Percy and annabeth first meet at high school fanfiction

The New Kid at Goode High School Chapter 1, a percy jackson and the olympians fanfic | FanFiction

percy and annabeth first meet at high school fanfiction

Annabeth goes to Percy's high school and meets his mortal friends. Everyone can tell I walked up to the first person I saw. "Hello. I am new. This is a community dedicated to Percy and Annabeth in their school life, it is . Join the mortals through their first year of high school as they meet unexpectedly. This is a story where annabeth meets percy for the first time in highschool, but Annabeth soon finds out that Percy isn't who he says he is.

JuicyFruity39 Annabeth Chase just wants to have a good eleventh grade year with no bullies and no drama but when she meets a new student Percy Jackson, her life gets a little complicated.

Percabeth and a little bit of Thuke and Tratie. Rated T cuz of swearing. This is my very first Fanfiction. I hope you guys like it! I don't own ANY characters except for the ones that I made up of course. It's time to get up! Annabeth moaned and rolled over to look at the time. It was only 6: Soon enough the door to Annabeth's room was opened and her mother, Athena Chase, stood in front of her.

Athena's curly hair was put into a sloppy bun and she had her cooking apron on covering her business suit. She had almost forgotten. Today was the beginning eleventh grade at Goode High School. She kicked the sheets off as she continued, "I'll be out in a minute. Annabeth got out of her bed and quickly began to sort through her closet. Eventually, she picked out a pair of hot pink shorts and a white tank top.

After getting dressed, Annabeth grabbed her bag full of books and walked into the kitchen where her mother was slaving away at a batch of pancakes, eggs and bacon. Athena turned around, holding a huge plate of eggs, bacon and pancakes and set them down in front of Annabeth, who quickly dug in.

percy and annabeth first meet at high school fanfiction

Athena took a seat in front of Annabeth. Her mother was eating a small bowl of oatmeal that was coated with tons of dried fruit.

Her mother ran one of biggest architecture companies in New York. Annabeth was planning on getting a job there for the summer and for the rest of the senior year. Malcolm, her older brother, was already working there.

And science with Juniper and Clarisse. Their most frequent target was one of Annabeth's closest friends: Katie Gardner, who's neighbors and has every class with the Connor and Travis.

And Luke and Grover. She was being picked on by the school bully since she was about ten thousand times smarter than anybody in the class and Luke and Grover had the guts to stand up to him. They've been friends ever since.

She answered it quickly. Malcolm said that a blueprint is missing. Do you mind calling Thalia for a ride to school? I'll love you," Athena said, kissing the top of Annabeth's forehead before grabbing her brief case, car keys, purse and then ran off. After Annabeth called Thalia, she cleared her plate and went off to her bathroom.

percy and annabeth first meet at high school fanfiction

She brushed her teeth, combed her curly blonde hair and put it into a high ponytail. Then another one spoke up "Yeah, ever since he joined the swim team last year, Goode has always won the swimming competitions, that's why everyone chose him to be the captain.

I thought to myself. I guess the last two questions I can answer but Popular? Next to me I heard his locker door close with a slam!

I turned again to take a quick glance. His locker door was closed but he didn't go or walk away. He was leaning against his locker, his back facing me and was talking to some guys. Tryouts start next week and practice starts the week after that. We're going to the mall with our girlfriends. I need to go straight home. My mom's gonna be home late and I need to watch the house. Then they started talking about swimming and practice and other stuff.

I stared at my class schedule not really seeing anything. Am I supposed to casually say Hi to him? Should I just make him see me as I walk away? I thought then slapped my forehead 'Gods Annabeth! When did you started to think like an Aphrodite kid?

percy and annabeth first meet at high school fanfiction

You don't care about this stuff! I took a deep breath, closed my locker then turned to face him. Slowly, I raised my hand and put it around his eyes.

Goode High Chapter 1: Meet Percy Jackson, a percy jackson and the olympians fanfic | FanFiction

Everyone around the hall became completely silent as they watched what I was doing. When he saw me his eyes widened in shock. What are you doing here? Around us, people started whispering and pointing again.

High School Chapter 1: Meet Perseus Jackson, a percy jackson and the olympians fanfic | FanFiction

When he put me down I threw my arms around his neck and hugged him. He put his arms around my waist again and pulled me closer. The whispers got louder. When I pulled back he had a pout on his face.

I chuckled and his frown turned into a smile. Why are you here? My dad let me go here so that I could stay close to camp and you know. What if the apartment you choose is far away from mine? And how long are you gonna stay in a hotel? I can take care of myself you know. And I told you I'll be staying in a hotel until I get an apartment.

But it wasn't hard because everyone around us was silent and was looking at us with confused faces. He shook his head "Nope. I'm not going to let you live alone! After school today, take me to that hotel you're staying at and pack your bags so that I can bring them to my apartment.

I'll only be a bother to your mom. Come on, won't it be fun? You don't have to live alone where I can't see if you're okay or not. Come on, Wise Girl! I'm sure my mom won't mind, she loves you! He hugged me again and I rested my head on his chest. I could still hear the whispers and feel the stares, but I didn't care.

It was good to be back in Percy's arms. I could've stayed like that forever but behind us I heard someone cough.