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She vowed that her descendants would be there to put an end to him again, magical powers some of Trevor's descendants have due to his marriage with first meets Joachim Armster, he's able to perceive the presence of vampirism in him. but being a kind of weirdly sympathetic Dracula fan, Mathias ended up being I went through a weird relationship with a cheating douche bag, ended up both wore amazing Leon Belmont and Joachim Armster costumes. Apparently, no matter what the real relationship dynamic was, Hosts always . They ended up arriving at the castle by carriage the day before the Ball was due to My name is Joachim Armster, and this is my new Host, Leon Blanchett.”.

If he just kept a straight face and showed no weakness, he could intimidate his rivals. And that strategy had aided him and protected him since childhood. But it was failing him now. Eventually, Joachim challenged his cousin, pent-up with anxiety. Joachim knew, surely, that the bount's Doll would defeat him easily But Joachim fought, and he did his best, however things were not as expected. His cousin did not use his doll, and instead, wielded only swords. Joachim got in hits, gradually, and took almost none.

He was being engaged in close combat; his greatest specialty. The fight did not last ten minutes, and by the ninth minute, his cousin lay bleeding on the ground, coughing.

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Joachim had to ask why. He knew he should have lost. Words which would haunt him for the rest of his life. Joachim realized then that his precious little cousin had absolutely idolized him in everything, and truly did love him. Joachim had been worshiped by this member of his kin since the day they met. He had been the big brother of his cousin, whom Joachim then realized had no friends or allies, save his sole thread to Joachim himself.

Joachim had just maimed his only true friend in the world. Joachim was overcome with remorse, and violated the rules of Armster dueling; he forced a healer of the bount to save the boy's life, and spared the cousin. The injuries were grave. But from that day forward, Joachim swore he would never allow himself to hurt a loved one again. He would protect that cousin of his for the remainder of his life, for as long as he could, as he felt deeply responsible for the wounds he had inflicted upon him.

Joachim became distant from the rest of the family for these sudden acts, but was forgiven The superficial noble world of the nocturnal aristocrat in which he lived had made him this way, so monstrous he would nearly slay those who loved him. How could he have done such a thing? He realized then that he'd known his cousin loved him, that there would never be ill will from such a good being, and that Joachim had been both paranoid and irrationally hostile towards the young man.

He wept for days, the first time he'd shed tears since his fifth birthday. Joachim became distant from the rulings and actions of House Armster, and had little to do with the nobles. He would show up regularly to visit his cousin, who had survived, but was gravely injured; even the Bount had difficulty treating him.

For years, the cousin bore crippling wounds, and as decades came to past it became evident that he might never fully recover. This further weighted Joachim's heart to despair but he never stopped visiting. He rarely stayed long. But every visit was marked by a rare look in Joachim's eyes, a stare of devotion and strong emotion behind that cold visage.

He was determined to fix this, somehow. Joachim lingered to the House with only loose ties. His lack of activity forfeited his claim to the title, but there was no lack of encouragement for him to take it back, as Joachim was replaced by a Stipe Armster; a vampire of unprecedented voraciousness. The opposite of Joachim, he was brutally violent and by no means calm, and regularly violated custom and code alike, sometimes at the same instant.

Joachim however simply moved farther and farther away from the rest of the family until he discovered an empty bed where his cousin had once been. For whatever reason, the boy had left Joachim desperately pursued him. Reviving his old ties, he went to every powerful noble of Armster he knew; grandfathers, uncles, brothers, sisters, nephews, cousins, everyone.

But no one knew anything - no one but Stipe Armster. Stipe confronted Joachim in his wandering search, and gave Joachim a lock of his cousin's hair, the same one which Joachim himself had nearly killed. Joachim nearly smote him there, but Stipe was powerful, although by no means the strongest. There was no quick or easy way to fell him. So Joachim pretended instead to care nothing for the captive cousin, who was no doubt locked up in Stipe's dungeon somewhere. He'd been imprisoned for nothing but weakness.

And Joachim was the only one who so much as remembered the boy's name Months afterwards, Stipe became the Lord of Armster, but refused to give up the family sword upon gaining the title. He kept it by force, and Joachim became his right hand man and retainer, who feigned loyalty in awaiting a chance to strike Stipe was a cold, ruthless ruler. But Joachim became second to only him, and had access to a great many resources. Joachim could not remove his cousin from the dungeon but sent him everything from doctors to food, keeping him clothed and taken care of with exorbitant sums of money to preserve the injured kin's failing health.

But Joachim rarely had the chance to attack the Lord Stipe of Armster. There was never the good opportunity he'd been waiting so patiently for Joachim was forced to wait for centuries, building up his power, and developing his own abilities; he lacked a doll, but forged four swords of his own to wield, which he controlled through his telekinetic powers.

These weapons were vitally instrumental in his life, for in every battle he fought they became his primary tools of bloodshed. And yet, Stipe's rule had lasted for years, and it was now the mid 's.

