The relationship era introduced idea

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the relationship era introduced idea

Forget Product Positioning, This is the Dawn of the Relationship Era .. Similarly, the idea of cultivating those human relationships ran deep in. Now that this chapter has introduced some basic terms and issues in the business Identify the six eras of business, and explain how the relationship era —including alliances, During which era was the idea of branding developed?. This includes our worldview of relationships. It's time for us to invest in “idea relationships” and rethink our personal and professional ones.

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It takes many traditional relationship-building encounters to get to that level of intimacy. You might be surprised to learn just how much overhead traditional relationship-building demands.

the relationship era introduced idea

Now the problem is that buyers have far less time to spend with you. Lunch with a friend is a luxury that too often gets canceled, a casualty of more pressing matters.

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Why would they make time to meet with you or take your call? And why would they do that often enough for you to earn professional intimacy?

To learn about your firm or your experience, or listen to your pitch to get some of their legal work?

the relationship era introduced idea

The inherent inefficiency of the relationship-first approach is its downfall now. Pre-millennium sellers were the gatekeepers of information. Buyers may never get to know you or have a personal relationship with you.

the relationship era introduced idea

They began forwarding the tips to others and, as the internet emerged, I syndicated the tips in various online channels. Over time, as they progressed toward dealing with the challenge of getting more lawyers to generate business, some concluded that it might make sense to discuss this with me.

the relationship era introduced idea

Marketing is one of the most visible functions of any organizations; however, the public sees only the tip of the Iceberg. The prevailing mind-set was that a good quality product would simply sell itself.

This approach worked for many organizations during this Era because of strong demand and limited supply of product.

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Whenever demand outstrips supply, it creates sellers market. At the time, Black was the only color available. Supply exceeded demand for most products; therefore, competition for customers becomes more intense.

the relationship era introduced idea

During this Era, Marketing generally took place after a product was developed and produced Even today, many people associate Marketing with Selling or Advertising; however, it has become much more than that. Companies needed to determine what customers and then produce products that met those wants and needs, as opposed to producing products and then trying to convince customers to buy them.

The marketing concept also focuses on aligning all functions of organizations to meet or exceed this customer needs through superior Products and customer service, as well as realizing a profit not just sales by satisfying customers over the Long Term.

Relationships 3.0: The Idea Relationship Era

GE was one of the First companies to implement this new Marketing Strategy that Focused more on meeting the needs of the Customer. This requires constantly taking the pulse of changing customer needs and wants and then quickly adapting to meet them.

Even today, companies such as Apple have had great Success following this Philosophy. The marketing concept is good for acquiring customers by offering customized products, among other things, but like Hive Studio perception which is customer relationships management goes one step further by trying to please customers after the sale.