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david allen meet the team image

The latest Tweets from David Allen (@DavidAllenDA). all the information you need, step 12 – let our team take care of MTD for you. . Meet our MTD team!. David Allen - Meet The Team of Baker's Waterproofing. David Allen from Baker's Waterproofing Before and after photos from jobs I've worked on. Dave's Biography Dave began his digging career in Wales, working on Iron Age hillforts at the Breiddin and Moel y Gaer, and a range of sites in.

David Allen - Meet The Team of Baker's Waterproofing

Get engaged with the task at hand. When they are starting out, an entrepreneur is spinning a lot of plates. It can be crazy.

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Thus it becomes really important that you write everything down. Get it out of your head.

david allen meet the team image

This often helps clear things out a lot. Then, find people you trust who have been that road and can help you out. When there is a surprise.

david allen meet the team image

Certainly, entrepreneurs have to deal with a lot of surprises. He emphasises taking care of the sub things rather than going after the big game.

Productivity guru David Allen: ‘Your head’s a crappy office, write everything down’

It will be the finance, staffing, tech, and so on. Make sure you have that list and keep it current. But if you are sailing on the sea, you need a different kind of map that is showing you the directions. So, figure out which maps are relevant to you at what point in time. No doubt, I am feverishly jotting down all these pointers making mental notes to help my productivity.

david allen meet the team image

But hey, no mental notes. Everyone wants to control the big things. But you need to control the daily. Write everything down -- but you cannot do it here points to the head. It does not give you the ability to renegotiate. Here are some more gems from David Allen that I found and should be worthwhile to share.

Our team of experts installed our Geo-Lock wall anchor system and complete waterproofing system to fix this imperfect foundation.

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The homeowner can rest assured that our state-of-the-art solutions returned the foundation's structural integrity and dried up the basement!

Our LawnScape outlet is an underground extension to our sump pump's discharge line AND the existing gutter downspout. Our Geo-Lock wall anchor system and Geo-Lock channel anchor system immediately and permanently stabilized the structure.

Before After A Pittsburgh, PA homeowner was experiencing serious foundation problems, so we installed our proven waterproofing and foundation repair solutions.

Our Foreman, Dave Allen, and his crew permanently stabilized the bowing, cracking foundation walls with our wall anchor systems. This included our Geo-Lock wall anchor system and Geo-Lock channel anchor system, which both provide the opportunity for the walls to be straightened over time.

As you can see, the walls experienced serious water damage. This damp basement became an ideal environment for mold, so it was imperative that we addressed this concerning health issue as well.

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At a later date, another crew led by Jon Mitchell installed our WaterGuard below-floor drain, TripleSafe sump pump system including an UltraSump battery back-up pumpCleanSpace wall vapor barrier, SaniDry Sedona dehumidifier, and, on the home's exterior, LawnScape underground discharge outlet. Now, this family can have peace of mind that their foundation has regained its structural integrity AND is finally a dry, healthy living space!

Before After A homeowner recently moved into a house in Bethel Park. She plans to quickly flip the house, so she had to address the water leaking through the foundation walls. Our crew was still in the process of installing our unique drainage system, which is now barely visible.

david allen meet the team image