It lasted for a few more years after that, and after this, it seemed as if it could never end. No one could defeat Stipe; Joachim had waited patiently for it to happen, but it never did. His cousin's health continued to slowly fail as he became a bedridden vegetable. There came one night, then, where Joachim had no choice; he would not allow his cousin to die of consumption in a basement.

He was attending a meeting with Stipe himself, moving casually with him through the hallways Joachim moved a little further back Stipe, however, had tremendous regenerative powers. The wound did harm him severely as it was an excellent surprise attack, but Joachim could not defeat him so easily as he had hoped. Stipe retaliated immediately and called for help, but the hallway had been sealed and fortified several years ago by Joachim for this purpose, although Stipe possessed the sword.

Joachim managed to cut off the hand Stipe used to wield the blade with, and then kept it away, pushing it with his psychokinetic power far from him each time it came too close. It was a long battle. Joachim bore many wounds, and they came steadily as the fight continued, a terrible life-or-death duel that exhausted both vampires. But Joachim's power did not weaken with his fatigue, while Stipe's regeneration failed with the loss of his stamina. Deceiving Stipe with a feigned, three sword thrust, he spun behind the tyrant and chopped through Stipe's neck with a sweep of his fourth blade, ending the greatest struggle of his life in that very same instant.

Joachim claimed the Sword of Armster, and was recognized as the Lord of Armster now. But customs and tradition had been confused.

Stipe had destroyed many of the written and unwritten rules, and Joachim had inherited what had become a dictatorship. To prevent his newly acquired power from being taken, Joachim decided to play dirty; the sword, the final lasting symbol of right and power in the family, was used to make a Doll for Joachim.

Wielding the sword like no other had in the past, Joachim was a very powerful and charismatic leader to his people for a short time. He took his cousin out of the dungeon and kept him in nice places now. Beautiful gardens, places of warmth and comfort, feasts and celebrations The withered kin's health recovered, and he was conscious, but forever weakened But he could not let go of his cousin even though centuries of sickness and negligence had left his body and mind permanently warped.

Joachim was certain Stipe had harmed the boy somehow; there were unnatural wounds inside of his body. But in a mere fifty years, Joachim's cousin grew fatally ill. He kept him alive, resorting to hiring non-bounts; human doctors, shinigami of the fourth division, even those of his own kind who possessed healing powers foreign to the House of Armster.

He spent exorbitant sums of money keeping the relative alive. But his cousin's body withered still, and the treatments he received permanently altered his body, and he became a bulbous, mutant mass of flesh hidden beneath clean white linens and soft sheets.

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There was no shortage of weeping from Joachim, and there was naught he could do One day, however, the ruined body of his cousin rose, and stumbled through the halls to Joachim's chambers, meeting him there one last time.

He was dying, and he knew this might be his last few hours in this life. He severed his connection with his own doll and supplanted the majority of his power into it, and gave it to Joachim as a final gift; it was literally a life-sized doll of a woman with long black hair.

She was made of ceramic. This same doll had possessed tremendous power enough to defeat Joachim but he lacked the ability to use it. Still, he took it as his cousin's final gift. The boy wanted just one last thing before he was gone, and that was to see the ocean. Joachim granted this request, and left him there with several dozen guards and servants, as well as food and shelter in case he survived.

But those who went with him claimed he vanished, and decades later, the black sea was filled with stories of a giant, kind-hearted whale-like sea monster who led lost ships sent astray by storms back to their homes.

The House of Armster was changed tremendously by Joachim. He granted the nobles power once more, but maintained authority over them. Rather, he made the House of Armster autonomous and independent of himself. Stipe had made the House so dependent upon the Lord of Armster that it could not exist without one. Joachim undid this, giving the local nobles and aristocrats great power, and he was praised and loved for this.

But then, Joachim vanished, taking the family sword with him Armster expanded and grew, becoming a parasitic merger with the rest of Romania, the only lordless House in it's time and area ever to have known success.

It became a very mercantile and militaristic aristocracy, greatly developing the land of Romania, but Joachim had disappeared after making this possible. In truth, he had fled far, living beneath cities and aqueducts from rome to london. His name was forgotten, and those remaining bounts who encountered him mocked the current Lord of Armster, and he was named the 'sewer vampire'. He lived in caverns, or beneath lakes, and never strayed from the water.

Joachim would often lure mortal women to his lairs with his unnatural grace and power Various vampire hunts occured as a result, as these children lacked discipline and fed openly on living humans. Joachim spent many years living aimlessly this way, with no real hopes or cares for the world. He amassed wine, finery, and gold in his sewers and lairs, living in regality still. There was always at least one woman in his life, tainted by the kiss of vampirism, and forever bound to his unnatural beauty.

He would keep his brides for years, taking them usually at 12 to 15, and keeping them until they reached their 50's. Joachim's influence over the women kept them healthier, and thus, even when they did age into their middle years they did retain their attractiveness. But they usually died around 50 as well, after having been fed on for years. Joachim still lives this way, preying on the living and seeking women to keep in his lair, spending his endless immortality on hedonism and feeding Joachim has his own powers separate from his Doll, making him appear to be stronger in some cases perhaps, but this is counterbalanced by having a weak Doll.

