March meet 2014 fuel altereds 2015

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march meet 2014 fuel altereds 2015

Denton - Pro Mod vs. Fuel Altered Showdown - June Denton - Pro Mod vs. Fuel Altered. Bakersfield March Meet Pomona - NHRA Auto Club Finals - November Bakersfield - California Hot Rod Reunion - October Posts about march meet written by kerobomb. Also noteworthy: NHRA Heritage Series Top Fuel Champ Tony PM – Fuel Altered Qualifying Session 2 I counted over 55 blown-on-nitro race cars at the March Meet. march-meetfuel-altereds Nhra Drag Racing, Drag · Nhra Drag Racing Drag .. Racing - March Meet - Photo by Darrell Conrad - x .

From that point, it was nitro or nothing. In true Garlits style, Bryan told his family he would not shave his beard until he ran a 6-second pass at more than mph in a nitro-burning Fuel Altered.

march meet 2014 fuel altereds 2015

Yet, one important detail was yet to be determined, a name for this unholy ride. A fire-breathing and totally unforgiving ci, cast-aluminum block sat between the framerails of this inch-wheelbase chassis. A well-used GM 6: A direct-drive transmission coupled with Overall, the combination was based on a mids Nostalgia Top Fuel—style tune-up, and with assistance from many fellow nitro competitors, Bryan felt he had a confident baseline to start with.

Hours were spent hand-fabricating brackets and trinkets in his garage, learning hands on about a clutch and all the additional new aspects of racing with nitro that Bryan had no previous experience with. Complete with their conversion of once a blown alcohol machine to a true bona fide nitro Fuel Altered, Bryan and the team backed the car out of the garage and set it on jackstands ready for the first fire up in the driveway.

This was the first time the car had a full load of nitromethane, and after a few small setbacks, the team felt confident in taking the car to the dragstrip for the first time. This burnout did not come without its own challenges, as Saturday during the warm-up, an oil pump drive sheared, which sent Bryan to the local machine shop that evening in hopes of rescuing his test session. With the oil pump functioning properly, it was finally time.

His stomach was in knots and that uneasy feeling of knowing what nitromethane can do to precious and expensive race-car parts, Bryan stabbed the throttle and went feet before smoking the tires.

The 2015 March Meet Coverage From Bakersfield

Most people would be disappointed in such a run, but for the Halls, this was an incredible accomplishment. With no parts damage and no time to spare, they loaded up and just three days later found themselves pulling in the front gate at Famoso Raceway ready to find their pit space for the March Meet. It was Friday night, under the lights, with a capacity crowd and more than a dozen nitro Fuel Altereds in the staging lanes, including Bryan Hall getting ready to make his first competition pass in this first qualifying session.

Intimidation, excitement, with a mixture of uncertainty and accomplishment filled the air as the team pushed the car into the water box ready to embark into uncharted territory. The call went out, it was go time. Instead of how it had been for so many years, with Mark and Bryan running to the fence to watch Fuel Altereds run down the track, it was them who the fans were running to the fence to watch. All was good as the car pulled into the beams, and in just seconds, the pass the Hall family will never forget was about to begin.

This marked his first 6-second pass and first pass over mph! On the turnoff, Bryan shed his multiple layers of safety protection as the tow truck filled with his family and friends could be heard from the starting line blaring the horn and screaming to the fans as they went down to pick up the car. It was as if they had won the U.

march meet 2014 fuel altereds 2015

Bryan describes this as the very moment in which all his dreams in drag racing had come true. In that first round, Bryan was defeated by the eventual event winner, Roger Lechtenberg, but there were no sad faces back in the pits as a remarkable lifetime achievement had been reached for Bryan and family on this March Meet weekend in Bakersfield.

Atop all the excitement from The Tramp, we must also recognize Mark, who was competing with his Blown Altered in 7. True budget racers, the Halls do not have the financial means to replace parts between rounds, much less between races.

Bartone followed with a reaction of. Bartone ran his fastest and quickest race of the week-end in the finals with an ET of 5. This win gave Bartone his 24th consecutive win light in nostalgia racing. Tony Bartone is shown above and Adam Sorokin is shown below. Although Day left the line first with a reaction time of. Densham turned in an ET of 5.

The Story of the Hall Brother’s Fuel Altered Racer

Horan finally left the line with a reaction time of. The finals in this class was deja vu all over again. Hix is shown below. Below is Jeremy Sullivan in an early elimination round.

March Meet Page 7

Kin Bates the No. When he met No. Waters ran an ET of 6. Waters, shown below, took the win. Kin Bates is shown below in an early round of A fuel. Due to the differences in Jr. Fuel cars, this class runs on a dial-in of 6. Parks took the win with a reaction time of. Enriquez left the line slower with a reaction time of. Near half-track Anderson headed toward the center line but pulled it out and crossed the finish line first with an ET of 6.

march meet 2014 fuel altereds 2015

Reinero finished with an ET of 6. Below are the three AA Supercharged cars running this week-end. This slideshow requires JavaScript. In the finals Adams met Kenny Buzdas who went red giving Adams an easy run to the finish to take the win. This is a 7. Barta and Morosan had nearly the same reaction times, Barta.

march meet 2014 fuel altereds 2015

This is an 8. Workman with a reaction time of. Dragster Jeff took the win with an ET of 8. Jeff Crider is shown below.

This is a 9. DeStaute had a reaction time of.

2013 March Meet Top Fuel

Turley tripped the red light at the start. This was a close race with Morovich inching out the win after leaving the line with a reaction time of.

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Morovich had an ET of 7. This was a 32 car field running on an 8. The end result was a double break-out. Tourek broke-out less with an ET of 8.

march meet 2014 fuel altereds 2015

Tourek and Boyles at the line in the B Gas final. A 51 car field ran eliminations rounds in this 9. Also like A Gas this was a close race. While Shears had a reaction time of. Hoover, below, took the win with an ET of 9. Good thing the electronics told us who won this race or it would have been a photo finish. This class had a 46 car field and ran on a Wood left the line first with a reaction time of. Ficher was not far behind with a reaction time of. Woods won the race with an ET of A dial-in class with a car field, 6 rounds of elimination and the finals.

In the finals No. Wagner in a Maverick on a Wagner had a reaction time of. Wagner ran an ET of Wagner went across the finish line first to take the win.

Joshua Wagner and his Hot Rod Maverick is shown below. There were two rear-engine Top Fuel cars running this week-end one of which is campaigned by the same crew that runs Fighting Irish the Funny Car. A lot of wheels up.