Derech Avot the path that our Forefathers Abraham, Isaac and Jacob walkedand you can see the rebuilt city of Beitar in the distance. The Beitar fortress, whose ruins lie next to the modern day city, was the last standing Jewish fortress in the Bar Kochba revolt of the 2nd century CE.

The Jerusalem Talmud states that the Romans murdered so many Jews in Beitar, that the Roman horses were submerged in blood up to their nostrils. But we survived against all the odds, and here we are today, with a modern Beitar that boasts a population of 52,!

One of the things that seems to happen is that you end up in like a takeaway shop really, really late, and you have those like… strength machines? Did they introduce them cause they thought that they would take their aggression out on that and then not fight?

Because it just makes them more competitive about fighting in a takeaway. Was it always what you wanted to do, or when did you sort of realise that you wanted to be musicians?

There was a point though, when I went to university and I stopped playing, that I wanted to be a painter. There are still things that I wanna be. Dan and Micky took some time out to talk to Spark about their latest EP, the tour and plans for the future. We kind of made the track just like complete vocals, so that was really fun to make.

You have an army of fans. It must be great to have that kind of support behind you? What made you guys want to audition for The X Factor?

70 shots for 70 years -- My unaltered photos of beautiful Israel | Sara Krengel | The Blogs

What kind of music can we expect to hear on there? Okay, the complete opposite of what we did on The X Factor. Do you have a favourite track on there? To be honest, I quite like all of them but we did a song called Dead To Me. Do you guys have any plans for the rest of the year? Promoting the EP will be our main focus. Slip is about when you have that partner who, for example when they first started out, opened the doors for you, laughs maybe not that dramatic, but more caring and more generous towards you and they kind of get a little bit too comfortable and then they let it all slip.

So we had a crisis meeting with our management and decided to hold back the release. It actually started out when we performed it acoustically and we posted it online and it got a lot of positive reactions from people. It was just something that we felt should have solely stayed as something online or at gigs. Are they really the divas the press make them out to be? We were touring non-stop in a different country; it was a different experience for all of us. We got to live the tour life and it was incredible.

She told us that she loved us and she loved our style. The line-up is brilliant, who are you looking forward to seeing the most? What are your plans for the rest of the year? Will there be a tour to coincide with the album? Not even a debut album that, astoundingly, snatched the top spot in the charts could save the Boro boys from the inevitable death-by-musical-diarrhoea that awaited them. Paul was a surefire hit with the ladies, on account of his glorious chest hair, intense stare, and sexily unconvincing wig.

A multiinstrumentalist, philanthropist and all-around good egg, Sting is perhaps best known for three things; The Police, singing on fellow Geordies! Because nothing says North East like a screeching bloke in a flat cap! When Johnson joined the band following the death of previous frontman Bon Scott at years-old, he was jettisoned from the sweaty dives of the UK to sweaty dives across the world. Tucked away where the Tyne meets the sea, its residents are often linked to larger neighbours Newcastle or Sunderland, yet this coastal town has a lot to offer, and a deep history behind it.

Emma Howe and Nic Wright, of music PR-cum-events company Kittle, who are from the town, decided that now was the time to showcase the musical talent to come out of this part of the north east.

Last month, they announced the launch of the first ever Bernicia Festival, a unique event to be held at the Customs House on August 4. We chose the name Bernicia because we wanted something that represented South Shields. It was the Viking name for Shields - a massive part of our heritage, a nod towards the history of the place, which we liked. We programmed Bernicia on the strength of the music. There are loads of artists from Shields who get bypassed.

A lot of the bands are trying to get established and build followers. We want to attract a new crowd, build a new generation of music lovers. Beamish Wild was filled with Spark nerves as six Sparkies traversed the high ropes course as the final test of skill in the Zip Wire Challenge. With treetop trails and over 25 suspenseful elements to the course, Beamish Wild proved the perfect final installment to decide who would take the rather more daunting leap off Wearmouth Bridge.

jls dj set meet and greet 2013 nissan

Alex Tocu, site manager at Beamish Wild, was only too happy to have his highwire course descended on by six adrenaline junkies. For more information, visit www. To enter simply answer the following question: What rock are the stones used for a hot stone massage made from? Flint Email your name, telephone number, preferred prize, and answer to competitions sparkmag.