Joachim possesses a short range form of basic telekinesis, powered by his reiatsu. This telekinesis manifests as a purple fire around him, but is in fact kinetic energy controlled by him, the fire is merely the appearance of the reiatsu sustaining it. From his own body, Joachim may extend or detach these flames to seize an object, and then move it. The appearance of the glowing purple fire around the object in motion is from where this power get's it's name, as it appears as if a malevolent spirit is moving the object in question.

However, while simple and effective, Joachim's telekinesis is limited by two things; range, and weight. Anything within 30 feet of him is easy to effect as long as the purple flame-energy can hit it, which does allow for enemies to dodge.

At this range Joachim can move objects very quickly with his telekinesis and can generate very large amounts of force. However, beyond thirty feet, his control drops by nearly half; and beyond ninety feet, his control is barely enough to lift a paperclip.

The weight of an object, also, makes it harder to move - just like it would be if he were trying to move it with his hands, except that Joachim's telekinesis is many times stronger than his hands could ever be. The power of this ability is determined by Joachim's Kido stat. Joachim is a unique breed of Bount, one who feeds on essence through the blood rather than mere energy.

Joachim and his relatives feed on the blood directly, preferably from living beings, and do not age from eating living souls; they are entirely immune to aging for this reason. Joachim has minor control over blood outside of living bodies, and s capable of moving liquid blood as if it were an element, which he uses to absorb blood and draw it to himself.

By absorbing blood, Joachim gains small amounts of energy and life force, allowing him to recover gradually by drinking blood. Joachim's body can handle the digestion gallons of blood at a time, and does so rapidly.

However, Joachim does not absorb power from drinking blood, and you will not lose power from being fed upon. Joachim, also, can not gain your abilities from feeding on you.

All he does is leech small sums of energy and absorbs the life force contained in blood to restore his own. Also, Joachim may not directly control the blood inside of a closed, living body without touching it. Dead bodies are fair game, but blood from a dead body is very low in energy content, with little life force to give.

However, by biting or making prolonged physical contact with a living body, Joachim can draw out the blood through any wounds or point of access to the target's blood supply, allowing him to feed directly on a living being and extract large amounts of blood. However, this usually is not fatal unless Joachim maintains a bite for longer than 3 posts, in which the enemy is at risk of dying from blood loss, but even then it varies upon the strength and blood content of the enemy he is feeding upon.

It is very difficult for Joachim to feed upon an enemy's blood, as it requires him to get very close. Humans bitten by Joachim become either 'Vampires' or 'Ghouls'. These are not separate races, but rather, are mutations developed by humans whom Joachim feeds upon.

Neither gain Bount powers. However, both do become slightly stronger, develop a need to feed on living blood, and suffer an allergy to sunlight which causes them to burn. They also gain night vision. The difference between a Ghoul and a Vampire is that Ghouls lose their minds and mutate, becoming decayed, zombie-like creatures. Ghouls may feed on the dead, and dead blood. Vampires, however, retain their minds and their appearance becomes more attractive.

Vampires must feed on living blood and cannot feed on the dead. But neither of these two variations of vampirism are separate races. They are comparable to diseases or mutations. Both, however, stop aging and will not age after being turned. A human becomes a vampire or a ghoul after being fed upon one time optional, the player may not turn at all if they do not wish to but other races require 3 feedings to develop vampirism. Ghost Eye is a special power Joachim uses when he cannot see, or to change his field of vision.

When activating Ghost Eye, Joachim's eyes go blind, and do not heal until Ghost Eye is deactivated, and even then the normal regeneration time applies. Ghost Eye is a psychic-like power similar to clairvoyance, or foresight, except that it is not used to view past or future. Ghost Eye applies only to the present; it does not transcend time.

Ghost Eye allows Joachim to see within a short range all around himself, up to a range of 90 feet. From feet, things gradually appear less clear to him, before slipping into total blackness. Within this range Joachim sees everything, even down to microscopic details, as he is aware of all his surroundings and interprets the psychic awareness as 'sight'. This does allow him to see through objects as well, but only within the range of his psychic vision. Ghost Eye lasts until deactivated, but by default Joachim is colorblind in Ghost Eye.

However, by charging Ghost Eye for two posts before activating it, he can enable full-color vision for the extra energy put into it. But all in all, Ghost Eye isn't that great due to it's extremely limited range. The normal eye sees at least four times farther than Ghost Eye.

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However, Ghost Eye is unique in that it cannot be disabled or negated, and is immune to all illusions, which makes Joachim particularly dangerous to those who rely upon blinding their foes. Additionally, as one might infer, telescopes and binoculars don't help the wielder at all, and nothing increases the sight range of Ghost Eye. It is always 90 feet. Joachim possesses a flash step similar to Hirenkyaku, except that his entire body is enveloped in a casing of energy when moving.

