Welcome speech for school alumni meet

Welcome Speech for Alumni meet by Principal, Teacher & Students

welcome speech for school alumni meet

Welcome Speech for Alumni Meet. Good evening to everyone and all present here It gives me a great pleasure to address you all on the auspicious occasion . These people will be inclined to welcome you, they will introduce you to For you, membership in the alumni association might translate to. Alumni Welcome Speech by the Principal. It gives me great The alumni are able to meet each other, their former lectures and other staff. In recent years ______ has steadily been building our capacity to create a truly great school/ college.

But I can tell you that it will worth the experience of this evening which you will take home, the time you all have spared. A few years ago, our college was a small organization. And if I talk about today, our graduates have widely-spread throughout the world in search for growth, learning knowledge and their performance make difference everywhere.

Many of you are still on my mind because of your excellent performance. I believe that our college has now become one of the great institutions of the city, which has the 2nd ranking by the Mumbai education department. And to achieve the greatness, it has all the important prerequisites such as an expensive campus, conducive environment for all-around growth, experienced faculty, dedicated students, necessary financial resources, etc.

welcome speech for school alumni meet

A living institution makes an impact on everything it touches on the minds and dreams and characters of students, on the world of ideas and their practical application as we transfer knowledge and innovations to the world beyond our campus and on the communities with which we engage, locally and globally.

As we inspire our students, sometimes they repay us in full measure.

welcome speech for school alumni meet

As I come close, I would like to reiterate the role you play in the wider society. Most of you hold key positions of influence. I would appreciate seeing that you use the influence to direct the development of our society positively.

Welcome Speech for Alumni meet by Principal, Teacher & Students

You should always endeavour to uphold good morals and act as an inspiration to the society. So I stand here to applaud and humbly thank our institution as a whole.

We believe that all this was made possible through the effective learning environment of our college of nursing under the leadership of our principal Sr. With great admiration I want to salute sister, who is not just a Principal, but the perfect leader who represented a vote of confidence in each of us. It goes beyond saying that completing the course in this environment will provide an enormous benefit to all the students, expanding and strengthening our capabilities and equipping us with the skills to take the next steps in our careers.

Thank you dear sister for making us strong enough to face the real world as we now start our journeys as the custodians of nursing profession. As we think of our class co-coordinators and teachers this becomes true. They molded us by sharing their valuable knowledge and experience and helped us in developing our skills as nurses.

The biggest thanks we owe however is to all of them for the faith they had in us and backing us in every way possible to develop ourselves to our best possibilities. We extend special gratitude to all our patients who made our world complete in different wards throughout our postings. Best of all, this part of the experience will continue throughout our careers as we refine and develop our knowledge and understanding of what it means to be an effective nurse wherever we are.

Our special gratitude to our dear hostel wardens, Sr. Kripa for providing us with a homely atmosphere and we are much obliged to them for catering to us like their own daughters.

welcome speech for school alumni meet

We can never forget the contribution of our non-teaching staff in our college and hostel, who made our journey quiet easy in this institution. They have worked hard to make our time comfortable and secure. At the time of graduation, we feel happy and proud, because all our hard work has finally paid off.

College days are always the best days of our life. They gift most of us with some unforgettable memories to cherish forever. The friends we made, the days we spend together, and the moments shared are priceless. Our Student nurses activities at various level, most memorably and most importantly, gave each of us the opportunity to participate in countless hours of high quality activities with fellow students, facilitators and colleagues.

welcome speech for school alumni meet

Those vibrant and enthusiastic SNA will always be in our heart. Our SNA week, sports day, college day celebrations, all programmes, competitions and much more. We are really going to miss you all We can never forget our very supportive parents and relatives. Your role as parents, in nurturing and encouraging us in our career has been a blessing and support.

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We are very lucky to have such loving and caring parents, who met all our needs with love, care, affection and understanding We all experienced that, we got the best in our institution. It is always a result of high intension! Skillful execution and ability to see obstacles as opportunities always. I am honored to be selected to speak with you all on this most important occasion representing general nursing and midwifery students of batch to express our sincere gratitude to all and also to lovingly embrace those sweet memories which enabled us to make this day possible like this.

We are very happy that you are all here to share in this celebration of the accomplishments and unique qualities of the fine members of our graduating class. As a graduate nurse who successfully completed 3 and half years of education in nursing, I feel a huge sense of pride and achievement right now and I would like all of my fellow graduates to cast your minds back to day one of St.

Success is defined in myriad ways and you will find that through so many people as you progress in your life journey.

Welcome Speech for Alumni Meet by Teacher, Principal & Student

We are grateful to the management of St. As rightly said by Dr. Looking back helps us to gather lot of memories. Our days were not very easy and we tried each day to cope up with its tough schedules. But in all these, the most important thing we learned was striving for excellence with hard work and passion for nursing realizing the value of being a nurse.

Each and every one of us graduating today has had to struggle, sacrifice and compromise in order to succeed and each of us takes something individual from our time at SMCON.