Questions for pediatrician meet and greet

Top 15 Interview Questions for Pediatricians You Need to Ask

questions for pediatrician meet and greet

Most pediatricians set aside time in their schedules for “meet and greet” visits with expectant parents during office hours. Some clinics also offer. That number is more of a result of a move and insurance change than unworthy pediatricians, but in my meet and greets I've definitely learned. One of the most common questions I see on my local parenting group forums goes something like this: “I'm 30 weeks pregnant and still need to.

Make sure that pediatricians they recommend are included in your insurance network.

Questions for Your Potential Baby Doctor

As you go through your options, you likely already have a few preferences in mind. Take these factors into consideration before making appointments to meet with the pediatricians: Do you have a preference for a male or female doctor?

questions for pediatrician meet and greet

Do you have a preference for their age? Does the pediatrician come highly recommended?

questions for pediatrician meet and greet

During your conversation, make sure to ask these important questions: Do you take my insurance plan? Will you be available around my due date?

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Is there another pediatrician to cover for you? What hospital are you affiliated with? Will you be able to visit for the first-day check-up? Will you be the one to discharge us?

What are your office hours? Can we still reach you during non-business hours for emergencies? What is your typical well-baby schedule? Are you able to do standard lab work or vaccinations in your office?

questions for pediatrician meet and greet

Consider asking friends and your obstetrician for recommendations during your second and third trimester. You can then arrange to meet pediatricians in person to ask questions and see if they would be a good fit for your family.

Some clinics also offer opportunities to meet physicians and office staff in the evening and tour the office. Consider preparing a list of questions before your visit.

No question is too mundane or silly when it comes to your child, so feel free to ask anything. Parents usually want to know about office hours and policies, what to expect in the hospital and the first few office visits, routine newborn care, and a variety of topics concerning child growth and development.

questions for pediatrician meet and greet

Here are 13 great questions that will help you understand whether or not your potential pediatrician is a good fit: How big is the pediatric practice? That number is more of a result of a move and insurance change than unworthy pediatricians, but in my meet and greets I've definitely learned what questions to ask before committing to a practice.

12 Questions For A Pediatrician Meet and Greet - PureWow

A bevy of basic, important questions to ask a pediatrician about their certifications and office procedures can be found online, but I've found these 10 questions tend to offer an inside peek into what life with their medical advice would be like. What is your health philosophy? If they can't answer this in a succinct paragraph, it's time to look elsewhere! For me, I look for keywords like "low-intervention," "parent-guided" and a variety of both Eastern and Western medical training.

questions for pediatrician meet and greet

I don't need an alarmist I worry enough! You won't be able to cover every parenting hot topic, but pick and choose what is most important to you and listen closely to their answers. Do they have a definite preference? Do they fall in the middle?

Do they share any examples or research? What areas of study or parenting do you have extra experience in? It's impossible for pediatricians to be experts in everything, so feel free to ask what they enjoyed the most about their medical schooling, specialized seminars they have attended and ongoing research they are a part of.

One pediatrician I interviewed had extensive experience with infectious diseases in third-world countries.

Interviewing a Pediatrician

Another was very familiar with milk allergies and intolerances due to his own son's experience. Another saw that my daughter was wearing a cloth diaper and immediately shared that her child had the exact same one! Do you have children?