Invest karnataka meet me halfway

Live Karnataka Election Results: Both BJP, Cong-JD(S) stake claim to form government

invest karnataka meet me halfway

Meet Me Halfway Lyrics: Ooh, I can't go any further than this / Ooh, I want you so badly, it's my biggest wish / Cool, I spend my time just thinking / Thinking. Event Highlights. Invest Karnataka , Global Investors Meet, successfully concluded with 1, Approved projects and MoUs valued at Rs.3,08, crores. BJP workers celebrate with crackers the party's decisive lead in Karnataka Assembly elections, as the counting of votes is in progress, outside.

Here are the highlights of the Karnataka election results: Perhaps the most exciting aspect of election results is that they are invariably full of surprises. And phew do we have a humdinger of a surprise this time.

Controversy again over Cauvery hydro projects

It's turned out to be a real thriller. The Game Of Thrones in real life. Most important is that it is these times of uncertainty - how will our politicians behave. With dignity and will they honour our country's institutions - or will there be horse-trading - and the demolition of the pillars of our democracy. The politicians should know - The people of India are watching. The world is watching: Prannoy Roy on Karnataka election results.

invest karnataka meet me halfway

We want a secular govt in Karnataka. Prakash Javadekar, tweeted that today's mandate is an expression that BJP stands for good governance.

People of Karnataka want good governance, that is why they have chosen BJP. This is a big victory for the party.

invest karnataka meet me halfway

People have rejected Siddaramaiah. This is a historic win for BJP.

Equity Investors after Karnataka Elections and the Road to 2019.

I want to thank all the people of Karnataka for voting for us. Ab desh mein Congres… https: While BJP has secured an astounding increase in number of seats in Karnataka elections, its failure to form a government has had a negative impact. The first question that arises here is, why do markets love the current government?

A stable political environment also calls for better foreign inflow, causing a boost to the economy. In D-street, mandate to BJP means mandate to economic reforms The ruling government in the center has a reputation for laying ground breaking economic reforms.

And any structural reform in an economy as large and fragmented as India- is going to hurt initially. So a mandate to the ruling government will ensure that the discomforts of the policy reforms have not dissuaded the people and they are ready to embrace them for a long term benefit.

And this needs no testament that markets love far sighted, hard reforms. And during the four year term, market has been exhibiting bull tendencies even while going down steeply at times. So it becomes quite simple why BJP is the choice for D-street. And the agencies being talked about here are institutions like World Bank itself.

Equity Investors after Karnataka Elections and the Road to - MoneyChai

A hold on populist measures The current government has proved very bold in two arenas- implementing unpopular reforms- and not implementing populist policy measures. The freebies and incessant spending just for populist targets dampen the market spirit.

They also dissuade external ratings on account of them being unsound business decisions. The current government has not succumbed to this propensity and that is definitely a reason to hope for this regime to continue. Drop in institutional corruption India has been plagued in the past with instances of institutional corruption at various levels of the government.

It not only makes the Indian market less attractive for FDI, but also tends to slow down the domestic movement in the markets. Tight policy changes and strict monitoring of government projects allocation has brought a sense of confidence in the markets.