Meet factory program vehicles

Hyundai Certified Difference

meet factory program vehicles

All pre-owned vehicles must meet strict manufacturer requirements to be eligible as a Factory-Certified Pre-Owned vehicle. Each manufacturer sets specific. Sep 18, By buying a certified pre-owned car, you get a simpler shopping inspection and reconditioning and has been given a factory-backed limited warranty. program as an example, the car has certain requirements to meet: It. In order to meet the rigorous factory-specified standards of the CPO program, trained Hyundai dealership technicians put each vehicle through an exhaustive.

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Are Certified Used Cars Worth the Extra Cost?

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Hyundai CPO Program

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Are Certified Used Cars Worth the Extra Cost?

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If you see a "certified" used car at an independent used car lot, or a "dealer certified" car at a new car dealership, it's not the same thing and has nothing to do with the manufacturer.

meet factory program vehicles

It usually means they just did their own inspection and slapped on a "certified" sticker to confuse shoppers. There are some third party companies, such as Automobile Protection Corp.

meet factory program vehicles

These are not as attractive as manufacturer-backed programs and could leave you at risk if the company goes out of business. There are advantages to buying a certified pre-owned car - most notably the peace of mind you get with the factory-backed warranty and thorough inspection. But this comes at a cost.

meet factory program vehicles

Whether this extra cost is worth it depends mostly on the length and coverage of the extended warranty. You could have a used car thoroughly inspected by an independent mechanic and combine that with a factory backed extended warranty and you'll have something close to a certified used car.

Vehicles not meeting or exceeding all Hyundai CPO factory-set program standards are excluded from the system. Up-to-date maintenance services are performed with checks made to all vital fluids, tire tread depth and brake pad thickness. Any component that does not meet Hyundai CPO standards is reconditioned or repaired. Any component that cannot be repaired is replaced with Genuine Hyundai or Hyundai-approved parts.

meet factory program vehicles

Emergency towing to the nearest Hyundai dealer, accidents included Battery jump-starts Changing of a flat tire Out-of-fuel assistance up to 3 gallons Lock-out assistance Roadside Assistance coverage is 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week and days-a-year and is available by calling For minor mechanical disablements such as a flat tire with your good spareout-of-gas or dead battery, and for emergency lockout service Trip Interruption: To nearest Hyundai dealership, no cost cap applies.