Miss golden week operation meet baroque dance

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miss golden week operation meet baroque dance

One piece mini-series: Miss Goldenweek's "Operation: Meet Baroque Works" Mis Goldenweek is a member of "Baroque Works" and Mr.3 is her partner. Jango's Dance Paradise · Hatchan's Miss Goldenweek's "Operation:Meet Baroque Works" · Skypiea Character .. points 2 years ago (1 child). This is awesome since I am craving some one piece an no new issue this week. Mr. 4's outfit during Miss Goldenweek's "Operation: Meet Baroque Miss Merry Christmas a massage, and giggle when Mr. 2 started to dance.

Hina, with the help of sketches provided by the captured Unluckies, Mr. Friday, recognizes them anyway. Valentine ends up captured, and Hina announces that if Mr. And of course Mr. Before he can leave, however, he's attacked by a man who fights like a swan.

At the beach where Ms. Valentine is being held, Mr. Goldenweek try to think of a plan.

One piece mini-series: Miss Goldenweek's "Operation: Meet Baroque Works"

Just then, someone appears; it's a tied-up Mr. After knocking out nearby Marine personnel, Bon Clay and Hina fight. In the middle of the chaos Mr. Valentine, and steal Hina's ship with more Color Traps. Infiltrating the Marine garrison where the B.

W officer agents are being held, a jailbreak is initiated. While most of the Baroque Works agents escape, Crocodile and Mr. Before sailing off, Ms. Goldenweek creates her ultimate Color Trap, Rainbow: Color of Dream, to make everyone resemble the things they always dreamed of becoming. The escaped agents go into a desert. There, they find an abandoned building which they convert into a second Spider's Cafe.

Back at the garrison, Misters 2 and 3 are tossed into the same cell as Misters 0 and 1. The four agents of Baroque Works are shipped off to Impel Down. Dorry and Brogy don't particularly seem to care that three of the people who'd previously disrupted their sacred duel are still living on Little Garden, and even give the trio a fond farewell as they fly off to rescue their fellow agents.

An on the fly one, but one nonetheless. The escaped agents all decide to settle down and help run Ms. Second time Bon Clay does this, keeping Hina at bay to allows his fellow agents to escape.

miss golden week operation meet baroque dance

Color Of Dream reveals alot about the characters. Unlike their feminine counterparts who are named after holidays with no obvious way of knowing who outranks who, the guys have number designations with the lowest numbers outranking the higher.

How fitting the number 1 Baroque Work agent is indeed Mr.

miss golden week operation meet baroque dance

If there was any doubt as to why he belongs as number 1 on this list, he has the devil fruit ability to turn any part of his body into a blade, which would be an awesome ability and he uses it well. Better known as the privateer Crocodile, Mr. With the ancient weapon in his arsenal, and the thousands of Baroque Works agents under his control, Crocodile ultimately wants to become the King of the Pirates, as was revealed by Miss Goldenweek.

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He seems to have lost his ambitions after being defeated by Luffy, and even refuses the opportunity to escape, choosing rather to go to Impel Down, the worlds worst prison. His ruthless cunning and formidable devil fruit powers make him pretty cool, but he definitely loses points for the tacky checkered coat he wears.

You can see his true style come out after escaping Impel Down, when he and Daz Bones decide to venture out into the Grand Line, perhaps to encounter the Straw Hats again. Though he likes to act tough and look stylish, Mr. When attacked by Hina he simply ran away and left his partner Miss Valentine behind, only moving in to rescue her later, when Mr.

His Bomb Bomb devil fruit is pretty interesting, and in particular his revolver that he can load with his own breath that explodes when fired out. Then again flicking exploding boogers is pretty gross so this guy only ranks as high as he does because of the crappiness of the rest of the agents, and not his own coolness. He is an acrobatic fighter, doing fancy back flips and swinging a pair of metal baseball bats, which kind of reminds me of the Scout class from Team Fortress 2.

If anyone makes a Mr. Just looking at Mr. He prefers to do things in elaborate and conniving ways, which may work for him at times but not against the Straw Hats, and ended up costing him his position in Baroque Works and nearly his life.

He is capable of using his Wax Wax devil fruit to make huge daggers, large enough to stab into a giants hand, and form an armor around himself to physically fight, but only uses it as a last resort or as an act of cruelty.

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If the guy would focus on using his powers for combat and get a hair cut he could easily rank higher on this list.