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Check out Every Side of Me [From "Pokémon the Movie: Hoopa and the Clash of Ages"] by Dani Marcus & Ed Goldfarb Pokémon on Amazon Music. Stream. Hoopa and the Clash of Ages is the 18th Pokémon movie in total and the Both forms of Hoopa end up clashing and begin summoning many story have any relation to what's been happening in the television series. I am wondering when each of the Pokemon Movies occur in relation to the series. particularity after Pokémon: The First Movie—Mewtwo Strikes Back (Mewtwo's Counterattack) Between AG and the end of the series at AG Hoopa and the Clash of Ages (The Archdjinni of the Rings: Hoopa).

May gets Combusken atAsh gets Snorunt at Brock has Marshtomp obtained in AG and that's the latest Pokemon that the team acquired in the region shown in the movie.

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Brock already hatched Happiny, but Buizel is still Dawn's. Ash has Gliscor, but Turtwig hasn't evolved yet. Arceus and the Jewel of Life Arceus: Ash has a Monferno which he acquired in and evolves in DP Zoroark—Master of Illusions Phantom Ruler: Zoroark Between and the end of series at Dawn has Togekiss, and that was the last Pokemon acquired in the series. Ash has hatched Scraggy, but only has Tepig. This one is debatable because Ash had Pignite but probably doesn't have Charizard otherwise, he would've used itbut he could have kept it in the ball and there was no other evidence.

Ash has his Charizard and that was the last Pokemon acquired. Ash's Froakie knows Cut it's actually Laido but is still a Froakie. Serena has Braixen but Ash doesn't have Greninja yet. Clemont is also traveling with Ash again, so wait until after their battle when he rejoins them. Ash has Noivern but his Goodra hasn't rejoined the group yet. Ash and his friends quickly learn that by touching it, they will be possessed by the evil power within the bottle. Clemont happily shows off his new invention.

It is a device that can hold the bottle up with electric waves. The device carries it in his Aipom arm, which prevents anyone from touching it.

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Hoopa is absolutely terrified of the bottle and the power inside of it by shaking and whimpering. They sit down to eat. Baraz explains Hoopa's story. One hundred years ago today, Hoopa Unbound began to appear in the town. Hoopa Unbound ate the food and caused problems. Hoopa Unbound made the townspeople very happy. It also brought much gold. Dahara City grew from a tiny village to a great city.

The man who stopped Hoopa Unbound was Meray and Baraz's great grandfather. Meray and Baraz explain how their family is connected to Arceus' power. They tell how their great grandfather could use it to control Hoopa, who would throw great tantrums screaming for him to give back its power. Meray and Baraz grew up with Hoopa like siblings, getting into mischief and playing together, even healing Hoopa when it grew very sick when taken to Arche Valley.

It is clear that they love Hoopa as family. They taught it many things about helping others and getting along with people. Their great grandfather accepted Hoopa as family.

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The instant Meowth takes hold of it, he becomes possessed, and opens the bottle to unleash Hoopa Unbound's power. In the struggles, the Prison Bottle explodes.

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Lugia distracts Hoopa Unbound as they make their escape. Meray and Baraz know that they can make a new bottle at the tower with the power of earth, fire, and water. They decided to use Serena's BraixenAsh's Frogadierand using a ring, Bonnie goes to the desert to ask for a Hippopotas ' help, and bring it along. Ash stays with Hoopa while the rest head over to the tower to make a new bottle. Hoopa promises that once strong enough, it will make any of Ash's wishes come true.

Ash refuses, though, saying that is a dream he plans to attain by himself. Hoopa is absolutely shocked that Ash plans to attain his own dream without using any rings or magic wishes. Ash talks to Hoopa about how this Hoopa Unbound seems to be a shadow of Hoopa, and it needs to learn to make with itself to solve this crisis.

Hoopa Unbound appears in a ring and searches for them with its giant hand. Lugia intervenes and rescues Ash, Hoopa, and Pikachu. However, Hoopa Unbound tricks Lugia into flying into a ring and sends it back to its ocean home.

Hoopa then summons LatiasLatiosand a shiny Rayquaza.

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Meanwhile, at the tower, the others are working to make a new Prison Bottle, using the powers of fire, earth, and water. Kyurem becomes Black Kyurem and then White Kyurem as the all-out brawl continues over the city. Mega Rayquaza creates a twister around Dahara Tower to protect it. The others reforge the Prison Bottle.