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About. Newcastle Art Gallery began in in the War Memorial Cultural Centre in Newcastle's CBD following a donation of over works of art by benefactor. Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan have come a long after their around the streets of Bandra, once cycled up to SRK's Mannat to meet him. First Way: Buy a paid account of IMDb, You will get the number/e-mail of Shahrukh Khan's PA or secretary. Explain him, why you want to meet Sharukh Khan.

People came in huge numbers on Day 1 and with the same speed, they exited on Day 2. The stars of Baahubali were not big names in our world Bollywoodwe didn't know them that well. We knew Rajamouli, so if anybody is the star of that film, it's the director, which is a very positive development. Even in Dangal, it was more about the girls. The audience took to these films in a huge way, much more than they would in what we think otherwise are commercially sound films.

What has been Salman's influence on you and how have you influenced him? Sometimes I get stuck in the rut of finding logic and context to everything. Both, Salman and Aditya Chopra would tell me to 'just sometimes fly'. They would tell me to take cinematic liberties and not get so disturbed by it. This I think has definitely helped me.

He has helped me sometimes maybe approach a scene with more flair and throw a little bit of logic outside the window not completely illogical though. Sometimes it doesn't matter. Earlier I used to argue that it does matter and would not let it go. What I have contributed to Salman is reverse of this. I have told him that dude, it does matter after a period.

So, I think it's the blending of the two sensibilities that's worked well. He allows me to fly a little and I don't allow him to fly too much! Why did you choose to do an adaptation of 'A Little Boy'? Our film is an official adaptation and there's something about the story that I really like. I was so excited and was like 'wow, my next ten years is taken care of'. For two months, I went through all the scripts and I couldn't pick up even one film.

I suddenly realized that none of them were fitting into the Indian context properly.

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Some of them were subsequently made by other filmmakers and they didn't work. So, I just felt that it's very difficult to take a story from other culture and have it seamlessly fitted into your culture and historical context.

One day out of the blue, one of my assistants told me to watch a film which was about the teachings of Bible. I saw that film and found that apart from the Bible aspect, there was something about the story which I really liked and I could see this film setting into my context even better than the original.

So, we called up the filmmakers and told them that we wanted to adapt their work and not remake it. They were more than happy to sell us the rights. That's how the process began. But 'A Little Boy' wasn't a hit film. Was that a point of concern for you? If that was the concern then I would have taken up to remake those Hollywood blockbusters. Honestly, by taking a blockbuster from Hollywood, you ain't guaranteeing that it would be a hit here too.

We need to understand that we are two different cultures. There is a universality of language of cinema. But at the same time, you have to be aware if it fits into your culture well because only then it would work in another culture. All of us know about it only because of Tubelight. Nobody had seen this film. In US too, it was a complete flop if I may say so.

But what attracted me to this story were points. I realized that this could be set very well in my context. Shahrukh Khan has a cameo in this Salman Khan starrer. So, how was their camaraderie when they were on the sets? There was a lot of warmth and affection over there. I have known Shahrukh for a long time now, he was the first person I knew when I landed in Bombay.

I didn't know anybody in the industry except him because we studied in the same college. He was my senior in film school and I have studied from his notes.

And of course, I knew Gauri too. Gauri and I danced together in a stage production. So, when we went to him and I told Salman that we should get Shahrukh on board for this, Shahrukh instantly agreed.

That day the entire crew became an audience. Because, just the energy of the two of them, they both are powerhouses and to see them together after 20 years it's going be a treat. Whether you like the film, you don't like the film, that scene will be loved because it is one of the most important scenes, shooting it was a treat. Even if it was a cameo, what was the difference between directing Salman and Shahrukh Khan? I found actually a lot of similarities between the two.

In that one shoot, I found that both of them do approach the scene instinctively. For Shahrukh, I read out the scene to him, explained him and he did not ask me too many questions. When we were on the sets, he then brought in what only he could bring to the scene very instinctively. That's the same with Salman, he doesn't like to over-prepare.

