Meet and greet ozzy argentina

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meet and greet ozzy argentina

Wednesday 29 May Megadeth with Ozzy Osbourne .. I had the best time, I just wish I had the money to meet the band. I did get to meet the Drummer from. VIP Packages for Ozzy Osbourne's No More Tours II with special guests Judas Priest are on sale now across Official Ozzy Osbourne Meet & Greet Laminate. Metal legend Ozzy Osbourne has announced his final solo tour, which will take him around the world, with dates into 5/11, Buenos Aires, Argentina — TBA 5/13, São 6/24, Dessel, Belgium —Graspop Metal Meeting.

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We cannot promise that an acquiring party or the merged entity will have the same privacy practices or treat your information the same as described in this Privacy Policy. We take commercially reasonable physical, electronic and administrative steps to maintain the security of the information collected. It will sure feel strange to be home because I haven't really been there since July. My kids met me at the airport. It was sure great to see them. It was great to be home!

I got up early and played with my dogs. I also rode my motorbike. By early evening my jetlag had caught up with me and I was fast asleep on the couch in front of the TV. I had a real fun time with my kids. Afterwards the kids went off to school and I was off to do press. About people are coming and I've arranged a huge fireworks display for everyone. The party was great. Everyone was cool and seemed to be having a good time. I didn't get to bed until 2: We're in Ipswich tonight and I must say I was in shock when I went on stage as the audience sat down in their seats the entire show.

They were so fucking polite! I don't think I've ever seen such a polite bunch in my life. It was really scary. At the end of the show Randy was having trouble with his arm.

He came home with me after the show. Unfortunately, there's no possible way to re-schedule the show as the theatre is booked up through the end of the year. Of course when we arrived the sky was gray and it was raining. Just another typical day in Birmingham! It was really cool to go back home again.

One of the news crew's took me back to the home where I grew up and to my old school. I even sat down in my old classroom. The show was great and the crowd was unbelievable. Im sure glad they were as it was my old hometown being that Wolverhampton is so close to Birmingham. They didn't disappoint me and I love them. After the show we drove back home. When I go home after a show it actually feels like I have a proper job, because I'm coming home every night.

The band was really on tonight and the crowd was amazing as usual. After the show we drove up to Manchester. On the drive the fog was so thick that the journey took 4 hours. Everyone was shiting themselves the whole way. It was the first day we had spent any time together in months and I thought we were set for a romantic evening together.

meet and greet ozzy argentina

But it was not meant to be, instead we both just fell asleep. When we arrived we found that the entire town was already decorated for Christmas.

It was pretty cool. The show tonight was fantastic! All the shows on this tour are bringing back great memories for me as these were the same venues I played on some of the early tours with Randy Rhoads and I haven't done them since After the show I did a quick photo shoot for Metal Hammer.

I didn't feel great and nothing seemed to be going right. I'm really depressed after the show because I felt my voice was crap tonight. I gave it all I had. We drove back home after the show. He said the same old line We were able to re-schedule it on 20 December.

They were having their "15th Annual Holiday Food Drive" and they asked me to call in to help encourage the listeners to donate food.

I got into the spirit and ended up throwing in a few dollars myself to help out. It put me in a better mood. I ve always found this to be a weird place, but I could neverquite make out why. I don t really like the venue.

I ve been playing it for years, but I never feltcomfortable here. As it happens this was one of the best shows of the tour thusfar. The band was on tonight and I had a great time.

Zakk Wylde greets fans while departing dinner with Ozzy Ozzy Osbourne at Craigs LA

I flew home to England after the show with the whole band. It s my birthday. The kids woke me up early with my presents andcards. In fact, it was still dark outside, that s how early it was! I would like tothank all of you for all the great birthday cards I received this year. I was reallytouched by all of them. It means a lot to me. The band are coming over to the house this evening for a birthday party that mywife arranged. They all got together and had a solid gold thumb ring made for mybirthday.

It is now my new favorite piece of jewelry. It was a great birthday justspending it will all my family and friends. I have a wicked pain in mychest and I can t seem to take in enough air to fill my lungs. We called a doctorto the house and he tells me I ve got bronchitis again! So he shoots me full ofantibiotics and B and orders me back to bed.

I feel bad about canceling theshow, but my agent is able to reschedule it at the end of the tour. I still feel like shit! He tells me it s not helping me that I smoke 60 cigarettes a day. I did manage todo a couple of phone interviews and then moped around the house all day.

Phone interview with Nashville Radio Station. When I arrived I went straight to thehotel for a radio interview. It s good to be back with the guys again. I had some sound problems on stagetonight. I couldn t hear anything the band were playing, but I sure heard theaudience. In-person interview with Energy Sachsen Radio Interviewer: We re playing the Stadhalle in Offenbach tonight. By this timeof the tour, I m dreaming of sunshine.

It s fucking freezing wherever I go! Hadinterviews, a press conference and a photo session scheduled upon my arrival. Joe played amazingly tonight.

