Am i happy in my relationship yahoo

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am i happy in my relationship yahoo

If you share the same hobbies (as my and my boyfriend do) then (I'm the type of person to make other happy before myself too but its not. How do you feel about your work, social circle, family? All the stars don't have to be perfectly aligned, but you should be happy with your own. My parents have been married for nearly 40 years and it's far from hope lots of people have long, happy and successful relationships.

What makes a good relationship work?

My boyfriend at the minute lives an hour drive away but works near me. So he'll stay at mine for days then go home for days. Sometimes stays at mine for a week; sometimes goes home for 5 days.

am i happy in my relationship yahoo

You sound like a very decent guy and you only want the best for you and you sound like you are sacrificing a lot but honestly You have to think about yourself, look after yourself and make sure YOU are happy. I'm the type of person to make other happy before myself too but its not always healthy If it comes down to breaking up don't worry about her.

Because you can still be there for her as a friend!

14 Signs a Relationship Won’t Last Very Long

Sure it's going to take a while for feelings to change and it might be best keeping to no contact for a week, 2 weeks maybe a month or too while things settle but you CAN still be there for her, you CAN still care about her and not be in a relationship with her.

Just say to her exactly what you said here: You need more you time, you need to see your friends, you love and care for her but your a bit sufficated at the minute. Spending time apart is a great opportunity for self-discovery.

am i happy in my relationship yahoo

Learn how to be happy as a single person and organize your time outside of a relationship. The next time you enter into a relationship, you and your partner can add to that happiness, not create it from scratch. Should We Get Back Together?

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This can lead to an unhealthy pattern of breaking up and getting back together where nothing ever changes. To avoid that kind of tumultuous situation, there are a few questions you can ask yourself to decide whether you should get back together. Ultimately you have to ask yourself if your life is better with that person in it.

Why Am I Unhappy In My Relationship?

During your break, he suggests asking yourself: Do I miss this person? Do I want to reach out to this person? A healthy balance is what marriage is all about.

am i happy in my relationship yahoo

My husband leaves me notes every day as I do, on top of his lunch pack! We say that we love each other every single day and several times a day - either when he phones me whilst he is working or me phoning him.

am i happy in my relationship yahoo

When home, we have tons of cuddles and plenty of kisses. He, just the other day wrote that he loves me so very much and is sorry to not be showing it so much, due to being so tired from work and suggests getting a board game down and de-cobwebbing them LOL.

Our intimacy is very much alive and when we feel dis-satisfied with something, we explain and deal with it. The other key is to put your man first and a lot of compromising.