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Meet Mississauga Ward 3 candidate Khawar Hussain: My name is Khawar Hussain. I live in Public health inspector (training) Timmins, Ont. BE IT RESOLVED THAT the following Minutes of Timmins Council parking lot adjacent to Jake's Bar and Grill from a.m. (Saturday) to THAT the Board nominate potential candidates for the vacant Board. Timmins mayoral candidates - Lauchlan MacInnes These diverse settings, as well as being bilingual, has allowed me to meet people from all.

Affordability begins with restoring fairness to the tax system. We cannot accept our families, particularly seniors absorbing nearly 65 percent of the tax burden which equates for many into an additional, monthly mortgage payment.

A balance must be reached where all residents can benefit from what is one of the richest resource based communities in the world.

We can all agree our children represent the future.

  • Election sees mayoral races throughout district
  • Timmins mayoral candidates - Lauchlan MacInnes
  • Meet Mississauga Ward 3 candidate Khawar Hussain

Incentives should be provided to local youth who remain or return home. Our children deserve our investment. Jean Fex What track record, experience or qualities do you have that make you a good choice as a city councillor for Ward 2?

I was born and raised in Hanmer Ont, a small town just outside of Sudbury. After high school a joined our Armed Forces and spent a tour in Germany.

Timmins councillor stripped of much of his influence

After the forces i studied business. I am employed with Metro in the Porcupine Mall and presently managing the store. I also own and operate two local businesses. In my 35 years of work I have managed renovation businesses since the age of Owned and sold 3 businesses that are still around till this day.

Election sees mayoral races throughout district | Timmins Daily Press

I am a proud husband to Catherine and father of two and adopted parent to my grandson. More from Len Gillis Published on: October 23, Last Updated: October 23, Pirie said he had just spoken to Mayor Steve Black who conceded the election.

Pirie said he thanked him for his service. He said the next step now is to meet his newly elected councillors and to set priorities for the new council which will be sworn in, in the first week of December.

Meet Mississauga Ward 3 candidate Khawar Hussain |

This time instead of a corporate office, Pire will be in the corner office at the top floor of Timmins city hall as the new mayor of Timmins. In an upset that some might argue was no surprise at all, Pirie convinced thousands of Timmins voters that he was the right man to bring a renewed sense of fiscal responsibility to city hall. The final votes came in late, just after 9: Unofficial results showed Pirie with a strong lead, with votes. Pirie, who is a newcomer at Timmins city hall, first announced his intentions back in July.

Speaking of Timmins - Interview with Councillor Todd Lever

This was the third debate hosted by the Timmins Chamber of Commerce to provide the public with a chance to meet the council candidates for the Oct. At previous debates, the five mayoralty candidates have been presented, as have the councillor candidates for Wards 2, 3 and 4. On Thursday night the voters were presented with candidates for Ward 1: Veronica Farrell and Rock Whissell.

Also on hand to meet the voters were the 12 candidates for Ward 5: Each candidate was given two minutes to outline who they are, along with what they plan and propose to do if they get elected to city council. It was the usual stuff of outlining achievements, qualifications and well-intentioned plans. The only surprise came from newbie candidate Jason Sereda Ward 5 who said the voters must consider which candidates are best qualified.

After listing several things voters should be asking themselves about candidates, Sereda, who sports a ponytail, put some comic relief into the mix when he said: One of the first to offer an opening statement was Mike Doody, the most senior of the Ward 5 candidates. He said after 35 years at the city council table he felt he could continue to contribute to the betterment of the city.

Doody said he would be working with organizations and other communities in the North in the hope that when Timmins lobbies other levels of government, it is done with a united voice. After opening statements, moderator Melanie Verreault put questions to the candidates on a variety of issues that have been discussed in the weeks and months leading up to the election.

In the first round of comments, candidates were asked their opinions on the new aquatic centre for Timmins that is being proposed by the city. Murray Ward 5 said research told her that developing an eight-lane pool would make the project open to more funding from higher levels of government. She added she is aware of the funding challenges are in the millions of dollars.

She said she would support the project only if more funding comes through.

Pirie wins mayor's seat in convincing victory

Sereda Ward 5 spoke against the pool idea. Farrell Ward 1 said she supported the pool project because many Timmins families are travelling regularly to Cochrane to take advantage of the newer pool facility there. Farrell also said she would not vote to support the pool construction if there is no funding commitment from higher levels of government. Other candidates did not respond to that specific question, but in a discussion about promoting better lifestyles in the city, Rinaldo said yes, she is a supporter of the pool.

She said the city needs to promote healthy lifestyles and the pool is an investment in the community.