Relationship between curriculum and instruction ppt slides

relationship between curriculum and instruction ppt slides

21st Century Skills & Expectations: Communication Skills Understand, manage and create effective oral, written and multimedia communication in a variety of. Discuss the contributions of John Dewey to the development of curriculum do research, make a presentation, build something, be involved in a debate, etc. South Carolina Department of Education. Building Bridges Between. Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment. How can we improve achievement for all students.

relationship between curriculum and instruction ppt slides

Demonstrate ethical behavior in personal, workplace and community contexts. We will need to: Develop a process to ensure that all stakeholders have a clear understanding of the role of the school-wide academic expectations. Identify a targeted level of successful achievement in the school-wide rubric for each academic expectation.

Curriculum, Instruction, & Assessment

Introduce more inquiry, problem-solving, and opportunities for higher-order thinking and the application of knowledge and skills into all course curricula, regardless of level. Ensure that all courses, regardless of level, emphasize depth of understanding over breadth of coverage. Use standardized test results and individual student assessment data to guide curriculum evaluation and to provide feedback to students on their progress in meeting the school-wide learning expectations.

Provide professional development on the use of instructional strategies that engage all students in inquiry, problem solving, higher-order thinking skills and authentic application of learning in order to increase rigor to better adhere to the mission statement.

Curriculum, Instruction, & Assessment - ppt download

Ensure that school-wide rubrics are used to improve student instruction and assessment. Develop and implement a process for assessing school-wide and individual student progress in achieving the academic expectations in the mission based on the use of school-wide rubrics. Identify indicators and compile data demonstrating student progress towards civic and social expectations.

relationship between curriculum and instruction ppt slides

Align school-wide rubrics and course-specific rubrics for all assessments. Provide time and training in the use of a variety of assessment strategies, including formative and summative assessments and the use of specific feedback to improve student achievement.

Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment, oh my!

The curriculum is designed in order to mold students thinking in areas such as ethnicity, religion, a shared national myth and many different agendas including: In these cases the curriculum is created to ignore or minimize facts, technique, and practical learning and is written in such a manner that the affective, moral and ethical aspects of thought are targeted.

Instruction refers to the way in which the content will be delivered.

relationship between curriculum and instruction ppt slides

There are various questions that educators consider in order to design instruction. In other words educators need to discern who their student audience is in order to tailor the instruction to best suit their needs and socio-economic situation. In other words, what exactly do I want my students to learn and who will they show that they have learned it? If this step is not conducted then "education" will simply be one day after another of random events, readings and quizzes that are not connected to any plan.

Relationship Between Curriculum and Instruction

Teachers must ask themselves what environment they should create and what learning experiences they should design in order to best teach the information.

Should students read the information, memorize it, do research, make a presentation, build something, be involved in a debate, etc.

relationship between curriculum and instruction ppt slides

Assessments can be in class questions, quizzes, tests, written assignments, research papers, presentations, etc. Relationship between curriculum and instruction: There is an important healthy tension between curriculum design and instructional design. Solution Summary This post is a discussion of the similarities and differences between curriculum and instruction. The impact of John Dewey on education and the educational philosophies of reconstructionism, progressivism, essentialism and perennialism are discussed.