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He s so cool. His technique just blows me awayand I m really happy with the reaction he s been receiving so far in Europe. Phone interview for Pandemonium Magazine U. Round table Press Conference Interviewers: I m really looking forward to this weekend s shows inPrague. I ve never played here before, but have heard only great things about thecity and the crowds.

The architecture here is just incredible and I can t wait to gowalk around the city tomorrow to check it out. But first things first, they vescheduled another press conference upon my arrival here. I have lots of friends flying into Prague for the weekend. So you can imagine that everyone here is ready to party in Prague.

Press Conference at the Intercontinental Hotel. In-person interview and photo session for Reflex Magazine for 4 page cover story. Interview for Premiera TV 7: Interview with Playboy Magazine Czech version Interviewer: Interview for Mlday Svet Interviewer: I know everybody s walking round withsore heads today as they were all out partying last night.

Jack and I are the oneswho feel good today. Went down to the gig early today as I wanted to check it out. The atmospherebackstage is just great. Everybody is in great spirits despite not havingrecovered from last night s fun. All 12, seats for the show are sold out. It s really an incredible city, especiallythis time of year. We went to some fantastic church s.

We also did a little shopping. I m really sad that the rest of my family couldn t behere, but my daughter, Aimee, has really bad bronchitis so they had to stay athome. The crowds here are really enthusiastic. It s been so greatto be received so well in a country that I ve never performed in before.

I mlooking forward to coming back in the summer of In-person interview for Antena 3" and Blitz Weekly Interviewer: The weekend of fun is over and allmy friends are going home. Now I m off to Zurich, Switzerland. It s a day off, but,as usual, a full day of press was scheduled for me. I can t wait to get down to the venue to get warm.

Well, the gig had its moments, that s all I can say. Done better, done worse. Everyone s going to be snowed in if they stay any longeranyway. Recorded video message for Lemmy s Motorhead 50th birthday bash in LA. After last night s show in Zurich I wasexamined by a doctor who told me that I was suffering from extreme exhaustion,fatigue and some mild flu symptoms. He advised me that I should take a coupleof days off so tonight s gig was canceled.

Flew into Munich, Germanyand went straight into a full schedule of press. After I finished doing press I wentto Chinese restaurant, drank three bottles of Saki, got loaded, then went to a stripbar, got into a fight, broke a table over a bouncers head before I got thrown out. Then I went back to my hotel and trashed my room. Actually this was only adream. Actually I went to bed with a cup of tea after my last interview, but I thinkmy dreams are a lot more exciting than the real thing.

Phone interview for Rolling Stone Interview: Photo session for Bravo Photographer: Did my usual two hour workout and then went to the gig. I havea reformed band out of the road this time. Randy spends his days off sightseeingand taking photos and Joe has a guitar welded around his neck. He s never everwithout his guitar. He can usually be found roaming the hotel hallways playinghis unplugged electric guitar. Geezer, of course, spends every spare minutesleeping.

Geezer is known on the road as Rip Van Winkle. So between all of us,I think we re a bunch of pussy s. My daughter, Aimee, is here tonight and I m doing the show for her. I was reallyinto the show tonight. We all had a great time on the planetogether.

The pilot let Jack up in the cockpit for the take-off and landing. Another big gig tonight, 8, people and it s sold out! All I can smell is garlic bread. Thecrowd are really rowdy tonight, but I m pissed off.

I m on stage for the first 10minutes and the crowd is going crazy when all of a sudden I get hit with a coin onmy right cheekbone. Five minutes later I get hit with a battery right in my lip. Now I m fuckin fuming!! Alright, joke s over. I m hit by another fucking coin laterin the show and it cuts my hand. Now I want to fucking hit somebody. Joe snow doing his guitar solo and I m offstage in my quick change room.

Sharon isin there with the doctor. I kicked them both out and told them to fuck off! There sblood coming from my hand and lip. I want to pummel the bastard that s done it! After the show I m in big time trouble. Sharon left the venue after I threw her outof my quick change room.

I m now in for trouble when I go back to the hotel. I llhave to do a lot of groveling. As I m leaving the venue the promoter tells me howmuch the crowd loved me. Well, if this is love, then I don t even want to thinkwhat would ve happened if they hated me. We also did some Christmasshopping. I m still not feeling that great about being in Italy after last nightsshow. This weekend had been planned for a long while with my family.

If theyhadn t been here with me then I think I would have gotten the hell out of thecountry after the show last night. I arrived into Essen and went straight to the venue as Ihad a TV interview scheduled at soundcheck.

It s really odd touring Europe dayto day. I m country hopping, but it s always good to be back in Germany. The show was smokin!!! After the show we celebrated Randy s birthday. Ofcourse we had the mandatory cake in the face. During the show tonight I think Igot him in the face with about four buckets of cold water as well.

I m going home for Christmas. I m afraid when I mlooking forward to going home the shows tend to go faster and get shorter.

