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Introducing the Sadler twins, Landon and Lucas |

meet landon links baby

Hear from the moms and dads whose babies overcame great odds in the first few days of Meet Landon. Born at just 26 weeks, Landon struggled to breathe. Visit's Laura Landon Page and shop for all Laura Landon books. If you ever meet a senior citizen who says she's living her dream, that's me. GEMSS would like to thank Landon and his mother for their generosity in sharing this story with us. You have made the site come to life with the addition of your.

So I went back to sleep. Well the cramps got worse. So I decided to shower, dry my hair, and throw some makeup yes, I totally did my makeup. This makes me feel human.

Landon's Birth Story - Lauren McBride

So makeup, I did. The cramping got progressively worse to the point where I was down on all 4s, rocking through them. So I started timing them, and sure enough it seemed that I was in active labor contractions every minutes, lasting seconds. I called the on call midwife again around 6am to fill her in, to which she advised me to come to the hospital so they could check me out.

Things just got real.

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Pat dropped Ammo off at doggie daycare just incase we were definitely having a baby and needed to board him for the next couple days, and my doula arrived at my house around 7am where she sweetly cooked me up some eggs. Who knew when I would be able to eat next?! We got into the car around am, and at this point my contractions were BAD.

And seeing as this was the start of rush hour, let me just tell you that contracting in the car while stuck in traffic is NOT fun. I swear, if anyone around us was looking in our windows, I painted the perfect picture of a laboring woman.

By the time all of that was done, it was around am before they actually started inserting my epidural. Holding that position while contracting? They told me my contractions should start feeling less and less. Um no, they were feeling stronger and stronger, and oh my gosh, why do I feel such pressure and like my butt is burning? Sure enough, 10cm and baby time. And my body just did not want to wait. This family of four wanted to add another sibling.

If we could have one more baby and she could somehow get a girl out of this. That was her hope," said Skyler.

meet landon links baby

After five years of trying, Skyler and Jamie turned to fertility help. They were able to get pregnant on their second round of artificial insemination. Their happiness grew to shock when they found out they would be adding a party of five to their family. She called someone else over and they both looked at the screen together.

We're looking at each other and going okay, what is it? She says, 'There's four. Maybe 15 to 20 minutes have gone by and again she stops, looks at the screen and at that point she didn't have to tell us.

meet landon links baby

I asked if her there's five in there isn't there? Two boys and three girls. Their names are already picked out. We have Lily Jane and Violet Rose.

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And Rose is his grandmother's name. And we have Daisy Kate and Kate is my sister's name," said Jamie. Jamie goes out and talks to her plants.

She misses her plants. The boys are Logan Matthew, two names we love and people we know that we love with those names and then Lincoln Alan. Alan is my dad's name and I just love Lincoln. I just love the president. Lincoln is a strong name. John Elliot, one of the country's authorities on high-risk multiple births. Which means we would be having the babies tomorrow.