Dying to meet you activities in cancun

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dying to meet you activities in cancun

Beach in Cancun at Grand Fiesta Americana Coral Beach . There's no big hotel or glitzy attractions, but you'll find groomed beaches, friendly. Iberostar Cancun: Beware - See traveler reviews, candid photos, and great deals They are only interested in SELLING you excursions!! . to this same one, but would defiantly be open to trying another Iberostar resort in future. Cancún: from tourist beach paradise to hotbed of Mexico's drug where they shot dead Alfonso Contreras Espinoza and his wife. Not so long ago, Cancún sparkled as the crown jewel of Mexico's . The Guardian's US editor John Mulholland urges you to show your Help us reach our year-end goal.

Before your trip, spray all of your clothing, paying special attention to hems, cuffs, and socks, to fight bug bites all day long. Permethrin spray lasts for up to 6 machine washes. Set a day or 2 aside for spraying all of your clothes, PLUS your backpacks and anything else made of fabric, like a sleeping bag or liner. One of the best Isla Mujeres attractions is its beautiful coral reef! Help preserve that reef by wearing reef-safe biodegradable sunscreen when you go swimming or snorkeling.

Regular sunscreen is harmful for the ocean and the critters who call it home, but reef-safe sunscreen is specifically developed to be ocean friendly. And just in case you thought you could skip it, be warned: Play it safe, bring one along. These things are amazing.

After near daily use in sand, dirt, and rocks, my Tevas are barely showing any wear at all. A full sized, lightweight, quick-drying towel is super handy to have in Isla Mujeres. This is a super handy tiny little clothesline that is easy to hang up almost anywhere. It weighs nearly nothing but is strong enough to hold a ton of wet clothing!

String it up outside on your deck in the sun to dry your bathing suit overnight — much more effective than hanging it in a damp bathroom! What to Pack for Colombia: You NEED a cute, beachy dress that doubles as a beach coverup! Trust me, being able to toss on a cute dress and go all day long will make your life so much easier or at least reduce stress during your vacation. I also have major chub-rub so I wear these handy little bike shorts underneath, which have 3!!!

I literally bought this suit in 3 different colors the day I tried it on. See that picture of me?! Pick one up in every color from Amazon! Even just looking at their models makes me feel all curvy and beautiful. Here, take a look: Check out this post.

Discover the best things to do in Isla Mujeres from swimming with whale sharks to befriending baby turtles to zip-lining over the ocean to snorkeling at an underwater museum… and more! But you can snorkel peacefully above them 2 at a time, watching them flop around like giant spotted manatee-whale-fishes from a very safe distance am I the only one who finds it a little nerve-wracking?? Or am I just a giant scaredy-cat?

Nature is unpredictable like that. All of the tours go to the same place, so shop around for the best price once you arrive, but be sure to book with an official operator.

Activities and excursions - Dreams Riviera Cancun Resort and Spa - Riviera Maya | Transat

Jeremy did a great job navigating the island and I did a great job of drinking coconuts in the passenger seat. Pick up a golf cart from one of the many vendors in town and spend the day whizzing around the island, visiting hard-to-access spots like Punta Sol or Garrafon de Castilla with a fresh coconut in one hand and your hat in the other because it keeps getting blown off in the wind.

Isla Mujeres has more golf carts perusing its streets than cars, and not everyone seems to have safety in mind. We spent 6 days by foot on Isla Mujeres and were appalled at the lack of care shown by golf cart drivers for everyone around them.

Isla Mujeres golf cart rentals are most economical for groups of up to 5 and families.

dying to meet you activities in cancun

So, we also tried out the cheaper and more romantic alternative: Hold on tight while you and bae explore the island on 2 wheels. We rented both our golf cart and moped from this spot because our hostel said it was on the cheapest spot nearby, and we had no complaints. But there are plenty of options! The seafood in Isla Mujeres is fresh and delicious.

