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petatv meet your meat beef

Other Viewing Options Download Video · Request a free CD copy of "Meet Your Meat" dotted line. Embed code to post this video on your MySpace page or blog. NOTE ADDED APR Although the video "Meet Your Meat" narrated by Alec Baldwin on the PETA web site at focuses on cruelty to. Meet Your Meat is a documentary about factory farming created by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), narrated by Alec.

You may be surprised. According to research, pigs are much smarter than dogs, and they even do better at video games than some primates. In fact, pigs are extremely clever animals who form complex social networks and have excellent memories.

Eating a pig is like eating your dog! As actor Cameron Diaz put it after hearing that pigs have the mental capacities of a 3-year-old human: Pigs Have Feelings Too Ninety-seven percent of pigs in the United States today are raised in factory farms, where they will never run across sprawling pastures, bask in the sun, breathe fresh air, or do anything else that comes naturally to them. // Cruelty to Animals: Mechanized Madness

Crowded into warehouses with nothing to do and nowhere to go, they are kept on a steady diet of drugs to keep them alive and make them grow faster, but the drugs cause many of the animals to become crippled under their own bulk.

Learn more about cruelty to pigs www. Porking You Up It's a fact-ham, sausage, and bacon strips will go right to your hips. Eating pork products, which are loaded with artery-clogging cholesterol and saturated fat, is a good way to increase your waistline and increase your chances of developing deadly diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, osteoporosis, Alzheimer's, asthma, and impotence.

Research has shown that vegetarians are 50 percent less likely to develop heart disease, and they have 40 percent of the cancer rate of meat-eaters. Plus, meat-eaters are nine times more likely to be obese than pure vegetarians are.

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Every time you eat animal products, you're also ingesting bacteria, antibiotics, dioxins, hormones, and a host of other toxins that can accumulate in your body and remain there for years. If they are given sufficient space, pigs are careful not to soil the areas where they sleep or eat.

And forget the silly saying "sweating like a pig"- pigs can't even sweat! That's why they bathe in water or mud to cool off. But in factory farms, they're forced to live in their own feces and vomit and even amid the corpses of other pigs.

Conditions are so filthy that at any given time, more than one-quarter of pigs suffer from mange-think of your worst case of poison ivy, and imagine having to suffer from it for the rest of your life.

Factory Farming: The Industrialization of Cruelty for Profit

Check out the mange-ridden pigs on these South Dakota www. Farming Family Values Factory farms are pure hell for pigs and their babies.

petatv meet your meat beef

Mother pigs spend most of their lives in tiny "gestation" crates, which are so small that the animals are unable to turn around or even lie down comfortably. The leading fast-food chains and meatpacking companies don't want any of their customers to get sick. But these companies also don't want to be held accountable when their food does make people sick.

For almost a century the meatpacking industry has vehemently opposed federal efforts to prevent the sale of contaminated meat.

petatv meet your meat beef

I think that the U. At a time when newly emerged pathogens such as E. H7 and mad-cow disease threaten the nation's food supply, the U. As a result, ordinary Americans, both Republican and Democrat, are paying the price with their health and, sometimes, their lives.

It is not merely the case that the United States fails to test for BSE among suspect cows, where testing might be expected to reveal a high disease incidence which discredits the American beef industry. Rather, it is the case that the United States so fears testing that it sometimes positively forbids it even among normal cows where a low incidence of BSE might be expected: When Creekstone Farms, a small meatpacking company in Kansas, sought to test all its cattle for mad-cow disease, the U.

Who can believe American assertions that its cattle are BSE-free when America's vaunted freedom of speech stops at a line drawn by agribusiness: The National Cattlemen's Beef Association, the National Restaurant Association, the Grocery Manufacturers of America, the McDonald's Corporation, and other corporate pillars of the food industry have gone out of their way lately to promote the idea that "there are no good foods or bad foods.

