Multan metro bus project start to relationship

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multan metro bus project start to relationship

Multan metro bus service was started with 47 buses. However, the service was unable to meet its target of. ISLAMABAD: While showing complete dissatisfaction over the probe held by the SECP so far on alleged scam into Multan Metro bus project. Shehbaz Sharif Addresses Multan Metro Bus Project Inauguration Ceremony Project has been completed while the second phase will be started is my elder brother and we have a relationship of respect and because we.

Those engaged in construction business identify it as Lal Khan and Kalay Khan technology. A review team of engineers had recommended some different features for Metro Multan, compared to Lahore and Rawalpindi to make intra-city travel more comfortable amid itchy climatic condition of Multan, the chief engineer said.

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In sharp contrast to use of single glass sheet at Pindi and Lahore which carries the possibility of causing humidity that can bother commuters at Metro stations, layers have been kept simpler after using sandwich panel with thick foam, stuffed between two steel layers to protect commuters from direct sun rays.

Over 60 percent heat comes from the roof.

PM inaugurates Rs29b Metro Bus Project in Multan – Daily Pakistan Observer –

Over the glass, Louvers of Aluminium were being fixed to cut down heat. For people with permanent or temporary disability, wheel chairs have been arranged to move safely from one floor to the other and catching up the transit by using the lift.

For blinds, special tiles have been fixed to help them move without stick shown, another feature that distinguishes Multan Metro from the rest. Commuters influx to Metro Lahore, Rawalpindi and Multan were assessed at people per day.

However, number of commuters availing this facility in Lahore has risen up toper day, Saddozai said hoping that Multan Metro would also attract larger number of people.

There would be 21 terminals, seven of them at grades road- level and 14 others on the bridge elevated route. Daewoo Pakistan would operate a fleet of 35 buses initially under direct monitoring by Metro Authority Lahore.

Multan Metro Bus in final phase

The number of operational buses would increase on the basis of the need as the Metro depot has the capacity of buses parking. He said the Hyderabad-Karachi six lane motorway will be completed by the end of this year.

multan metro bus project start to relationship

He said a chain of roads is being built in Balochistan and express ways and motorways between Kashgir and Gwadar will change the shape of Balochistan. Gwadar Port will be important project that will bring the people of the province at par with other provinces. Nawaz Sharif said the Multan Metro bus project has been completed in the minimum time possible and work would start soon on the second phase of the project.

He lauded Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif for ensuring completion of the project in one and a half years.

multan metro bus project start to relationship

He said contrary to the suggestions of many, the government decided to set the Multan Metro bus fare at Rs20, because the same is charged in Lahore and Islamabad. The premier re-iterated that the project will greatly benefit the underprivileged of Multan According the metro- bus opening ceremony Chief Minister Punjab Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif said the inauguration of Multan Metro Bus Project is a milestone in the progress and development of South Punjab He said that only those nations in the world make progress who had latest transportation facilities, best quality roads and bridges.

multan metro bus project start to relationship

He said that the country will make progress the people will be able to reach their workplaces in time. He recalled Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif faced harsh criticisms when he launched the Lahore Islamabad Motorway Project in the 90s but now these critics travel on the same motorway. He said a network of development projects has been set up in Pakistan under the leader ship of PM Nawaz Sharif and the current period is the golden era in the history of Pakistan.

He said the first phase of the Multan Metro Bus Project has been completed while the second phase will be started shortly and every possible effort will be made to complete it in the current year. Criticizing the previous rulers for their corruption, Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif said that 60 million dollars of these rulers are stacked in the Swiss banks and these dollars are requesting the people of Pakistan to bring them back to the country. He said that the apex courts have decided decision the NLC and Nandipur cases but those who embezzled billion of rupees are not being questioned.

He said those who got loans worth billions of rupees written off are demanding accountability. He said Prime Minister is my elder brother and we have a relationship of respect and because we have learnt from forefathers to respect elders.