And sometimes it comes with friends, like this iguana who stared at my shrimp cocktail longingly like a puppy the entire time I was eating it. None for you, iguana! Here are our favorite places to eat in Isla Mujeres.

Hard Rock Hotel Cancun

Which says a LOT, because we are major cheapskates! As a huge plus, the WiFi here is excellent, and we spent many long days working here in the shade with a cold drink while fans whirred lazily overhead.

dying to meet you activities in cancun

The best tacos on the island are at Taqueria Medina on Avenida Hidalgo. But everything on the menu is great! We ate here for dinner most nights during our trip thanks to its generous portions, friendly service, proximity to our hosteland damn good food.

Order anything that came from the ocean or is described on the menu as a Yucatan special — and make sure to get a lemonade, too. La Lomita is incredibly popular, and for good reason: What more could you want? Beautiful Playa Norte is the picture perfect white sand beach with bright blue water. Get a drink, jump in the water, and spend the day relaxing!

What you need out of your vacation is a drink and a beach. Preferably, the prettiest beach possible, with soft white sand and bright blue water. Well, welcome to paradise: Dive in to the inviting water to cool off, and then relax in a lounge or hammock with an ice cold beverage and a good book. Ahhhh, I feel more relaxed already. Like, we wish we did?

What to do in Cancun, Mexico

Yoga on the Beach There are people who wake up early to do sunrise yoga on the beach, taking deep breaths as they focus on the feeling of sand between their toes, greeting the sun as it rises over the clear, blue water.

We are not those people. Classes are offered at 7: But it IS a rad seashell stand we found while zipping our golf cart around the island. But you know what? The point is that there are reptiles in Isla Mujeres and you can befriend tem.

dying to meet you activities in cancun

The hatchery helps breed the turtles, rehabilitates sick or injured turtles and other marine animals during our visit there was a dolphin and a reef shark both in recovery from various illnesses and then releases them into the wild.

According to Castaway With Crystal, who has an excellent guide on turtle hatching in Mexicothe best turtle spotting is on the eastern side of the island, particularly in front of Casa Sirena Hotel.

She says that your best bet is to find them after And report back if you see one!!! We want to know all about it! Relaxing on the beach. In exchange for your fee, you can spend all day using the facilities, including everything from lockers to towels.

dying to meet you activities in cancun

Food and drink is available for purchase as well! This is a fantastic place to spend a long day enjoying the warm water of Isla Mujeres away from the hustle and bustle of town. We choose not to support Garrafon Natural Reef Park because one of their attractions involves swimming with captive dolphins. These dolphins are kept in tiny enclosures and forced to interact with humans all day long, which is dangerous both for the animals and can be dangerous for humans as well as they are interacting with wild animals in a stressful environment.

I would like to discuss some of the best tourist attractions rather can say 10 reasons to visit Cancun. I can assure you that you would want to come back again and again to this enchanting place. Local culture The best part of Cancun tourism is to enjoy the local culture of Cancun.

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You should take part in the Caribbean carnival which takes place every year in Cancun. This festival is full of fun, frolic and music. The Caribbean carnival is held on the Isla Mujeres Island. Besides enjoying the music and dance you can also enjoy some of the best local delicacies for your dinner. Lobster dinner cruise Cancun is famous worldwide for its lobsters.

The lobster dinner cruise provides the tourists with the best delicacies prepared out of lobsters. This cruise is on the Nichupte Lagoon and one can be away from the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy the calm and peaceful environment of the lagoon.

dying to meet you activities in cancun

Cancun Duck tour In this trip you have the chance of exploring both the land and sea. You can enjoy the thick mangroves across the Nichupte Lagoon; watch the ruins of the Mayan civilization and believe me these would be the most memorable moments of your travel to Cancun. Coba Ruins trip Here you get the taste of Mayan traditions. You get the chance to see the ruins of Coba which was present during the Mayan times.

There are old pyramids which have been preserved and you can even climb on the pyramid.