This is aided by Joachim's telekinesis. As he specializes in speed, this particular variant of flash step is very fast, nearly three times quicker than Shunpo. It also releases waves of shredding energy outward in a ten foot area around and behind Joachim like a drill, lashing out at those who get too close while he is moving to inflict minor to moderate lacerations.

However, while it is much faster than other flash steps, Vortex also has a much shorter range due to the difficulty it requires to maintain a coverage of reiatsu over the entire body instead of just the feet. For that reason, it has only half the range as Shunpo, so to travel the same distance it will be double the difficulty and twice the exhaustion that Shunpo might inflict. Death transported both he and Leon to his own chaotic realm, where the two would see a final battle. Death, too, was overly confident, but Leon knew better--the Vampire Killer whip had the power to destroy vampires and all related to them, including a divine being such as Death.

The departing Reaper, like Walter before him, also bragged of a return, but Leon had a message for him to deliver to Mathias in the meantime: This whip and my kinsmen will destroy you someday. The Belmont Clan will hunt the night!

Leon hurried out, each step narrowly avoiding the falling debris. As he escaped the ruins of the castle, sunlight finally shined upon the forest.

Rinaldo's burden had finally ended thanks to the Belmont's bravery. Leon returned to his domain, where he would begin to put the shattered fragments back together. And so the Belmont Clan's struggle against evil began. It would be many years before the Belmonts' next battle with Mathias.

After leaving Leon behind in the castle keep, Mathias escaped to foreign land, where he continued to curse God. Eventually, he named himself Lord of the Vampires, the King of the Night. Sonia Belmont During the Middle Ages, the threat of evil began to grow to an all-time high due to a new threat. Vlad Tepes Dracula, the former ruler of Wallachia, Romania, gained supernatural powers upon his Earthly death.

Enraged by his failed attempts at ruling all of Europe-- combined with the death of his second wife, Lisa, who was killed under the presumption that her expertise in medicine made her a witch--Dracula looked to punish all people that walked the Earth by taking over their world and turning it into his own dark habitat.

Since his powers were beyond anything known to man, the people were helpless against his dark magic; no ordinary human was a match for him. Poised to take over the world, with, at the time, a budding army of both the undead and the mythological, it seemed that nothing would get in his way.

However, at this time, in a remote area of the province of Warakiya, a girl possessing special powers was born. As she grew older, she was reminded over and over again that her extraordinary powers were meant for a higher purpose.

Her life changed forever on her seventeenth birthday, when she met Alucard, the estranged and forgotten son of Lord Dracula. Sometime after her seventeenth birthday, the first of the legendary Belmonts, Sonia, formed a bond with Alucard, who had recently been investigating his father's affairs. Sonia had been trained in combat by her uncle, and she was gifted with special powers by birth. Alucard recognized the power inside of her and helped to complete her training; with a sense of that power, he revealed his plan to her: He was going to end his father's dark reign by confronting him and attempting to dethrone him once and for all.

Sonia revealed that she, too, was going to confront the Dark Prince. Alucard, upon hearing this, was shocked at her decision; he did not want her to get mixed up in the crazy war that was about to be waged.

Dracula's assaults on all of Europe had gone on for years before, and the dark lord was not about to let the threat of a human woman stop him. Alucard knew this all too well.

To the contrary, however, Sonia would use her unique powers to fight her way past Dracula's army and later confront him in his castle. Throughout her journey, she gained the use of soul powers by absorbing the lifeforces of defeated bosses, and she collected and mastered the five items--axe, dagger, holy water, boomerang and stopwatch, that would later become one of the main sources of the family's power.

Once Sonia managed to fight her way into the castle keep, she ran into a surprised Alucard. Alucard was equally surprised, as he never thought she'd actually insert herself into this war, and he desperately continued to try to convince her to turn away. When she refused, he chose to test her in combat. Feeling the power of her whip, he was impressed by her skills and finally consented to letting her deal with his father; Alucard would help, in the only way he knew, by submerging his own powers and putting himself into a state of rest, this to vanquish his own cursed bloodline from the Earth.

He promised, however, to return one day should his father ever rise again. Though her feelings for Alucard were strong, and the sadness of losing him disillusioned her, Sonia went on to finally confront the Count.

After a long, hard battle, Sonia emerged victorious. Dracula swore to return one day, for as long as there would be evil in the world, they would call upon his name. Sonia scoffed at his message and proclaimed that there would always be someone ready to take up the battle against evil, even if it meant she'd have to don the whip again. Her words were true, as Sonia was to have a baby, the next of the Belmonts who would carry on the fight, Trevor.

The blood that would run through him would be like no other, and he would be more powerful than any other human, supreme among vampire hunters. All future Belmonts would wield the same power, even though most would never need to call upon it during their lifetimes. Indeed, the Belmonts would continue to be gifted with supernatural powers; with this, the natural ability to fight and destroy vampires. The Belmonts would have the power and the weaponry. For that reason, the legendary weapons, especially the whip, would become the family's calling card.

