Lady gaga meet and greet art rave

My backstage experience, artRAVE Denver - artRAVE: the ARTPOP Ball - Gaga Daily

Lady Gaga's artRave After-show Meet & Greet with Lady Gaga at the concert venue with beverages One top price seated ticket to see Lady Gaga in concert. The "artRave" is the name of the "ARTPOP" launch party held in the Navy Yard located in Brooklyn on November 10, Lady Gaga talked about the VOLANTIS created by TechHaus and Studio XO. Meet and greet (November 11, ). ArtRave (stylized as artRAVE) was a two-day event hosted by Lady Gaga from November For the concert tour, see ArtRave: The Artpop Ball. Gaga recruited artist Jeff Koons for the project in early ; the two had met previously at a.

I immediately went to the main stage and there was only one row of people in front of me but I was basically at the barricade and could hold onto if it I wanted to.

It was an amazing view. If you want to go there, don't worry: We were all dying during the opening acts but when Gaga came on the stage everyone went crazy. Seeing her that much closer to me was such an amazing feeling. She looked straight at me and smiled during Just Dance.

lady gaga meet and greet art rave

As the show went on I completely forgot about the beanie baby with the letter in my purse until I realized the opportunity was right after Aura so I took out the monkey and waited for others to start throwing it first and when I did threw it I couldn't see where it went.

It landed in a pile with a lot of others in front of the couch but I thought it went under it. She read another girls letter my mind is drawing a blank on the name rn oh my god and she was right next to me and so happy. We were all hugging each other, crying, and congratulating her and at that point I didn't even realize she had picked up my monkey with the letter attached because we were all so excited for her.

As soon as I realized the letter was mine I started flipping out and so did everyone else: I couldn't even focus on what she was saying but she asked me if I wanted to go backstage after the show and all I could really do was nod my head yes while crying and holding my mouth.

It was so surreal. Getting backstage was a nice goal and all and if it happened it happened but it wasn't really my main goal, you know?

Lady Gaga presents: artRAVE Live from Paris, Bercy FULL DVD

Enjoying the show and being in the moment was my main priority. Gaga reading my letter was so unexpected because I honestly didn't think she would ever end up reading it.

lady gaga meet and greet art rave

One of the coordinators was behind the barricade his name was Bruno and while I was still crying he told me to wait for him back at the end of GA at the end of the show, that his name was Bruno, and that I could bring one friend all while I was still crying and I had to ask him to repeat it like three times because I was a mess.

How anyone expects you to pay attention to the rest of the show after that happens is beyond me. I remember texting my dad that I got backstage and then my friend on Twitter who was also at the show in GA and told her that I could bring one friend backstage. I asked her to go back with me because we were both wishing each other luck before the show and she really deserved to go backstage.

We never met before that night but I've definitely made a great new friend.

lady gaga meet and greet art rave

Once Gypsy ended and she said good night to the crowd now was the time to find my friend Kristine who was also freaking out that she was going backstage with me. The ones who paid would do their Q and A session and we would get to go for pics and a quick word with her. I didnt care because I was like Like oh my god it was like seeing an angel.

She radiated this really natural sense of beauty and was wearing the brown wig from the pic she posted of her on her bus on instagram from the night before she checked in. We sat down on the floor infront of her because all the seats were taken this worked out better because we were the closest to her.

We only missed about 5 minutes where she brought in Asia and everyone got to meet her but we got to meet her anyway outside so we really didn't miss much.

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She was talking about dope when we walked in and how it used to make her really sad and she didn't want to look at that time in her life but now she thinks of her fans when she sings it which is why she added it to the setlist. She talked about a lot of personal stories which out of respect for her I wont share BUT I will tell all the info she said. There will be a tour for Check to Check.

You should have seen how she lit up when she started talking about it. She talked a lot about the album ARTPOP and about its philosophy and she said she didnt get why it went over so many peoples heads.

Lady Gaga is an incredible artist and we hope to work together in the future. TechHaus Volantis Gaga hosted a press conference, where she introduced Volantisa battery-powered vehicle described as "the world's first flying dress.

The column also houses the batteries and other equipment.

Lady Gaga's (And Her Fans') Most Ridiculous Outfits From Her New ArtRAVE Tour

Six lifting fan units are mounted on booms in a hexagonal formation radiating from the top of the column, giving the device the ability to hover three feet above the ground. We invite you into our creative process during her initial stages of lift off. Then it did the same thing, backwards. The singer also announced plans to stage the first musical performance from space, [16] following previous reports about her singing at Zero G Colony, a music festival scheduled to occur at Spaceport America in New Mexico in If Vevo does not work in your territory, fear not, we're posting video.

Kelly 's vocals from the latter song were supplied by a backing track.


The stage and the performers' costumes were solid white. Gaga wore a "clown-like" white mask with black-and-white buoys. The CW aired a television special with footage from the album release party on November