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goliath meet david trophy help

I'm not sure who killed the goliath, but the host got the achievement Borderlands 2 - Achievement / Trophy - Goliath, Meet David - YouTube. Goliath, Meet David Trophy in Borderlands 2 VR (EU): Allowed a Goliath to level up four times Find guides to this trophy here. Item, Guides, Top Guide. Challenge Accepted / Completed level 1 of all non-level-specific challenges with a single character / Gold/30 Gamerscore / Goliath, Meet David / Allowed a.

This system will allow you to level up your skills even further through completing challenges. To reach 25 Badass tokens you will need to reach a Badass to obtain 25 tokens. This will come naturally, but if you want to speed up the process, just check your challenges from the Badass ranking screen and work towards them.

Borderlands 2

Challenge Accepted Complete level 1 of all non-level-specific challenges with a single character This is by far the most time-consuming thing that you will need to do apart from level up several characters to level For this you will need to complete over different challenges. For this you only need to complete the first level of the provided list. Most of these challenges will come with natural progression through the game.

This will give you plenty of time and allow you to earn a large chunk of challenges without having to think about them. Once inside, just to the right of Moxxi on the counter you will find a tip jar.

Once you have each of these items are purple or above this will unlock.

goliath meet david trophy help

Once you locate him, just interact with him and he will give you a weapon and this will unlock. Just obtain 10 customization items for your character and this will unlock. Just make sure once you obtain the items, you unlock them by going into your backpack and activating them.

Once you revive them this will unlock.

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From here you can just play split screen and revive the second account once it falls. Better Than Money Purchase 5 items from the black market At some point in the game you will find a chunk of Eridium.

You will be on top of a mountain now. At the back of the area is a huge metal door. Jump down the cliff to the right of this door.

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You will fall down to a plateau with a tent. Stand in front of the tent and an audio tape will begin to play. Two rainbows will appear in the sky. You will discover this area automatically by following the story missions.

Use fast travel to get here quickly. A Goliath is a humanoid looking enemy with a white, burning mask. To make enemies respawn you can re-enter the area or back out to the main menu and reload the game.

Borderlands 2 - Goliath, Meet David Trophy Achievement Guide Solo

Shoot off his mask and he will go into rage mode. You must now protect him so that he can kill enemies. Killing enemies is what gives him XP and makes him level up. Kill the strong enemies that would cause him to much harm and weaken the small ones so that he can get one-hit kills. I recommend to reach at least level 15 before attempting this. Fight your way through this area until you come to a bridge.

On your first playthrough the Constructor that spawns will be around level The higher your own level, the easier this will be. Shoot the Constructor with a Rocket Launcher and throw some grenades. A real quick tactic with Salvador the Gunzerker is to activate your special Gunzerk ability and equip two rocket launchers.

This deals massive damage and takes out every enemy in a few seconds. To make the Constructor respawn you can back out to the main menu and hit continue or re-enter the Highlands area.

goliath meet david trophy help

This is the place where the original Borderlands 1 started. Look out for a red building in the desert. Jump up that building and once on top you will notice a red chest. Gunzerked continuously for 90 seconds To do this you need to reach level 25 with Salvador Gunzerker Class first! You have to buy the following skills: To respec your skill points you can head to Sanctuary and use the Quick Change machine.

This can be done how often you want, but it costs a small fee. Once the above mentioned skills are maxed out, head to the Frostburn Canyon. Here are lots of low level enemies. The key aspect is to kill as many enemies as you can. Clear the huge starting area first and then move into the cave with the Spiderants.

Goliath, Meet David Achievement in Borderlands 2 (Xbox )

If you have trouble getting this in your first try then back out to the main menu and hit continue. All enemies will respawn! You will enter this area automatically during a story mission. He looks like one of the common Bedrock Bullymogs, but throws explosive barrels at you.

Donkey Mong has only one single spawn point. However, he spawns very rarely. He can spawn at any daytime though. You do not have to kill any other monster in this area to make him spawn. Your XP level does not matter either. It took me over 60 minutes to make him spawn!

Use a vehicle if you are not level 30 yet. He can be a pretty rough enemy otherwise. The best place to find a Chubby Varkid is in the starting area of the Caustic Caverns. It has a fixed spawn point where the first group of Vakids is located, right next to the fast travel station. You can back out to the main menu and hit continue to make all enemies respawn. Playing co-op greatly increases the chances of finding a chubby enemy! With a group of 4 people you will stumble across such a Chubby very soon.

In single player it can take hours or days. Just roam around this area with a bunch of friends in co-op mode to find them more quickly. There will be a yellow exclamation mark in the northern section of the map. Go there and talk to Face McShooty.