Belmont, Sypha Belnades, Grant Danasty, Alucard After Sonia's display of power in ousting Dracula from his position of power, the people of Warakiya began to fear the Belmonts, they became suspicious of the power the family possessed. Forming a coalition, they approached the family and strongly suggested that the Belmonts leave town and never return, ushering them into isolation; the Belmonts unwillingly complied. Fifteen years after suffering his first defeat, rumors of Dracula's return spread across the countryside.

The rumors looked to be all the more true when all kinds of undead creatures started scouring through Warakiya and its surrounding towns at night, and fires were set, east and left, throughout the rest of Transylvania.

Gauging the chaos, it was time for Trevor to grab his mystical whip and confront the Prince of Darkness with the powers passed on to him by his mother. Dracula's army was huge, though, so Trevor would need an edge. Along the way, he found help in the form of three spirits, each of whom would offer assistance with their unique powers and special abilities. First was Grant Danasty: The quick and agile pirate whose family was killed by Dracula; he was turned into a vile beast by Dracula's dark magic and was forced to guard the clock tower outside of Warakiya.

Trevor's whip brought him back to sanity. He also met Sypha, the magical vampire killer; having had a bad life, she threw it all away in favor of becoming a vampire hunter. She was ambushed by a Cyclops and embedded within stone. After being freed from her inanimate state by the Cyclops' destruction, she joined Trevor and aided him with her strong magic spells. Finally, Trevor met Alucard, who, of course, was the son of Dracula; Alucard sensed that his father had risen again, and he waited in a dark cavern in hope that Trevor would arrive and help him enter into the castle and defeat Dracula.

Of course, Alucard tested Trevor's mettle in battle before revealing his intentions. With these newfound allies, Trevor traveled by land, by ship, through clock towers, and finally through Dracula's Castle before defeating Dracula in a duel. After ending the Dark Prince's reign, Trevor's relationship with his allies grew.

Grant and Trevor wound up becoming great friends. Alucard, happy to have bonded with Trevor but pained deeply by the fact that he had to fight his own father once again submerged his powers. Sypha took Trevor's hand in marriage, and she undoubtedly helped to continue strengthening the Belmont family chromosomes.

After this fight, the Belmont name became legend, and the people that had earlier discriminated and persecuted the family had now come to embrace them. Christopher Belmont A century later, Dracula rose again to assault mankind. This time, Christopher Belmont would take up the fight. Like his ancestors before him, he took on the trials and fought his way across the Transylvanian countryside and through Dracula's deadly castle; his brave actions in facing his destiny meant yet another confrontation between good and evil.

It was no surprise that Christopher got the best of Dracula, but right before Dracula could be vanquished, he used what was remaining of his powers to turn himself into mist, creating the illusion that he had been totally defeated. In his hasty retreat, Dracula changed to bat form to quickly escape from the falling debris of the crumbing Castlevania. Christopher, who believed to have finished off the Count, watched from a nearby cliff as Dracula's castle crumbled to the ground.

Though weakened from battle, Dracula would live on in his current state to strike again, and the Belmonts would never see it coming. Christopher Belmont About 16 years had passed, and a special time in the life of Soleiyu Belmont, Christopher's son, was about to precipitate: His father would hand the legendary whip down to him, making him the next vampire hunter in line.

The night before the celebration, Dracula saw his opportunity and struck. Having been in mist form for the prior sixteen years, Dracula had regained enough power to possess a sleeping Soleiyu and coax him to the side of evil.

Since Dracula was in no condition to lead his own army, he would let the now-Soleiyu-Demon do it for him; also, he would try to use the power of Belmont blood to raise his castle from its crumbled state and regain full power.

Dracula put his ring to the air, and, with the help of the Belmont's wish, out of nowhere, four castles rose up from the ground: If Christopher were to come looking for his son, the Count would be prepared. Come morning, Christopher, having been informed of this horrible event, had no choice but to once again call upon the power of the family whip; enraged, as if possessed himself, he traveled, undeterred, through each of the castles and defeated the four bosses.

Christopher succeeded in spoiling Dracula's initial plan: Having failed to fully gain enough power through Soleiyu to raise his castle during that time, Dracula instead used the life-force of the four defeated bosses to do it.

Unrelenting, Christopher penetrated Dracula's castle. Christopher was relieved when he ran into Soleiyu, but his relief turned to shock when his son challenged him. An intense battle between father and son echoed into infinity; in the end, Christopher was able to defeat his son, bringing him back to his senses. With his son now safe, Christopher entered the last leg of the castle and dueled with the Count in his chamber.

Dracula, who by now had sapped enough of Soleiyu's power to once again take human form, was more than ready for another round with the Belmont warrior. For the sake of all humankind, however, Christopher was once again able to defeat the Prince of Darkness.

Sonia Belmont, Victor Belmont Set inthe stars are Sonia Belmont from 's and Victor Belmont, a vampire killer from the 's. So how does that make sense? Simple - time travel. Apparently these two Belmonts were summoned to take care of the evil that a new Countess is trying to bring into the world. Simon Belmont Through the incantations and ceremonies of evil souls who wished to bring upon the end of the world, Dracula had arisen, and his army of the undead began to terrorize once again.

