Banshee meet the new boss review

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banshee meet the new boss review

Watch Banshee - Season 1, Episode 3 - Meet the New Boss: A local indian casino reopens and Proctor is on hand to EPISODE REVIEWS. Banshee Season 1 Review “Meet The New Boss”. January 26, I'm out. Banshee crossed the line this week. I have a pretty firm policy that I do not watch tv. The news last year that Banshee would conclude with its fourth season was with no fear and no restrictions on what they could do next, and the news the premiere's bloodiest moments, gutting his smug boss with a pen in his plant, a suspicion she endorses by meeting the thug that Carrie beat up and.

Later that night, Lucas is seated at the bar with Sugar who asks him if he wants to talk. Lucas is in the process of declining when Rebecca saunters into the bar, drinking random drinks as she makes her way to Lucas.

Banshee – Season 1, Episode 3: “Meet the New Boss” – Father Son Holy Gore

After a few words of flirtatious banter, they have sex in what appears to be a storeroom. Sugar calls Proctor, letting him know that Rebecca is back at the bar. Rebecca is not scared of him and Proctor knows it.

banshee meet the new boss review

She even taunts him with: It is announced that Sugar will referee the mixed martial arts fight at the casino. Proctor plays himself off as a philanthropist. As Lucas is leaving, the fighter, Sanchez goads Lucas, trying to get him to go a round with him in the ring. Lucas declines and leaves. Sanchez then turns his attentions to one of the waitresses, whom he asks to bring a bottle of champagne to his trailer later that night.

Banshee Recap: “Meet the New Boss”

Carrie visits Lucas that night, her intent to give him back the diamonds she took back from her father after he was drugged and make him leave town. As a result of the beating and rape, the waitress winds up in hospital and Lucas knows the he has to arrest Sanchez. Proctor stops Lucas as he enters, asking him to wait to arrest Sanchez until after the fight. Officer Kelly gets upset as Lucas turns, thinking he is about to leave after kowtowing to Proctor.

Lucas takes obvious offense and turns back to arrest Sanchez. Sanchez eggs him on and they fight after Lucas throws the first punch. Lucas is obviously less skilled and takes a beating to the point that he gets kicked off the stage- literally.

Meet the New Boss

None of the crowd attempt to break up the fight. When Lucas collapses on his way out, Sugar helps him up and takes him to the bar.

banshee meet the new boss review

He is expected to get things done, to find the people responsible, to make things right. Gordon Rus Blackwell invites Hood over for burgers and beers at the Hopewell residence. Her son has bad lungs, needing a machine to help him breath often. She loves them, they are her life now.

Hood tangles with Rebecca Bowman Lili Simmons again, even if it may prove to be bad for his health. He did so long ago.

banshee meet the new boss review

Though, he recognizes what it has cost him. He can no longer see his mother, which obviously breaks him. You have no idea what that does to you inside. Simultaneously, Hood susses out information from Proctor, who in turn gets his back up after a few questions from the new Sheriff.

The talk of drugs makes him nervous. Further than that, Sanchez comes across as a real piece of work. He hits his sparring partner a little too hard. He even dares Hood to step up. Then he gets another lady set up to head for his room later. Only this time things go differently than with the first girl Proctor had sent in.

Banshee Recap: "Meet the New Boss" -

Bigger things are happening with Hood. He gets a visit from Carrie.

Banshee season 3 episode 3 fight scene Burton Vs Nola

She brings him the diamonds that were supposedly previously stolen. She offers them for him to get lost and leave Banshee. Things get rough over with Sanchez and his lady friend. He makes her take cocaine by putting on his fingers and sticking them inside her, then gets violent. She and Hood get called off then to deal with the victim of Sanchez and his disgusting machismo.

However, when he seems about ready to let Proctor have his way for the moment, Siobhan comments that famous line from The Who: Same as the old boss. An impromptu fight between Sheriff Hood and Sanchez begins.