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10 Best Movie Scenes Around The Dinner Table, Because Thanksgiving

Nov 25, Here are the eight most memorable scenes involving food, a dinner table and a family — or maybe Gaylor 'Greg' Focker's grace in Meet the Parents is one of the most cringe-worthy scenes ever filmed. . Pineapple Express. Nov 24, We rarely remember the filmed dinner scenes that went well. the best awkward family dinner scenes contain some sort of big reveal, and this one from Meet The Parents is so action packed that finding . Pineapple Express. Nov 27, This had me contemplating family dinner scenes in movies, and what important Meet the Parents – This scene was every guy's nightmare. Pineapple Express – Another great “meeting the potential in-laws” scene with a.

A SCHMOES THANKSGIVING: The Top 10 Family Dinner Scenes in Movies!!! - Schmoes KnowSchmoes Know…

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