Terms and conditions apply, available online at sparksunderland. With warm water heated basalt stones this full body massage is designed for pure relaxation and tension release. You will be fully clothed. The practitioner places her hands on your face, head and body in a sequence of non-intrusive, traditional positions. No massage takes place.

You may experience sensations of warmth, coolness, mild tingling or nothing at all. Mere Knolls Road, Roker 4 treatments to give away! Here s a few tips. It means leaving behind the days of cram-revising for those dreaded final exams. It means reminiscing about the all-nighters pulled, as you rushed to finish those essays that you planned to write two weeks ago, before getting distracted by the latest episode of How I Met Your Mother. Here are some tips on choosing the perfect graduation outfit: Today is not the day to sleep in and skip the shower.

Your shoes are the only part of your outfit that people will be able to see, so make sure you choose fabulous, but comfortable, footwear. And remember to break in those new shoes first! As for earrings, graduation caps can be a hindrance, so stick to classy studs or small danglies. The answer is yes, and keep reading to find out how. I can imagine it now: No trousers, skirts, or shorts. Dainty patterns in pastel colours were combined with lace at Erdem as part of a particularly feminine collection and variations, in darker colours, were seen at Preen.

Try the trend for yourself. A snakeskin printed dress — the length is negotiable — can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Wear it with a pair of ankle boots for daytime or throw on some heels and add a simple clutch for a night out. White dresses have long been a summer staple, but is the year to go all out.

The fashion houses took two di erent approaches to the trend; DKNY kept things simple while Ports used texture — namely, lace — in place of colour to keep things interesting. Trainers — perfect for the concrete catwalks of Sunderland — were the choice of footwear at Ashish and DKNY, while American football jersey style tunics were seen on the models at Alexander Wang.

You could try pairing tracksuit-bottominspired trousers with a shirt and heels, or swap your usual blazer for a bomber jacket. This year, Sunderland celebrates 40 years since that one fine day in May when eleven Wearside heroes felled the great and mighty Leeds at the home of English football. Pablo Picasso has just died — as has Bruce Lee — the maximum legal price for a pint of milk is 5p and VAT is being inflicted upon the British people for the very first time.

All the while, the FA Cup is enjoying its halcyon days. Back then the Football Association Challenge Cup meant something intrinsic to the nation. No, this was more of a national holiday; a day for the whole of England to gather round their ancient television sets, don silly hats and put up bunting. Come 3pm, everyone in the country had the best seat in the house. Advancing to the latter rounds against the odds, Sunderland met Arsenal at Hillsborough in the semis.

The scene was set. This was to be the David vs. No Second Division club had won the Cup in 42 years and while Leeds had ten international players in their starting line-up, Sunderland had none. The match began not in the resplendent May sunshine so often associated with Cup final day, but with heavy rain, causing the perfect Wembley turf to turn a slippery greasy slick. Then, on 31 minutes, the first of two iconic moments arrived. Sunderland won a corner. Billy Hughes ran over to take the set piece and lofted a cross high into the danger zone.

Porterfield controlled a cushioned header from Vic Halom and had the ball in acres of space. What he did next sealed his place in history. Porterfield hit the ball with such thrust that to this day the swing of his boot still reverberates through the fabric of Mackem folklore. It was a shot heard round the country.

Against all the odds, the Second Division club had scored. Having asserted their dominance in the game once more, Leeds were on top and pressing hard for the equaliser that would have surely swung the tie in their favour. In another wave of attack, Paul Reaney swung in an ominously looking deep cross towards the Sunderland goal, which Trevor Cherry headed goal bound. Montgomery dived low to make a phenomenal reflex stop, diverting the ball away towards the far post where Peter Lorimer stood waiting.

70 shots for 70 years — My unaltered photos of beautiful Israel

It was Peter Lorimer, Leeds and Scotland legend, stood six yards out with the goal at his mercy. It had to be. Regardless, Montgomery darted across and deflected the ball onto the underside of the bar. Stokoe leapt off the bench and made a beeline straight for his goalkeeper who had kept Leeds at bay not just in that one moment of implausible shotstopping, but all throughout the match and the run to the final that preceded it.

This is due to the sheer size of the country Australia is more than 31 times the size of the UK. There are just nine Universities in Victoria and only six in Melbourne so the university sports teams compete in local leagues on weekends against independent amateur and semiprofessional club sides. What this also means is the teams are open to all — not just students at the university. I found this out when I turned up to a training session at the La Trobe University Cricket Club and was greeted — to my surprise — by men in their 30s and 40s.

