Nkotb meet and greet tickets

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nkotb meet and greet tickets

from. $ 44 tickets left. FriMay New Kids on the Block VIP Packages . Bowl to Boston's TD Garden. Catch 'em live; grab your NKOTB tickets at StubHub. Hey Block Nation! We got a little something special to introduce to you we're calling it THE BLOCK BOX and it's contents are a bit of a mystery. For only $ 4 Star Package & general ticket purchasers are not eligible for the upgrade option. Sat 13 Jul Individual Meet & Greet Upgrade: $ Per Person.

Joe was commentating, Jordan and Donnie were being absolutely hilarious. I quite literally had the time of my life in that minutes I was with them.

NKOTB Backstage Meet & Greet 3

They all made me feel so special and really after the year I had to that point I needed a great laugh and they sure delivered. I had a pit ticket for the Raleigh show and then had a lower bowl seat for Charlotte.

NKOTB 2017 Tour

The pit is always such a crap shoot. In retrospect I probably should have done the bar stools like last tour. The lower bowl seat in Charlotte was ok and we did have interaction with Donnie when he was returning to the stage one time.

nkotb meet and greet tickets

NKOTB does it right, they always have in my opinion. In past blogs I have talked about the cruise.

nkotb meet and greet tickets

I would say if given the chance to only do one, I would always chose the VIP at one of their concerts. They are all such nice guys, the personal interaction you have with them is just second to none in my opinion. I have loved them since I was 15 years old and still love them today. Once you're photos are done continue down the line greeting the guys. After that you're all done.

nkotb meet and greet tickets

You can't take anything in with you into the photo area so no cameras, purses, phones, stuff for them to sign, etc. There are typically 10 available for each show depending on the type of event. Specialty, one off shows tend to have more available than the traditional 10 that a tour offers.

nkotb meet and greet tickets

Keep in mind, they are very difficult to get! Ultimates usually go in after all of the photo groups are done.

NKOTB Tour - Lights, Camera, Memories

You will line up in the order that was assigned. When it is your turn you will go through the curtain. Danny is usually the first to greet you. On The Main Event tour, the girl before you was finishing up with the last guy while you started. They seemed to move you down the line from guy to guy saying hi and taking photos.

nkotb meet and greet tickets

Depending on the photographer you may also get candid shots. When you get to the middle, the guys usually call for a group photo and then continue to move you down the line. When you're nearing the end, the next girl would usually start.