Simon Belmont, the great-grandson of Soleiyu, took his mighty whip and set out for Dracula's castle. He fought his way through the beckoning countryside and through six torturous sections of the Count's castle before confronting him.

Having been defeated by Belmont warriors time and time again, Dracula had waited intensely for this moment, for he would finally get his revenge. To prepare for the worst, though, Dracula had a backup plan; he wasn't going to take any chances: He would use his black magic as means for a deadly infliction.

Should he fail in battle, he would succeed in injecting his dark curse over Simon, thus forcing death upon the Belmonts and their lineage in either case. Dracula did fail, ultimately, as Simon vanquished him, sending him back to his unearthly grave; the Belmont warrior, however, was oblivious to his fate, for the Count had successfully inflicted the curse upon him.

Simon Belmont Two years after battling and defeating Dracula, Simon started having pains all over his body.

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Though he earned the respect of kings with his bravery, the wounds he suffered during his duel with Dracula weren't healing; in time, they would slowly kill him. He was indeed infected with Dracula's curse! Even though Dracula had been destroyed, dark forces still roamed free; the Transylvanians hid in their homes at nighttime as zombies marched through the streets.

None of the people could understand why evil remained strong despite the defeat of its leader and it slowly started affecting them too, as normal citizens began taking on a deviant nature. One night, a beautiful maiden appeared to Simon and warned him of the curse; she explained to him that in order to lift the curse, he'd have to gather up the five body parts of Dracula his rib bone, heart, eyeball, nail and ring and burn them in his castle.

She said, "If you have the courage to risk your life, then you will find the strength to win again" as most beautiful visions do, she disappeared as though never having been. Absorbing the meaning of her words, Simon grabbed his whip and set out to complete the task.

Dracula was clever, though, as the maiden had foretold: He knew that the Belmont warrior would try such a stunt after being infected with the curse, so he ordered that his dark forces keep him safe until his next rising by dividing up his remains and hiding them in five newly constructed mansions, in this case, Berkeley, Rover, Laruba, Bodley and Brahm's guarding them in the process. Despite that, Simon traveled through towns, graveyards and marsh pits; he found, traded and used magical items; and he eventually gathered up the five pieces of Dracula.

As he traveled into the town of Yomi, which lay not far from Castlevania, he noticed that the people began blaming him for all of the trouble, as if the presence of the Belmonts' justice-presiding power was necessitating all of this evil, a problem the family had dealt with and would ultimately have to deal with again. The elders knew that Dracula's forces were living on as a residual effect of the curse inflicted upon Simon. Regardless of their advice and their belittling words, he entered into the ruins of Castlevania and proceeded to its basement, where he burned the remains of the Count.

Having taken the proper measures, Simon watched as Dracula, zombified, arose and mounted a lightning-quick assault. Dracula, though, in his weakened state, was no match for the power of Simon's whip. The curse was gone, and the Belmonts would be ready for any similar antics in the future. Juste Belmont, Maxim Kischine After Dracula's defeat, the world was at peace, as it usually existed after the banishment of the dark lord.

But evil never takes a holiday, and its slow rebuilding and eventual dominance were imminent. Fortunately, vampire killers were perennially keeping sharp in fear of such an occurrence. Juste Belmont, the descendant of Simon, and his friend Maxim Kischine were two such warriors; the two friends trained diligently, both hoping for the sacred honor of receiving the Vampire Killer whip.

After it was decided by the Belmont elders that Juste be the one to receive the title of "Vampire Killer," a disappointed, self-doubting Maxim set out on a training expedition to hone his skills.

Two years later, Maxim surprisingly resurfaced and showed up at Juste's doorway; his body was covered with wounds. He informed a concerned Juste that their childhood friend, Lydie Erlanger, had been kidnapped; sadly, Maxim's wounds were so great that he had lost his memory, both of his two years away and the circumstances surrounding Lydie's kidnapping. Ignoring his injuries, recalling faint memories, Maxim led Juste to the location of Lydie's disappearance. Working through the fog, they stood in front of an enormous castle, in awe of the undocumented manor.

A pained Maxim urged Juste to hurry inside, promising to join him in the search when the pain subsided. Juste braved the huge haunt only to find that others were also scouring the castle in search of Lydie, mainly Death and the rest of Dracula's forces, for Lydie would indeed serve as the perfect sacrifice for their master's return, but neither Death or his allies could find her.

Indeed, all parties in question were equally confused about the entire matter. Disregarding Death's words, Juste charged forward, mowing through the wave of undead.

Eventually, Juste met up with Maxim, who seemed a bit disoriented; they later met up again, and this time, Maxim's tone seemed more like that of insanity. It continued in this pattern.

In any event, Juste found a gateway and eventually caught up with Death, who by that time had figured it all out: It seemed as though Maxim had been possessed by Dracula's spirit, by some unknown means; to protect Lydie from himself, Maxim, his memories being suppressed to accommodate Dracula's possession, hid her in the castle before escaping.