The city is a beautiful place and La Trobe itself is situated in the suburb of Bundoora, in the north of Melbourne, and its campus caters for around 22, students on a 1. Yes, at times there genuinely were kangaroos hopping around campus! It was, of course, the sport!

Well, maybe the attractive lifestyle and women as well, but it was mainly the sport. Anyway, I found the city to be an amazing place for sports fans. It was here I learnt the basics, along with a few other complete novices. I also tried my hand at surfing. University sport in Australia is very different to university sport in England. These are competitions where all universities come together for a week of competition similar to a mini Olympics. I was one of six English people at Chisholm four of whom were from UoSalthough, oddly, many mistook me for being Danish!

I lived in a flat with seven Australians, one French girl, one English girl from Bournemouth, one Welsh-Australian and one Vietnamese guy.

I played up-front for a very internationally diverse Chisholm team that featured a former Luxembourg Under international. We won the tournament on goal difference after some very hotly contested matches. I also played on the wing for the touch-rugby team and was named Player of the Season at the end of year awards dinner, as I ended up being the leading try scorer. I was able to add these events to a list I started back inwhen I saw an England v Australia rugby league match in Melbourne and managed to catch a glimpse of one of my favourite footballers, Robbie Fowler, as he turned out for Perth Glory.

I also managed to go to three days of the Ashes in Melbourne and Perth — not bad at all, really. I have also been lucky enough to attend the Aussie equivalent of the Grand National, the Melbourne Cup, on two occasions.

I say rub shoulders — they were in the VIP areas while I had to make do in the general admission enclosure! Despite being completely committed to my Sports Journalism degree — obviously — not all my time in Australia was spent studying.

Not exactly painting the best picture here, am I? The numberS of those choosing to go self-employed are on the up, having risen to the current total from 3. The government seem keen to further encourage growth in this area, and in Septemberbusiness secretary Vince Cable announced the Startup Loans scheme, for young entrepreneurs aged between 18 and Vince Robson is business development manager at The Enterprise Place, a business incubation unit based within the University of Sunderland.

The service offers free business advice and support to those looking to get started. People pitch their idea, and we look to see if we can offer something of value to help them on their way.

The Enterprise Place also runs the Blueprint competition, giving monthly winners a cash prize to develop their business idea, after submitting their business plan. In fact, with so many routes to turn to — you may wonder exactly where to start. Who has to fix it? But the good reasons for being self-employed far outweigh the pitfalls.

jls dj set meet and greet 2013 nissan

Dealing with great clients that see the benefit from your work gives you real job satisfaction. Build up a bit of a savings buffer, or take out a start-up loan, and give it a go.

The Philippines-born fashion designer founded her own readyto-wear clothing line, Coexist, injust before she graduated from university. Her blog, Camille Tries to Blog, was born in and led to her being chosen as a brand ambassador for various labels. For many, life-long dreams start from an early age. In an interview with Lookbook. On the topic of the difficulties of her business, she considers getting her own team, who are both loyal and competent, as one of the most challenging experiences so far, since the birth of Coexist.

I viewed it as a business. I realised I can actually make a career out of my passion, so I went ahead and did it. Its aim is to provide support to DJs, artists and producers to help them succeed. I recently met up with part of the SpinStart team: They were both very enthusiastic about their new business and were excited to tell me all about it and their plans for the future.

The inspiration for the name SpinStart was to help represent what they are aiming to achieve with their business. It took them just over a month, as they knew what they wanted and where they were going. But, fingers crossed, nothing has gone wrong yet.

jls dj set meet and greet 2013 nissan

SpinStart are trying to expand the business at the moment and are hoping to go to Ibiza in July. Their other aim is to try and get some wellknown DJs for the summer. They tried to get Annie Mac but, unfortunately, she is on maternity leave. It is free entry all night and SpinStart provides great music. They are also working in partnership with Vertigo Festival in Italy.

Jason Moss, 19, the event manager at SpinStart, said: I am very excited for the future. The world is your oyster and there is freedom in the air. Here are 5 fantastic suggestions of ways you can have a blast around lessons at uni, during those sunny summer days.

jls dj set meet and greet 2013 nissan

Youcanlook into the finance of it all later. Sowhynotpickupthosebooks, grab your sun glasses and head out into the sunshine.