The "veggie libel laws" of more than a dozen states now allow food companies and producers to sue their critics. Eight years ago, Oprah Winfrey was sued under such a law in Texas after suggesting that mad-cow disease might pose a threat in the U. In Colorado, the veggie libel law can lead to a criminal conviction. Criticizing the ground beef produced at the Greenley slaughterhouse could get you sent to prison for up to one year. Downer Cows Ataxia and hypermetria of infected cow.

Mink are sentinel animals like canaries in coal mines. This perplexed researchers who were unable to orally infect mink with scrapie-infected sheep brains Marsh, A clue came in when TME wiped out a population of minks in Wisconsin who hadn't eaten any sheep at all Tainted, Marsh believes that there was a form of BSE in the United States and that it manifests itself as more of a "downer" cow disease than a "mad" cow disease McNair, ; Marsh, Downer cow syndrome is a major problem among dairy cattle Radostits,with tens of thousands of cows going down for unexplainable reasons every year in the U.

If even a tiny percentage of these cows are falling victim to BSE, this could have frightening implications on a grand scale. If downer cows can be kept alive long enough, they can be used directly for human consumption Bovine, and their bones boiled along with their "lips, head, knuckles, feet If deemed unfit the carcasses are melted down in a process called rendering into products like animal feed or pet food Hearing, Numerous tests have been performed and none exclude the possibility that U.

petatv meet your meat beef

Mink, like many mammals, were found to be susceptible to BSE; when mink are fed BSE-infected brains from British cows they die from a spongiform encephalopathy Robinson, The disease can experimentally be spread from mink to cows and from cows back to mink Marsh, The critical experiments, though, involved inoculating brains from American sheep infected with scrapie into American cattle Cutlip, In England, presumably scrapie-infected cows go mad, twitching Caldwell, and kicking into a rabid frenzy Robinson, But in the U.

Based on the small number of mink farms decimated by this disease, though, it would seem to be so rare that Dr. Marsh has asserted that American beef is, "totally safe" as far as he can tell Dateline, If TSE is a single disease which jumps species barriers, then it is inconceivable that there could be zero incidence among American cattle while an epidemic rages among American sheep: Indigenous conditions in the U.

The prevalence of the disease is not known since data on scrapie is not collected in all states Bovine, The year Miller, USDA Scrapie Eradication Program has been called a "dismal failure" Bradley, and was even implicated in the recent rise of scrapie-infected sheep Marsh, Admitting defeat, the USDA scrapped the Scrapie Eradication Program four years ago and replaced it with an "entirely voluntary" control program Bleifuss, Meanwhile 22, tons of sheep slaughterhouse by-products are produced in the United States every year which go primarily into animal feed Qualitative, One of the main differences between the U.

This is a moot point, however, if BSE is already here. By August ofonly one flock in the entire country had actually made it through the monitoring process and attained scrapie-free certification. Could the nightmare happen here?

A conspiracy theorist might argue that the U. At the very least it seems to be governed by incompetence and mismanagement. During the month after the cow with B.

The Bush administration's mad-cow policy has essentially turned American consumers into the subjects of a vast medical experiment. But the true extent of the problem in the United States remains unknown. Today's CBC television six o'clock news showing videos of one unsteady and trembling American cow, and another fallen American cow that can't get up, whose BSE American officials appear to have concealed, demonstrates the mainstream media discovering the tip of a very large iceberg which has been floating in plain view for several years.

The Bush administration attempts to convince the world of its high consumer-safety standards by boycotting Canadian beef.

petatv meet your meat beef

As Canadian beef is safer than American beef, the boycott in reality endangers American health. The only goal which the Bush administration succeeds in advancing is the destruction of Canadian competition. This from there being two Canadian cows with BSE recently, the population of the US approaching million, and the incidence of CJD being widely cited as one per million population.

petatv meet your meat beef

That Americans annually contract CJD is an estimate, as it is impossible to perform an authoritative count: Part of the problem is that CJD resembles common diseases such as dementia in the elderly. Doctors have no set guidelines on what to look for and only autopsies can confirm a diagnosis. But the surveillance system in the US is so woefully inadequate that even if these fears are unfounded, it is impossible for researchers to rule out the possibility.