I myself don't like to over-prepare. Tubelight has a backdrop set against the Indo-Sino war. You said that it's very contemporary and fits very much into what's happening today in country. Was it completely coincidental or did you sketch it that way? I don't think I would have been attracted to this story if it was limited to what happened in The reason why I was drawn to it was it is based in but it's so relevant today. The war is strictly a backdrop in our film.

Tubelight is a film actually dedicated to the families of soldiers; it's the war and battle that they are fighting when their loved ones go to war.

Within 5 mins you will forget that this film is set in and will start looking at things which is relevant today in our society and in what's happening in our country. We haven't seen much of Zhu Zhu in the film's promotions I am one of those filmmakers who have seen that we tend to overexpose our films before the release and I don't like that. There is a lot about the film which we should discover only while watching it.

There are certain things that you should keep close to your chest. During Bajrangi Bhaijaan I was very adamant that I am not going to let anybody see Harshaali before the film releases and I think that worked because there was certain enigma and mystery around this girl.

Zhu Zhu is that enigma in this film. We haven't revealed much of her in the trailer too.

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But she is very stong and integral part of Tubelight. I would like the audience to discover her in the film. I don't want to demystify her before the film. I didn't wanted to demystify Matin Re Tangu also. But we decided that he's such a bundle of joy that chalo, ek jhalak uski dikhlaa hi dete hai. Was she aware of Salman Khan's stardom here? She did her homework beforehand. She probably wasn't aware initially. But the moment she got to know what's the project, she researched over it.

Matin has been receiving a great reaction I knew that would be the reaction. He is unbelievable as a kid. There are some people who enter a room and own it in five minutes. He is one of those boys. He owned the workshop for kids. I went into the room and he stood out from everyone and I was like it has to be this boy. I knew that reaction would be there and that's why we introduced him in an event.

We did get a point in saying that let's get a last burst of interest in the film. Meanwhile, hundreds of people, whose insurance claims were rejected due to "Act Of God" show up at Hanif Qureshi's house and join the lawsuit. Kanji agrees to fight on behalf of all of them.

In the next court session, Catholic priests and Muslim Mullahs are also summoned to the court as defendants. However, lawyer Sardesai points out that Kanji has no document that can prove the disaster was an "Act of God". The judge orders Kanji to present a written proof that will support his claim.

Kanji loses hope, but Krishna rescues the day again by advising Kanji to read the Bhagavad Gitaand the other holy books such as The Quran and The Bibletelling him that he would find the answer of all his questions.

Kanji studies the books intensively for a month. In the next session, Kanji points out a passage present in all the holy books which says that "This world is a creation of God, and it is his will to allow it to grow or destroy", which strengthens his case. As he nears the end of his argument, he suddenly loses consciousness. He is rushed to the hospital, where doctors unsuccessfully try to revive him, leaving him comatose.

They announce to the media that Kanji has been paralyzed, and that only God can now save him. When Kanji opens his eyes, he finds Krishna in front of him. Krishna caresses the left side of Kanji's body with his key chain and Kanji is able to walk again. Krishna then reveals to the confused Kanji that he himself is Lord Krishnaand he has saved Kanji to show him that God does exist. Kanji then learns that he has been in a coma for a month and that a lot of things have happened during the period.

The lawsuit's verdict was in his favor and religious organisations were ordered by court to pay the compensation to all the plaintiffs; people have started calling Kanji a "God". Meanwhile, Leeladhar, Gopi Maiyya, and Siddheshwar have opened a temple dedicated to Kanji and accumulated millions in donations.

He also learns that as per his own "will", he is about to be removed from the ventilator and thousands have gathered for his funeral procession.

Krishna gives him a choice of stopping the procession or to sit back quietly. Kanji decides to fight and Krishna takes him on his motorbike to stop the procession. Kanji arrives to find his statues erected at the place where his shop once stood. He wades through the stunned crowd and breaks the statue, then admonishes the crowd about trusting in God-men. He advises them to search for God in themselves, not in statues.

When the crowd's anger turns towards the collected God-men, he prevents them from further violence and tells them to allow the cheating group to leave peacefully, advising them not to believe in them anymore.