And because of the possession, a second castle was spawned, "a transient one," as Death noted, born specifically out of Maxim's will to protect Lydie.

Death quickly exited to the second, real castle via the gateway's portal, and Juste followed closely behind. Now able to move between the two overlapping castles, Juste had two more confrontations with Maxim that confirmed Death's words; the first saw Maxim sic a Shadow boss on his friend, and the second saw the resistant Maxim reveal the truth: When he had left for his training expedition, it was out of jealousy.

When he came upon Castlevania during that time, he thought he could prove himself by doing what Simon had done a half-century before, that is, he'd earn respect by collecting Dracula's remains, gathering them into the castle, and then out-dueling the Count in a battle. Unfortunately, by collecting the body parts, Maxim was instead possessed as a harbinger for Dracula's resurrection. Dracula's influence caused him to kidnap Lydie for evil's ill intention.

So with the possession not yet overcoming him, he instead hid Lydie and the body parts throughout the castles and escaped them. Having told Juste the truth, with that weight off his shoulders, Maxim accepted that his end could be near; as a last request, he handed Juste his bracelet, a family heirloom, to remember him by. There was only one solution for Juste: Find Lydie and then find and destroy Dracula's remains before it was too late. Juste finally located Lydie atop the castle keep of the real castle, but his impetuous nature blinded him to one detail, that Death had been tailing him the whole time, and he instead led the Reaper right to her.

Death immediately took her into his skeletal arms and vanished to a sealed location. Juste had no other choice but to search both castles for Dracula's remains and use them to break the seal. After finishing the task, Juste opened the way to the heart of the real castle, where he finally found Maxim and Lydie together. It seemed as though it was too late: Lydie lay unconscious and Dracula's possession had overcome Maxim. Juste would now be forced to battle his own friend.

When it was over, Juste stood over his injured and fleeting friend, who continued to fight the possession. When it appeared that all was lost, Maxim looked upon Juste's wrist to see the bracelet he had given him. It was like a light of hope to see his friend honor him like that, and it gave him the courage that Juste knew he had, to fight just a bit longer. Unable to wait this out, Dracula seized the opportunity; he escaped from Maxim's body and used his collected remains to pull himself back together.

As the now-free Maxim grabbed Lydie into his arms and fled from the scene, Juste and Dracula, the two polar but confident adversaries, prepared for a final showdown. In the end, as it had happened a half-century before, the Belmont defeated the weakened Dracula, ending Maxim's burden and submerging the castles. Outside the ruins, Lydie awakened amidst the preceding chaos, having completely forgotten the events past.

Maxim repeatedly insisted on telling her the truth, that he had kidnapped her while under possession, but Juste felt it best to leave the matter be in order to save face on behalf of his friend. When it almost came to blows, Lydie stepped in and brought them both to their senses. Sharing a smile, they agreed to begin the long journey home, where all would be right.

A dark priest, Shaft, was on a mad quest to take over the world. Knowing that the power of good might be too much to overcome, he'd raise Dracula from the grave and look for assistance from the Count. Using his dark magic power, he succeeded in rising Dracula from the grave; the dark prince was back once again to torment the living!

Dracula finally started to figure, as he had learned from his earlier experiences with Soleiyu and Maxim, that his only true hope to defeat the Belmonts would be to enrage them and blind their justice-seeking nature with rage. So, instead of waiting in his castle keep for one such warrior to arrive, he took the initiative and struck the first blow: He'd try to gain leverage over them by taking something of theirs.

With Shaft at his command, he would certainly have an edge. In the meantime, Richter Belmont was living a peaceful life with his girlfriend, Annette. One night, skeletons and all other kinds of undead nightmares ravaged Warakiya and its surrounding towns.

In their wake, they kidnapped some of the town women on their master's command. When Richter, whose destiny burdened him deeply, looked out his window and saw this activity, he became infuriated. Without hesitation, he grabbed the mystical whip and set out on the long journey to find Dracula and save the others. Upon entering the castle, Richter ran into Shaft in the castle's basement and the dark priest was holding Maria Renard, Richter's sister-in-law, within a spell. At the sight of Richter, Shaft released the spell and vanished, and Richter was able to rescue her before she could be banished into a netherworld.

Maria, too, was powerful and determined, and she assisted Richter with her magical prowess during the rest of the journey. Continuing on, they saved the other villagers, one by one, as they took down the same old faces of Dracula's army. Relieved to have saved Annet in the clock tower of Castlevania, Richter was now more determined than ever. Shortly after, Shaft and his bag of tricks fell to the power of the whip, and another confrontation with the Count was at hand.

Richter dueled with Dracula as had his ancestors. As was his destiny, Richter emerged victorious, and the Count was put to rest once again. Alucard, Richter Belmont, Maria Renard [ Saturn Only ] Not five years after Richter defeated the Count was another devious plan in the making. Richter had mysteriously disappeared, not a trace of him left to be found. One year after that disappearance, Maria set out to look for him, only to have Castlevania rise from out of the mist to show her the way.

