Goebbels hitler relationship with niece

The Ugly & Tragic Relationship Between Hitler & His Niece Will Make You Hate The Man Even More

goebbels hitler relationship with niece

Adolf Hitler's sexuality has long been a matter of historical and scholarly debate, as well as speculation and rumour. There is evidence that he had relationships with a number of women during Otto Strasser, one of Hitler's opponents in the Nazi Party, also told his post-war interrogators a similar story. British historian Sir . The relationship between Hitler and Geli Raubal -- the daughter of his while " Doktor Goebbels was like Hitler in thinking the highest order of. There is no more troubling way of viewing the Nazi leaders than in examining year relationship that involved several suicide attempts and led Hitler's that the dictator forced his niece Geli to urinate and defecate on him.

When pro-Nazi foreign women like Unity Mitford visited, Hitler usually lectured them about politics. She began living at his residence after her mother became Hitler's housekeeper in Although the exact nature and extent of their relationship is unknown, Kershaw describes it as a latent "sexual dependence".

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Geli committed suicide with Hitler's gun in his Munich apartment in September Her death was a source of deep, lasting pain for Hitler. Hitler's valet, Heinz Lingestated in his memoirs that Hitler and Braun had two bedrooms and two bathrooms with interconnecting doors at the Berghofand Hitler would end most evenings alone with her in his study before they retired to bed.

She would wear a "dressing gown or house-coat" and drink wine; Hitler would have tea. He was concerned for her safety when she was staying in the Munich home he had bought her.

goebbels hitler relationship with niece

Junge further asked Hitler once why he never married. I wouldn't have been able to give enough time to my wife". Male homosexuality was illegal, and offenders were sent to prison or directly to concentration camps.

Rauschning also claimed that in Munich Hitler was found guilty of a violation of Paragraphwhich dealt with pederasty. No evidence of either of these two charges has been found.

His Life and Legend by Walter C.

goebbels hitler relationship with niece

Langercommissioned to help the Allies understand the dictator. The Secret Wartime Report[34] describes Hitler as having repressed homosexual tendencies [35] and states that he was an impotent coprophile.

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  • The Ugly & Tragic Relationship Between Hitler & His Niece Will Make You Hate The Man Even More
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Regardless of how she stayed, the truth was that she did. For the next four years, it would be her and Hitler alone in the Munich apartment.

goebbels hitler relationship with niece

As for their tumultuous relationship, that story also is more or less true. Many who knew the pair claim that there was a constant air of jealousy surrounding them. It was this jealousy that many believe drove Hitler to become overly possessive of Geli. While they lived under the same roof, he controlled her social life, dictating whom she could see and when, and preventing her from applying to music school in Vienna.

When he found out she was seeing his chauffeur, he reprimanded her and had the man fired. Despite the gunshot wound being inconsistent with self-infliction, no autopsy was performed either. Some claimed that her nose was broken, some claimed she was pregnant.

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The fact that there was no official report on the death did more to fuel the rumors than quell them. And then there was Hitler himself. According to Nazi leader Rudolph Hess, who broke the news, Hitler fell into a deep depression. He remained practically comatose for days, talking about ending his own life.