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Published April 13, at p.m. Sagal stars in both FX's "Sons of Anarchy " as the manipulative, fiercely loyal Curtis Stigers, who sings the "Sons of Anarchy" theme song, is also on the tour. .. Pottery, Gifts, Bath & Body, Bicycles, Snowboards, Paper, Chocolate/Candy Stores, Variety and Crafts, Comic Books. to My Account. harley,sonsofanarchy,soa Banner Join the Sons of Anarchy for Their Reunion Ride Meet Dolly Parton and Be Her VIP Guest at Dollywood . And prepare one final ride with the bikers of "Sons of Anarchy," as the FX hit show will rev off into the sunset. The Disney purge will continue.

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‘Sons of Anarchy’ Actor Alan O’Neill Found Dead at 47

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  • ‘Sons of Anarchy’ Actor Alan O’Neill Found Dead at 47

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