Theshow tonight was really quick. I couldn t help it, I was singing double speed. We re in Bonn, Germany tonight and this is the last date ofthe European tour. I m so fucking happy, I can t shit!! It s an early show tonight. We had a great pre-Christmas dinner with the band and crew before the show. We all exchanged gifts. As it happens the show was really a blast as everyonewas in a great mood because we re going home!

All theChristmas decorations are out. Slept all day on the couch until the early evening. Then I got up and ate and fell asleep again. It s great to be home! It was atotal nightmare with all the traffic and all the people. The concept for the video has now changed three times. It s been very difficult to tie this one down. The concept basically is me doing the performance with a little bit of concept, which is meant to be thought s going through my head.

They get you there at 7 in the morning and then they don t use you until 7 in the evening. I arrived at 7: The makeup girl tells me that I can t smoke near her as she suffers from asthma.

The only reason I wanted to smoke anyway was to stay awake. Meanwhile she finishes my makeup and then lights up a fucking big Marlboro! Now I m really confused. Everybody on the video shoot is sick. Everyone has got a cold or a cough and I m walking around with a Michael Jackson mask panty liner on so that I don t get any germs. Get this, my cameraman who s meant to be the second coming of Christ he s supposed to the best has a accident on the set, so we end up with some goofball behind the camera now.

Now I m shitting because I think I m going to end up looking like Roseanne in this video. By early evening I m really paranoid now. People are going down like flies with the flu, so I decide to throw an Ozzy wobbler. I tell the director that they only have me for one more hour and then I m leaving. Actually, I ended up staying 3 more hours. We have our friend, Jeb Brien, who directs some of my videos, with his little girls, Carly and Katie staying with us.

OZZY OSBOURNE To Charge Fans $ For Meet And Greet At Download Festival » Metal Wani

Jack also had two of his friends over, so the house is full of activity. Sharon and I have been busy wrapping gifts all day. It s really nice and cold and feeling very Christmasy. We went out for a late dinner and then went to midnight mass at our local church. Out comes the old video camera and we spent the next hour opening gifts. We hired a couple of chefs to come in and cook us Christmas lunch today. They made us a great big breakfast and then we all went for a walk with the dogs in the forest.

We invited some friends over, all in all, we had 17 of us over at the house for lunch. We ate and had fun all day. It s time to pack to leave again. Every time my dog sees the suitcases he knows I m leaving, so he s not talking to me today.

He s pissed off with me. It was a lazy day otherwise, I spent the rest of the day sleeping. The whole family is coming with me. We left the house early in the morning with 30 suitcases. It s a nightmare when we all travel together. It was a long flight. We traveled for almost 13 hours, but we got there finally and safely. It s like sleeping in the middle of a freeway, so myself, Sharon, the kids, my assistant, Tony and 30 suitcases are moving.

Jack has now got a cold. I called my old friend from Denver, Dr. Buzz, to come over to see me at the hotel. He says my chest doesn t sound too good and he wants me to have a X-Ray. Jack and I went out and played in the snow later in the day. In the evening we went to see a movie with the kids.

meet and greet ozzy argentina

It s about time to play a gig. I miss the band. I m really looking forward to spending time with them. I m taking my inhalants for my chest, so I did a lot of sleeping today. I got up early, I m too excited to sleep.

I want to get down to the gig! It s exciting to start the year off with a new tour. The show was great, I feel blessed that I m starting my off on stage doing what I love best in the world and getting paid for it!

I couldn t have thought of a better way to bring in the new year. My band was great and the audience was great. I m the luckiest man alive and I appreciate every fucking moment of it. Happy New Year to everyone! After the show everyone went to a party at my dear friend, Barry Fey s, house. He was the first promoter I ever worked for in America. We had a wonderful time. It was the perfect end to my day.

Ozzy Osbourne Tour Dates:

My kids and my wife are leaving for Vail today to go skiing. I m backing out on the trip. My chest isn t feeling too good. I can t take the colds and the bronchitis anymore. The cigarettes have got to go. This is my New Years resolution. I m a 3 pack a day man and I m flushing them down the toilet. If I see one more fucking doctor, I m going to hang myself. This is harder than I thought it was going to be, but I won t give in. I m staying in my room as much as I can, because if I go out and see people smoking it s going to drive me nuts.

We re all leaving for Dallas today. I sat for 4 hours on the plane with Nicoderm patches all over my face. This is no fucking joke now! It s the toughest thing I ve ever done. I was biting my pillow because I wanted to smoke so bad. Unbeknowst to me, there are two women sitting behind me on the plane who kept talking about me the entire flight. My kids overheard them and got pissed off.

They found out where one of their coats were hanging and put their dinner in her coat pocket. Shrimp tails, chicken bones, some half eaten mashed potatoes and peas all went in the coat pocket. They are both really great bands and a great bunch of guys too.

There s a great vibe backstage.