Meanwhile, powerful forces were struggling for the soul of Alucard; sensing that evil was about to become too powerful, Alucard rose from his resting place to investigate.

The castle beckoned him, as well. Alucard infiltrated the castle and defeated any foe in his way, and he crossed paths with Maria frequently. Midway through, he ran into a foe that deemed himself "the ruler of this castle," but Alucard was almost sure that it was Belmont blood in his presence. He informed Maria of these happenings, but she refused to believe it; she later conceded that it could be Richter, but if it was, he was under someone's control.

To be sure, Maria, who had taken a liking to him by now, gave Alucard a special pair of glasses that allowed him to see beyond the plane of evil. Alucard ran into that man again in the dreaded castle keep atop Castlevania, now knowing for sure that it was indeed a Belmont.

But if I could resurrect him, then the battle will last for eternity! Alucard was shocked by Richter's words and actions, but upon putting on the glasses presented to him by Maria, he could see that Richter was indeed under the control of someone or something. Avoiding striking Richter, Alucard took the brunt of the Belmont's attack while focusing his own attack on the green sphere hovering above him.

When he finally destroyed it, Shaft revealed himself to be behind the plot. Shaft's plan was to have a Belmont on evil's side, so that no other vampire hunter would ever be a threat to a Count Dracula reign. If Shaft's plan had been successful, darkness would have been unstoppable with a Belmont on its side. Shaft had a backup plan, though, to give himself more time to succeed in his real, more-important goal, raising Count Dracula yet again.

Shaft used his magic to teleport to an upside-down version of Castlevania that he had magically created, and it was inhabited with even stronger foes.

Richter came to his senses and recognized Alucard as the one who had fought beside his ancestor Trevor Belmont. With no time for small talk, Alucard told Maria to usher Richter to safety while he infiltrated the new castle.

Alucard worked his way through this new castle and confronted Shaft. He defeated Shaft hastily, but it was too late, Dracula was about to rise. Father and son would have to battle once again; Dracula was displeased that his son was still siding with humans, after they had killed his mother hundreds of years earlier.

Regardless, he refused to join the dark side, and the fight was on. After a grueling confrontation, Alucard was the victor, overcoming his more powerful father. All that was left for Dracula was to take solace in the knowledge of the message his son had for him, his wife, Lisa, had wanted him to know that she'd love him forever. It was beside the point, though, as Dracula was beaten once again.

Outside the ruins of the castles, Richter and Maria consoled Alucard, who was deeply pained by having to destroy his father and he still felt that it would be best if he submerged his powers and disappear forever. Maria didn't want Alucard out of her life, though, so the words from Richter: Nathan Graves InDracula was somehow resurrected early, since deviants had always been trying stunts such as this.

Not able to reach full power, Dracula was defeated by Morris Baldwin, a Belmont descendant, and members of the Graves, who also had ties to the family of legend.

Almost having been killed, Morris realized the power that the Count possessed and how dangerous that power could be at its peak. With the responsibility of possessing the mystic whip, he trained two youths, Hugh, his own son, and Nathan, the son of his close friends, the Graves family, accordingly in case Dracula would happen to return during this period.

Both youths became great friends and grew into warriors. And even though Hugh was the superior of the two, Morris always favored Nathan; Hugh could never understand this and he became jealous and hateful of Nathan to the point where the good friends became rivals. Hugh became even more enraged when his father decided to pass down the mystic whip to Nathan instead of to his own son, who was logically in line to receive it. Through time, the hate only grew. InCamilla was risen from her grave.

Without leadership, as her very first act, she prepared a ritual to raise her dark lord, Dracula, from his unearthly grave. As the ritual was underway at the ancient Castlevania, Morris Baldwin and his students sensed the imbalance in nature that they felt could very well be the rising of the Count; the three hurried to the beckoning castle to prevent such an unnatural occurrence, sprinting through the main halls into the Ceremonial Room, but they were too late: Camilla's ritual was completed, and Dracula, though not at full strength, was back to threaten humankind.

Dracula immediately recognized Morris as the one who had sealed his fate ten years earlier, and he gained an early advantage by blowing a hole in the ground of the Ceremonial Room, sending Hugh and Nathan into the abyss below; with the two of them out of the way, he took Morris as his personal prisoner with the intention of draining his power and using it to restore his own.

Meanwhile, Nathan and Hugh had reached the bottom of the abyss. Nathan suggested that they stick together, but Hugh, feeling that he had something to prove, belittled his former friend, pushing him aside, and set out on his own to rescue his father. Regardless, Nathan persevered through the castle of horrors. He crossed paths with Hugh twice during that time; even though Hugh was worse for wear the second time, he continued to feign a tone of superiority toward Nathan because he knew that his former friend had beaten bosses that he could not.

When they crossed paths for the third time, Nathan breathed a sigh of relief, but his weariness would have to subside, as Hugh, under a Dracula-enhanced spell that magnified his hatred infinitely, launched an attack.