Luke bryan meet and greet pictures ideas

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luke bryan meet and greet pictures ideas

Dec 28, Explore sierra's board "Luke Bryan's family pictures" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Luke bryans, Caroline bryan and Country Music. Luke Bryan social feed and fan photos. Powered by TwineSocial. All; @ LukeBryan; #WhatMakesYouCountryTour. @LukeBryan. Upload Photo. I know the VIP photos are with “select”dancers (3 Pro's and the Celeb guest star) at each city but, many fans have .. Luke Bryan has a very good VIP program.

He was very nice and personable and walked around to be sure everyone was having a good time. After the set I headed to my seats to see the mess that was made by not following the seating that was sold to us at the point of purchase.

I ended up with what was supposed to be a 3rd row seat in Section 2 Center Section when the tickets were purchased Section 2 Row G was actually front row with the Grey stage in front of it and then the pit on either side.

And Row J was 3rd row. Since the venue was not set up the way they sold the tickets it was more like row 7 or 8 which was disappointing. I also had the person behind me steal my cup VIP giveaway out from under the seat. Luke truly brought the FUN tonight and we had a good ole Hurricane party! Luke is by far one of the absolute best live performers out there and truly deserves that Entertainer of the Year the title.

He is even more engaging and fun than others that have held the title before him. He played all of his hits and made everyone forget about the rain and wind happening around us.

luke bryan meet and greet pictures ideas

Dustin Lynch and Little Big Town were also absolutely amazing opening performers as well. Hoping CID Entertainment will mail me one.

I also let him know about the seating issue. Dustin Lynch is a complete sweetheart. It was so nice to meet him and I will say the photos were posted quickly. Now after seeing the seating issue on Friday night, I started calling Live Nation, and the venue early Saturday in hopes that they would correct the layout and in turn give us what we were sold.

I got absolutely no where other than being passed around, everyone pointing the fingers at each other and nobody wanting to do anything.

luke bryan meet and greet pictures ideas

You cannot sell a front row ticket which clearly showed on a map a grey stage in front and the pit on the right and left and then turn around and change it, not notify the customers and then do absolutely nothing about it. I would have bought pit if I knew they were not going to arrange it as sold and it would have saved me money.

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Every single person in the front row with me was furious because we ALL purchased the tickets seeing the same map. The lighting was tough where they were standing so I would suggest using flash when you have your photos taken if the lighting is tough.

luke bryan meet and greet pictures ideas

You do have to leave your purse, bags and anything else on you at the table and you cannot ask for autographs etc. This year too it was one professional photo taken by VIP Nation host, no selfie options in the main photo. They did have a GIF area this time.

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After the photos were done and the dancers all left to get ready for the show you could go to the merchandise stand and do some crowd free shopping which was also nice. Please note on the pics: If I could change one thing in the VIP world it would be that the photos were up in hours as that is the ONE thing the fans want to see more than anything but, the tour just started so we will see if the speed improves.

I have done 3 more shows since opening night and I am happy to report that the host is now checking the photos before you walk away to be sure eyes are open. I was much happier with my photo from the Verona show and the Mohegan shows. I did want to mention though because it was brought to my attention that the fans in Boston will not be receiving their photos.

luke bryan meet and greet pictures ideas

I know so many of you follow this page and I just wanted to say that I am so sorry to hear that happened to you. In all my years of doing VIP I never heard of that happening to an entire city. I know on one hand you have the memory of meeting them but, I also totally understand how disappointed you are not having the photo memory. You will see everyone from dressed down to wearing beautiful dresses and everything in between.

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I will be doing another blog on the show itself after my next one. Very minimal crowd interaction this time, only Alan goes out for less than a minute to start off a in the crowd. That was disappointing because fans love that so much. More to come in a few weeks. Suggestions for Tour Management: This is something I have been thinking about. I have heard many voice their displeasure at paying several hundred dollars but not getting a pic with their favorite.